Heath Slater in trouble for more than just being a poor professional wrestler

Pictured above: Horrible professional wrestler, human being; connoisseur of IQ lowering tattoos.

Quoth the Meltzer:

Atlanta police confirmed to Ch. 2 Action News in Atlanta that police are investigating an incident involving Heath Slater that allegedly took place after WrestleMania.Corrine Oliver, a security guard with Allied Barton Security Servies, said she had to struggle to fight off Slater, who grabbed her by the neck and tried to force her into his hotel room.

The police report listed the incident taking place between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. after WrestleMania at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlatna.

Oliver’s attorney, Jackie Patterson, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution at http://www.ajc.com/news/ that she was working security at the hotel, trying to keep fans out. She claimed Slater asked her to go to his room and she declined.

“He started telling her she was pretty and those type things,” said Patterson. “The next thing you know, she was in a choke hold, and he was dragging her and bending her backwards, trying to get on the elevator to his room. She violently had to struggle to get his arm from around her neck.”

Oliver told police that the struggle left her with back pain. The police report lists the incident as a possible simple assault/battery incident.

Oliver complained to her supervisor, but her company didn’t do anything and she decided to file the police report on 6/22.

Allied Barton said the incident was reported immediately but that they could not comment further.

“The alleged victim is making claims against Slater individually, and it’s being investigated,” said WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt. “This has nothing to do with WWE.”

I want Jerry McDevitt to be a pushed on-air character in WWE. I like him more than everyone but like Punk, Cena, Truth, Miz and Booker. Love me some Devs. – Dusty

Stunt Granny Audio #24

It’s the first Stunt Granny Audio of 2009! Dusty and Eric wax intellectual about WGN hosting a new/possibly rehashed WWE program on its stations, including what the show might look like and how this new network might open doors for the wrestling company. The two talk a little about Barry Windham, other second-generation wrestlers who are far better than Barry Windham, and why WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt is a bad-ass. Eric also pimps an indy show near him (NWA No Limits in Iowa City this Friday, featuring former WWE and TNA wrestlers), so ya better listen to us, and ya better listen real, real good!

Stunt Granny Audio #24

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