Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: Alyce Kills (2011)


Netflix recommended this movie since I must have watched some other crap horror film or something like a suspenseful intriguing thriller. Nevertheless “Alyce Kills” is a low budget movie that goes for the gore to make up for its bland plot. Most of the story follows familiar drug movie tropes ad then decides to change gears and tries becoming a gorefest. It doesn’t work. Everything in the movie is a paint by numbers experience and I quickly lost interest. I did manage to get to the end only because it was obvious the movie was coming to a brisk ending. The biggest issue with the movie is he title characters fall in to drugs and violence is wasted because she is not likeable form the first frame. She sort of sucks and thus her descent to madness and depravity rings hollow. Who cares if the annoying character gets worse and has no redemption? -Jeremy

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