Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Reviews: Bounty Killer (2013)


I have no problem admitting that I like the remake of Death Race and “Bounty Killer” reminds me a lot of that flick. The announcer type narrator and ridiculous premise are the two things that they share.  There is even a touch of Indiana Jones in it as the story flows along a map. Apparently this movie is based off of a graphic novel or as a comic reader likes to call them, comic books. The movie had potential but the limited budget did it no favors. Also the running time severely handicaps the story. If given time the world and backstories could have been explained more. This would work as a Cinemax series. No, not one of the Skinemax flicks but more along the lines of Banshee and Strike Back. There was definitely potential with this movie and this story but it ends up just being a ho hum, low budget action flick with big ideas. -Jeremy

Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: Death Race 3: Inferno (2012)

DR3-dvdFifteen minutes or so in to this flick a fist fight breaks out inside an African mountain. Why? Because why the fuck not? In case that wasn’t ridiculous enough you get a blowtorch fight between scantily clad women in the same mountain. What does this have to do with car racing? Well, nothing really but then not much makes a lot of sense in this movie. The third movie in the Death Race, um, franchise moves the action to Africa as a new corporate owner, Dougray Scott (guy who passed on Wolverine), attempts to franchise Death Race globally. Yup, there is your plot. Even Ving Rhames barely shows up in this one. Of course he does so not sure if that makes it worse for him. The movie isn’t particularly good but it does provide a lot of vroom sounds and excuses to blow up just about everything. -Jeremy

Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: Death Race 2 (2010)

death-race-2The remake of Death Race is a lot of fun. It may not be the greatest flick but it is pure Statham. Death Race 2 is actually a prequel as it deals with the origin of Frankenstein and just how he came to be. Ving Rhames’ stature continues its decline as he has a small part as the evil misogynistic corporate man. Joan Allen has been replaced by The Walking Dead’s own Lauren Cohan as evil female corporate lady. This certainly won’t be at the top of her resume. The film is total camp and if it was made in the 70’s we may possibly be hailing it as grindhouse magic.  -Jeremy

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