Brand New Stunt Granny Audio Show Without A Name Yet #2

Godzilla-new-posterOh yes it is round two of the show without a name and it is pretty obvious what dominates the conversation. In case you haven’t heard there is a new Godzilla movie out and it is awesome. Jeremy and Shahid talk extensively about the movie. What worked? What didn’t work? Are the criticisms of the movie valid or is it just the same old same old with people whining just to whine? The obvious comparisons with Pacific Rim arise. Is it justified to even bring it up? Was Pacific Rim bad or was it exactly what it needed to be. They also disagree on Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. Yeah they suck and Shahid is wrong but he is the new guy so kid gloves were used. The boys also discuss Jeremy’s experience watching “The Amazing Spiderman 2.” When a movie is below average it helps to have some audience participation. The show rounds out with a discussion of “The Guardians of The Galaxy” preview and just how Marvel is taking a big chance on this one. It is better than last week so give this one a try OK? No seriously give it a try.

Stunt Granny Movie Review: White House Down

la-et-mn-white-house-down-channing-tatum-theat-001Should you see White House Down?  Should you invest 2 hours and 8-12 bucks towards this film?  Are you on the fence because you already saw Olympus Has Fallen?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a quick review/questionnaire which will help you determine to pass or go.

Channing Tatum plays a divorced DC policeman and former Army veteran looking to impress his precocious (aka obnoxious) daughter by attempting to join the secret service.  On that same day, a group of disgruntled ex-civil servants, crazy rednecks, and an obnoxious hacker joins forces to storm the White House to achieve…something.  It involves a Middle East peace plan, defense companies and corporations looking to fund continued conflict, revenge on previous…….look, it’s 2 hours of Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx running around blowing stuff up and cracking jokes.

So, does that sound like they type of movie you want to see?  Not sure yet?  Ok, time to dig deeper…

Are you a fan of Roland Emmerich?  He’s a director who seems to take a perverse enjoyment in destroying American landmarks.  Unlike Al-Qaeda, he tends to operate in very broad strokes, employing one-dimensional characters, loud noises, and humor stolen from the outtakes of Michael Bay movies.  Yet like caramel popcorn and midget fights, he can be enjoyable, in a perverse, slightly morbid fashion.  Independence Day, Godzilla, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 B.C….when your most subtle film is The Patriot (aka Mel Gibson going William Wallace on the British), then you tend to have a certain reputation.  If you’re a fan of those movies, then you will find enjoyment in this film.

Are you a fan of Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx?   Does the thought of watching Channing doing his best Die Hard impersonation and Jamie answering the question of how Barack Obama would act if he went to a historically black college tickle your fancy? This is 2 hours of racial buddy cop wrapped around an overwrought sandwich of national and global stakes.  Luckily, they possess a modicum of chemistry, and provide the best parts of the film; it slows and drags when they separate.  However, I’m also aware that you’ve seen the trailers, so ask yourself this – do you get a chuckle out of Jamie Foxx telling a dead terrorist to get their hands off his Michael Jordans?  That’s the type of humor you will get.
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Stunt Granny Audio Movie Review: Django: Unchained


What is better  at Christmas time than a movie about a freed slave ready to kill some white folk? This edition of Stunt Granny Movie Reviews brings you Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.”  Who considers this to be Tarantino’s best movie? What scenes of awkwardness produced the best laughs? If you are one of these award season dolts, who should be nominated for a chameleon performance? Why isn’t Walton Googins a bigger star? It really makes no sense why he has all of these smaller roles. Anyway, download 45 minutes of gush as the boys talk some slave gone madness! Oh and as always, spoilers abound.

Stunt Granny Movie Reviews – Django Unchained

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