Ric Flair said to the judge, “I’ve been framed!”

And the judge said, “Yeah, you like an eight by ten!”

Ric Flair was charged today with contempt of court in a ruling issued by Superior Court in Mecklenberg County. Flair had agreed to pay Michael Bochicchio and Highspots Inc. $35,000 and autograph 300 pictures by 4/29 in a settlement for money Highspots claimed was owed to them by advancing Flair money. The court believed that Flair had the assets and income to where he could afford to comply with the agreement and had failed to do so. The order is that Flair can be put in prison for up to 90 days as long as he remains in contempt by not paying what was owed. Unless he complies with the terms of the agreement, he would be ordered to prison on 6/27

While the fact that Ric Flair has turned into this total mess of a human being is enough to make me want to grab my head in frustration, I also have this here website in which schadenfreude is the order of the day. And schadenfreude is going to win that battle every single time. – Dusty

Scott Hall Fired

Scott Hall lived by himself in the swamp. He hunted alligator for a living. He'd just hit 'em in the head with a stump.

Word going around the According-To-Meltzer campfire is that Scott Hall has been fired. I’ve seen no other news on why, or any of the details on this, but I can’t say it really surprises me. Hall was a no show at his June 9 arraignment hearing after his arrest on drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest charges stemming from a May 13 incident. He has plead not guilty in this case, but the Hitching Post bar in Chuluota, Florida where this all went down apparently has the entire incident on film, so Hall could be in big trouble if he’s not telling the truth. (Although we all know Scott Hall does nothing but tell the truth.)

Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming. Scott Hall is an absolute mess. It further cements TNA’s status as a total joke of a company that they would even hire him in the first place. It’s been more than ten years now that Hall has been battling his personal demons and pissing all of his once great talent down the drain. Quite frankly, there has to come a time when you realize that some people just don’t want help and are perfectly content to waste their lives with nonsense until the end of time. As it stands now, Scott Hall is a wasted life. TNA is just a joke, and this firing should have never happened, because the hiring should never have happened.

Now can we get rid of Nash and Waltman, please? – Dusty

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