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Oops, wrong company.

Aaron Maguire is with Justin LaBar and Vic Travgliante. Maguire said that a letter to LaBar said that he screwed “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine out of two PWO Championship matches. LaBar being put on probation. Maguire is now LaBar’s boss. LaBar made it clear that they both answer to the board. Maguire said Labar is not in charge of marketing or the corporate side. The wrestlers are running rampant. Maguire told LaBar to remake the company around Marion Fontaine. Maguire said it is now called Prime Wrestling. LaBar told Fontaine is not going to be the center piece of the show.

Analysis: It was a little too meandering for me. Just in case you haven’t read the site before, or a single review of mine, let me just say that I’m not a fan of the heel in charge tactic that is employed far too often in wrestling these days. I like Maguire so I hope he makes it work. Score: 0.

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Gregory Iron will be taking on Marion Fontaine in the main event. They open with a championship match with Krimson being the challenger. (I’m going to puke during this program. They’ve used prime to describe everything.) Matt Cross is the PWO Belt. (I’m not sure if it’s Prime Wrestling Organization or not. They haven’t used the O yet.) Krimson used power early. Cross turned it around with his speed. An enziguri got a two count. Cross slammed Krimson’s head into a turn buckle then kicked him to the floor. Cross hit a suicide dive. Cross used some forearms and knees. Krimson tossed Cross into the guard rail. Cross tossed Krimson into a post. Cross dropped a flag pole elbow. Cross tossed Krimson back into the ring. Maguire & Dombrowski explain that Matthew Justice hasn’t been seen since he helped Krimson beat Jason Bane. Krimso pounded away on Cross in a corner. Krimson nailed a neck breaker. Cross leg swept Krimson on an Irish Whip reversal. (Slick.) Cross dropped an elbow but only got a two count. Krimson DDTed Cross and got two. Krimson put Cross in a neck vice. Jaw jacker by Cross. Lawn blower by Cross bought him time. Cross strung together a clothes line, back elbow and another leg sweep and a standing moonsault. Krimson accidentally clothes lined the ref in the corner. Cross bicycle kicked Krimson. We get a visual pin. Kirst came to the ring and speared Cross. Gregory Iron makes the save and chases off Kirst. The referee is still down. Jason Gorey showed up. Michael Facade chased him off. Cross connected with another bicycle kick. Cross hit the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Analysis: The lighting looks as good as I’ve seen it. No problems with the audio. There was one big problem though, the crowd was quite small. Like they forgot to advertise small. The crowd that was there was vocal. They did a good job of show casing multiple feud and trying to catch us up on as much information as possible because all story lines from Pro Wrestling Ohio seem like they are being continued. The match itself was pretty good. Not the best I’ve seen from these two but you shouldn’t want to give away all of their tricks. It could be a full fledged feud. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante was joined by Daniel Arkham. Vic asked him about how he joined. Arkham met Matt Justice at a job and started training as a wrestler at 39. Vic asked what it was like to wrestle in front of friends and family. Arkham was pumped. Arkham spouts off a bunch of Batman facts. Analysis: He could use some more pep in his promos. Score: 0.

Nicki Valentino came out to wrestle Corey Winters. (I just vomited with another dose of prime. Worse than the WWE’s pushing of Twitter.) They exchanged arm holds. A drop toe hold and a pair of hip tosses got control for Winters. Corey nailed a pair of atomic drops. Valentino ran around the ring then low blowed Winters with the ropes coming back into the ring. Valentino floated over after a suplex for a two count. Winters gave Valentino an enziguri. Clothes line, back elbow and neck breaker by Winters. Valentino with a drop toe hold into the turn buckles. A German suplex got two for Valentino. Winters with a cutter for two. Valentino locked in the cross chicken wing for the win.

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PWO – Season 5 – Episode 14

Who got made fun of for their body odor?

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Jason Bane vs Krimson is the main event in a No DQ contest. Jimmy Jacobs will be in action against Gregory Iron. Johnny Gargano will respond to Jacobs later. Jacobs is introduced first. Iron sneak attacks Jacobs to jump start the match. Iron clotheslines him twice. He back elbows Jacobs. Iron with a head scissors take over. He clotheslined Jacobs in the corner and brings him out with a bulldog. Jacobs turns it around with a jaw jacker. Iron low bridges Jacobs. Iron gets caught going for a suicide dive. Jacobs dropped a leg drop on Iron who was hanging on the apron. Jacobs tossed him into the guard rail. Jacobs set up Iron in a chair. Jacobs went into the ring and hit him with a 180 plancha. (Yes, he hit him with his back. It looked pretty awkward.) Jacobs tossed Iron back into the ring. Jacobs double stomped him from the mat then used the ropes to drop an elbow. Iron kicked out at two. Jacobs slammed and rubbed Iron’s face into the mat. Jacobs head butted him. (That doesn’t seem like the right arsenal for a small guy.) Jacobs dropkicked Iron who was seated in a corner. He only got a two count. Iron caught Jacobs charging in. A back elbow and clothes line mounted a comeback for Iron. Jacobs kicked out after a spring board elbow. Iron gave Jacobs a neck breaker. Jacobs slammed down Iron as he came charging into the corner. Jaw breaker to the knee by Iron. Jacobs speared Iron. Jacobs DDTed him for the victory.

Analysis: The crowd seems unsure of Jacobs. It’s the same one that basically shit on his reveal. It was a good match. Jacobs does a lot of nice little things right trying to rile up the crowd. These guys are about the same size so the match up is a credible and re-visitable one. Score: +1.

Jason Gorey told Michael Facade to stop chasing the TV Title. He said that Facade should channel his anger to accomplish more. Gorey said that the title is meaningless. They only need one more. Analysis: They were trying to give him a different vibe than Krimson by doing horizontal bars that were stretching the picture like an old 80’s TV. I wasn’t a big fan. I like the effort though. Gorey’s content needed something else. Maybe more of a reason to keep the belt away from Facade. More anger because Facade is being such a persistent do gooder. Score: 0.

Michael “The Bomber” Facade gave a shot out to the injured Flip Kendrick. Facade said that something always snatches victory from his grasp. He said that every loss makes him want it more. Facade said that he will not give up. He says Gorey forgot what that title stands for, respect, heart, honor and passion. Facade said that Gorey may be twisted, but he’s still the one creeping while he’s sleeping. Facade smiled and put up his bandit mask. Analysis: Solid promo. He had more reasons to go against Gorey and why he wanted to win. Score: +1.

Mr. RBI Isiah Bonds is taking on Daniel Arkham for their third match. RBI missed a charge. Arkham jumped on him with punches and a clothesline. He tried to slam RBI but he reversed it.RBI kicked Arkham in the back. RBI with a back suplex. He only got a two count. Arkham went for a sunset flip, but couldn’t get RBI over. RBI sat down but missed. Arkham drop kicked him while he was seated. Arkham got caught going for a cross body. RBI turned it into a swinging side slam. Arkham reversed the cover but only got two. RBI missed a splash. Maguire would not stop talking about how bad Arkham smelled. He even got Dombrowski to snicker at one point. Arkham got tossed into a corner then caught RBI charging in. Arkham skinned the cat to get up to the top rope. RBI crotched him. RBI was trying to javelin Arkham but got pushed into the corner. Arkham rolled him up and got the three count.

Analysis: Can RBI only take bumps in the corner? The match was better than their other ones so I’ll be generous. Score: 0.

Matt Cross admitted that Bobby Beverly took him to the limit last week. He told Beverly that he has a bright future. Cross put over both Jason Bane and Krimson as some of the toughest in wrestling. Cross would be honored to take on Bane because he was there when he started the business and helped Cross get started. Cross said that they have never wrestled. Cross said that dreams are not a waste of time. Cross said that he earned his dreams. Cross said that he didn’t waste the last ten years of his life. Cross said that he’s not going down without a fight no matter who wins their match up. Analysis: He stumbled a bit when he started talking about Krimson but closed the deal quite well. Score: +1.

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#PWOWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 12

You'll have to click the read more button to figure out why I used this picture.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The attacker of Johnny Gargano will be revealed (which I happened to see as I was on Twitter). Benjamin Boone came to the ring with “Amazing” N8 Mattson. Matthew Justice was his opponent. (I was starting to wonder where he was after his big return speech.) Justice got Boone in the Anaconda Vice. Justice worked over Boone’s left arm.  Boone knocked Justice down. Justice drop kicked Boone twice. Boone recovered and tried to work over Justice’s arm. Boone kneed Justice coming in for a tie up. Boone choked Justice on the middle rope, distracted the ref and allowed Mattson to continue choking Justice. Boone side slammed Justice. Justice fired back with punches and kicks. Boone strangled Justice. Sunset flip by Justice got two. Boone gave Justice a spine buster. Boone stretched out Justice with a knee in the back. Justice gave Boone a neck breaker. Boone powered Justice into a corner. Justice dodged Boone who tumbled to ring side. Suicide dive by Justice nailed Boone. Justice shoulder blocked Boone. Justice clothes lined Boone twice and gave him a Fame Asser. Justice power slammed Boone for a near fall. Boone belly to belly suplexed Justice. Boone missed a splash. Spring board clothesline by Justice got him the victory.

Analysis: The announcers did a good job of covering the history of Krimson and Justice. He can’t really go after him though with Krimson in a number one contender’s match and going against Matt Mason. Justice is in a spot where they don’t have enough heels at his level of baby face. Aaron Draven has the same problem. We know how to solve it right? Turn one of them heel! Solid match. Justice looked a little rusty to me. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly said that he finally has his chance for the PWO Title he’s been waiting for, for two years. He boasts of his win over Johnny Gargano. Beverly does a good job of being convincing about how Sex Appeal has gotten meaner and better since getting advice from the ski mask man. Beverly said he’s going to be champ next week. Analysis: And that promo is the reason I picked Beverly as one of the next guys to get a bigger contract. Great work. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante interviewed Bryan Castle, the World’s Most Huggable Wrestler. Brian Bender is not going to be at his match Bobby Shields. Castle got lots of pointers from Bender. He made Castle eat healthier. Castle also demonstrated doing one hundred jump jacks but got winded after three. Castle said he does one hundred squats a day. Castle called one a hundred. Castle whacked himself in the head with a rubber warm up band. Analysis: Not the strongest of Castle’s showing on the mic but it was entertaining. I may also just not like it as much because I want them to move on from this year long gimmick. Sometimes I’m a complete dope. Jeremy pointed out to me that Castle’s shirt is a take on the Ghostbusters 2 symbol. Not sure why I didn’t recognize that before. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino came out for a match. Ben Fruith came to the ring with the WrestleRama trophy. Valentino charged at Fruith and kicked him in the gut. Fruith nailed a cross body. Fruith kept him down after an arm drag. The announcers noted Valentino’s serious turn. Valentino missed a charge into a corner. Fruith arm drug Valentino three times. Valentino powered out and stomped away at Fruith. Valentino chopped him and followed up with a drop kick. Valentino had a key lock. He got two out of a fist drop. Fruith caught Valentino with a boot coming in. Fruith clotheslined him twice. Fruith nailed a double sledge. Valentino kicked Fruith. Valentino hoisted him up for a power slam. Fruith dropped out. Valentino kicked out of two from a Fruith Roll Up. Valentino kneed Fruith in the temple. Valentino locked in a cross face chicken wing.

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Stunt Granny #PWOWrestling Audio Show 2

Dan & Kevin are back for another show all about Pro Wrestling Ohio. They cover episodes ten and eleven in an effort to stay current with the product. They start at the end of episode ten because Kevin can’t resist a segue that Dan put on a tee for him. How did Marion Fontaine and Matt Cross do in the ring? Was it overshadowed by the angle with Justin LaBar at the end of the match? “Omega” is also the end but did he do Benjamin Boone any good in their match? Dan & Kevin move on to the appearance of women in a ring for the first time since Wrestlelution? Was it worth the wait? Did one of your hosts realize his expectations have been raised significantly by PWO? Did Matt Mason meet those lofty goals? Dan & Kevin move on to episode eleven and actually go in the order the show ran. How good was the match between Johnny Gargano and Bobby Beverly? Did the guys think of a new specialty shop after the masked man showed up again? Dan gets to talk about his favorite wrestling authorities as “The Megastar” puts LaBar over a barrel. Krimson stole the show in Kevin’s opinion but did Dan agree? Did someone else on the Stunt Granny staff tip off Kevin about the quality of this promo? Did quality control rear it’s ugly head again in this episode? Aaron Draven & Benjamin Boone got mic time after their bout from the previous week. Did either of them capitalize on their time? The main event ended up with multiple story lines since the Dead Wrestling Society, Jason Bane, Michael “The Bomber” Facade and Gregory Iron. Are Dan & Kevin content to sit back and relax and let this play out or do they know what’s going to happen? Well, we suggest you sit back and relax as you listen to this audio when you click on the link below.

Stunt Granny PWO Audio Show #2

#PWOWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 11

I wonder if the Dead Wrestling Society will ever have to worry about Ash.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The Dead Wrestling Society (Jason Gorey, Kirst & Krimson) take on Gregory Iron, Michael “The Bomber” Facade and Jason Bane. Marion Fontaine is seeking answers since his leg was under the rope when he got pinned by Matt Cross last week. The show opens with Bobby Beverly taking on Johnny Gargano. Gargano is introduced second and hits the ring running. Beverly catches Gargano with a kick before he can hit a suicide dive. Beverly tried to kick Gargano from the apron but whiffed. Gargano pulled his legs out from under him and nailed a running senton from the apron. Gargano tossed Beverly into the guard rail then back into the ring. Maguire does a great job of mocking the rematch between Isiah Bonds and Daniel Arkham later this hour. Gargano caught Beverly with a boot in the corner. Beverly used the ref as a shield and yanked Gargano off the middle rope. Beverly got a two count after an enziguri. A suplex by Beverly leads to a reverse chin lock. Beverly tossed Gargano into the corner chest first. Beverly thrusted again after a belly to back suplex. Beverly clotheslined Gargano. He caught him with another one after a roll up. Gargano double legged Beverly after more celebrating. Beverly slammed Gargano into the guard rail then tossed Gargano back into the ring. Gargano super kicked Beverly coming off the top rope. Beverly kicked Gargano in the gut. Gargano power bombed Beverly after he tried for a head scissors take over. Beverly tried to leave the match but Gargano dragged him back to the ring. Beverly DDTed Gargano as he tried to get back into the ring. Gargano gave Beverly an enziguri. Beverly pumo kicked Gargano. They traded super kicks. Beverly pinned Gargano for two after a urinogi back breaker. Gargano drop kicked Beverly. The ref got elbowed by Beverly. Gargano nailed Uniquely You but the ref was still down. The ski masked attacker nail Gargano with a 2×4. Beverly super kicked Gargano. The ref recovered. Beverly pinned Gargano for the victory. Bobby Shields took off the mask and said he wasn’t the masked man. Shields said that it wasn’t anyone in Sex Appeal. He said that when he gets here, Gargano’s life in PWO will be forever changed.

Analysis: A really good back and forth match. Some of the exchanges seemed to happen a bit too quickly for my taste but it was all well executed. It’s a good victory to get Beverly. He looked dominant most of the match so it didn’t feel as fluky even with Shields interference. Shields mic was not the best. Dombrowski covered for it though and the big parts of it came through clear. Score: +1.

Marion Fontaine had a camera with him when he went to confront Justin LaBar who was talking to Vic Travagliante. LaBar said he made a mistake but Fontaine was out. LaBar said he could have counted well over three. Fontaine said that it was fixed from day one just like he’d been saying. Fontaine said that LaBar is hurting the PWO product. LaBar acted like a beaten dog. LaBar asked what Fontaine wanted. Fontaine said he needed the camera out of there. Analysis: I say it when it happens in ROH, TNA or WWE so PWO isn’t exempt. I hate employee who somehow have management’s balls. You’re a fucking employee. You have jack for leverage. The most he should be able to do is get another match. They played their parts well enough. Score: 0.

Krimson quotes John Keats about beauty being truth. He said that Matt Moore is one of the beautiful people. Krimson said his life was beautiful once but it turned into a nightmare. He warned Moore about trying to step into his realm. Krimson said that he is acting with compassion once to warn Moore because he loves nothing more than smashing something beautiful. Analysis: That gets listed in best promos of the year so far. He showed vulnerability by being compassionate with his warning but still is ready to fight. Score: +2.

Mr RBI Isiah Bonds takes on Daniel Arkham in a rematch. Bonds attacks him from behind. Bonds whips Arkham into the corner. MR. RBI nailed a side slam. Bonds held Arkham in the back breaker position. Bonds clubbed Arkham with a double fist swing. He missed his next swing and Arkham popped him. Arkham drop kicked Bonds. Arkham chopped him off the middle ropes. Arkham clotheslined Mr. RBI twice. Bonds Black Hole Slammed Arkham on his third attempt for the victory. Analysis: Better than their last match but there wasn’t much to it. Score: 0.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 6

What else did you expect me to use as a picture for Pressure Rising?

They are opening the show in Streetsboro, OH. It’s kind of amusing that PWO tapes in more locations than TNA. The crowd seems louder than normal. Dombrowski runs through the card. Pedro De Lucca takes seemingly forever to announce Shima Xion who will be taking on Michael “The Bomber” Facade in a grudge match since they both injured each other last year by spraying hair spray in each other’s eyes. Facade cost Xion an appearance at Wrestlelution. Dombrowski explained that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross had not been heard from by PWO Management so the main event would be a three man match between Johnny Gargano, Marion Fontaine and Jason Bane.

Xion plays chicken shit. Facade gives him a spring board arm drag. Facade rains down 10 punches in the corner.  A spring board moonsault only gets Facade a two count. Maguire keeps pushing Fontaine for next week. OK, stop hyping next week. Xion grounded Facade. Dombrowski said that Xion feels under rated in PWO and wants a shot at the titles.  Facade counters with knees to Xion’s stomach from a moonsault. Facade takes off the gui. Facade super kicks Xion. Xion gives him a hard back elbow that knocks Facade through the ropes. Facade was going to drop kick Xion off the top rope but Xion pulled the referee in front of him. Xion wanted to spray Facade in the face but Facade turned it on Xion. He then gave him a driver that was something Japanese but I’m not even going to pretend to spell it. It was a Curtain Call turned into a driver.

Analysis: It was a good match. Xion is a good guy to keep around the TV Title picture so hopefully he can pick up a cheap win over Ben Fruth or someone to get back on track. Facade is definitely getting the push. I just wish he’d clean up some of his spots more. Score: +1.

Jason Gorey is backstage in front of a black back drop. He is looking forward to taking down Kirst, Krimson and Raven. Krimson pops up from behind him and strangles him with a belt. Krimson says some stuff that is hard to make out because it’s quiet. I was also too busy staring at his bald spots. He was warning them and said there was still time left, to back down I guess. He ended with his tag line.

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