#ROH Is The Worst Part I


Ring of Honor deserves to be covered by no wrestling websites, even our dumpy little space. But I can’t resist bashing these morons. I had a good chuckle to myself that the last show I watched them on Tuesday and the announcers were talking like the show aired before their pay per view. I suppose if I had no life and watched at 5 PM on a Saturday I could have viewed it before the iPPV. That’s why I had to write this article though. The only non Raw crowd related article that grabbed my attention on Prowrestling.Net was that ROH’s iPPV feed crapping out, again. I don’t know why they deserve a spot on a syndicated show even if they’re in terrible time slots like 5 PM on  Saturday and Monday morning at 12:05 AM because reruns of Two and a Half Men always run over. The crapped out feed shows why I will not be attending their show that they will have here in Columbus. TNA has at least progressed far enough along that I would probably go to their show if the price is reasonable. I will most definitely be going to Raw that is at Nationwide Arena especially now that I renewed my PSL. Just recently, I ordered an iPPV from Prime Wrestling. A much smaller company than ROH. I had absolutely no problems with their feed. I even went back to watch it several times with no problems.

I am considering quitting watching their program because I watch too much TV anyway. But part of me wants to continue to rip off Jeremy’s old idea of “What TNA Did Right This Week”. Except, I’m going to take one moment from each show and illustrate why ROH is the worst. If I entertain myself and hopefully you, I’ll continue to watch this dog shit. -Kevin

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