Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: The Campaign (2012)

The Campaign

2012’s “The Campaign” starring Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell and directed by Jay Roach may have sounded like fun on paper but the finished product was incredibly boring and surprisingly lacking the funny.  It does its best to skewer modern politics but it lacks the cleverness and playfulness of Ferrell’s other absurdist comedies. The choice to essentially use Galifianakis’ character Seth he co-star of the movie is confounding. It plays like an overlong Saturday Night Live sketch that never hits the mark. The Seth character is a lot of fun and very funny in small doses but in a long movie format it wears thin fast. The film would have been better served with the same awkward oddball character Galifianakis has become famous playing This way the transformation would have seemed more natural and less forced. The movie flows like a drying creek. The gags get increasingly crazy but the story never manages to keep up. The underlying “message” of the movie is so over bearing it reduces the fun.  Oh well, the move is still good for a few laughs but it doesn’t receive a high recommendation. -Jeremy

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