Chyna Was Hospitalized……….sigh

We may as well rename this site “Punching Bag Granny” since all we seem to cover are the same three retards on a daily basis. Over at, via TMZ, there is a report that Chyna Doll, AKA Chyna, was sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. She woke up this morning and was vomiting and all the other stuff a nasty hang over or bender gives you the next morning. Here’s the fun part: this dummy OD’ed, essentially, on Benadryl.

According to the report she took four to five times the prescribed amount to help her sleep. Yes, to help her sleep. I didn’t realize Benadryl was made to help you sleep. Are there directions on the box for the amount of doses to make you sleepy? I know there are directions to fight allergies and colds but not sleep. Essentially Chyna took about 4 or 5 tablespoons of Benadryl and overdosed for the most part.

There is another way to look at this. It won’t be popular but probably way closer to the truth. She could have drank four or five bottles of Benardyl like a high school freshman in order to get a buzz on. You know, the cheap way of getting high. I’m not saying she did but if she did she is truly a fucking retard. She can’t afford a few bottles of booze and get alcohol poisoning like a real man? God damn, she has to have some money left right? Get some SKYY and get your drink on, moron. -Jeremy

Prepare Dicks For Beating.


Boy that silly Jason Powell over at sure got me to click on this link. Yep, everyone’s favorite walking dead girl is set to appear in yet another home made porn flick. As if seeing two retarded people fucking wasn’t enough the first time around here’s the encore. I don’t get how the press release gets off saying that the first video with Waltman and Chyna even ranked on the charts. Sure it may have sold decent but no way was it a top seller. I say top fifteen at worst. But enough of that, the real news here is that we all get to see Chyna and her baby penis getting hogged by Waltman over and over again. Who doesn’t like watching tranny porn anyway? Man, I would have killed to see a video of this if it was around the time of her Playboy days. She was buff and Playboy airbrushed out all of the rest of her imperfections and made her seem genuinely feminine. Ahh, the good old days of cranking it out and not feeling totally gay afterwards, unlike how I felt after watching the first video. -Jeremy

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