New Jack doesn’t particularly care for Jerry Lawler

New Jack, pictured above, playing a sad song for Jerry Lawler on the world’s smallest guitarolin.

Peep this, from Lords of Pain:

Upon news surfacing Monday night that WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler had suffered a heart attack duringRaw, fellow wrestler Jerome “New Jack” Young, “The Original Gangsta,” went on a scathing rant on Twitter (account located at attacking the legendary Memphis figure.

He wrote, “Just heard about Lawler…fuck that racist motherfucka…die slow,you fucking cock sucker

“If lawler dies,let me know where his grave is so,I can go piss on it…fuck that bitch

“Please let me know where they put that fucka in the ground so,I can piss on his grave.”

Responding to fans, he continued, “Bitch,I’m not here to make you happy and if what I said hurts…GO FUCK YOURSELF…FAN

“I don’t work for a fucking fan so,if what I say hurts ur lil white feeling…SO FUCKING WHAT…YOU ARE FOLLOWING ME BITCH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

“I have really out done myself this time huh…1st Terri then Brian knobbs gets knocked the fuck out,I beat da shit outta balls and now jerry.”

Young then revealed that his diatribe partially stems from James “Kamala” Harris, another Memphis wrestling legend, not receiving as much as adulation and support as Lawler after having both of his legs amputated within the past year.

“When Kamala was going through some shit,nobody said shit so,now this shit with Lawler is supposed to touch me…FUCK EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!” he wrote.

Young also clarified that he’s not racist following his racially-charged rant: “Fyi,my 2 kids are from a white woman so,the next 1 of you mother fuckers call me racist,I will send you a free dvd…dammit!!!”

Some of New Jack’s best friends are white. Y’all are just haters. – Dusty

Road Warrior Animal says Kamala to have second leg amputated


Anything to push Eric Young out of view. According to the Facebook account of Road Warrior Animal (Joe Laurinitis), Kamala (James Harris) is having his second leg amputated due to medical issues. It was just this past November that Harris had a leg amputated due to complications with diabetes and high blood pressure. While Kamala’s illness is no laughing matter, it is nice to see that two guys who both painted their faces for a living are sticking together. Best of luck to Harris, who is in our thoughts. -Eric

Headlines: Kamala loses leg, Christian loses ankle, Jericho loses credibility and humor

According to, James “Sugar Bear” “Kamala” Harris recently had his leg amputated due to complications with diabetes and high blood pressure. Let that be a lesson to you dorks sitting at your computers with your desks covered in Funyuns and Mountain Dew cans… don’t change anything, because becoming a Ugandan headhunter with moons and stars painted on your man-boobs puts your health at risk.

Also according to, Christian suffered a high ankle sprain while WWE was on tour in Europe and has been pulled from this year’s Survivor Series. Let that be a lesson to your dorks… oh, wait. Anyway, notable replacements in past Survivor Series events have included Earthquake (subbing for Barry “Widowmaker” Windham in 1989), Haku (replacing recently departed Rick Rude in 1990) and Mr. Perfect (taking the Ultimate Warrior’s spot in 1992). This year is sure to be equally compelling. I’m looking at you, Brodus Clay… mostly because you’re a likely candidate for a future leg amputation.

Finally, according to, Chris Jericho recently tweeted this comedic gem:

Let me get something straight…I will never wrestle for the WWE again. But there is some big news coming up in the world of dance….

Slap your knee before your leg is amputated. -Eric

P.S. Take care of yourself, Kamala; by all accounts, you’re a good guy. Best wishes!

Stunt Granny Audio: Second Annual Akeem Memorial Hall of Fame

Hey, mister, can’tcha read? Dusty and Eric discuss Stunt Granny’s Second Annual Akeem Memorial Hall of Fame inductions! Who made it under the categories for both serious wrestlers (based on their contributions to and impact on pro wrestling) and fun wrestlers (based on the contributions to our childhood Halloween costumes as we covered ourselves with license plates that spelled “REPO”)? What angles do the guys fondly remember from the past? And what timeless matches does the crew go back and watch on a regular basis? Listen to analysis on all this and a little bit more!

Stunt Granny Audio: Akeem Memorial Hall of Fame Edition

Second Annual Akeem Memorial Hall of Fame: Fun Wrestlers

Every year, starting in 2010, we here at Stunt Granny will go through a rigorous, dangerous, possibly illegal set of votes to induct people into our own Akeem Memorial Hall of Fame. The voting is broken up into four categories: Serious Wrestlers, Fun Wrestlers, Angles, and Matches. This post is for the Fun Wrestlers. Here are last year’s inductees:

Evil Doink the Clown, Honky Tonk Man, Big Boss Man, Akeem, Repo Man, Norman Smiley

And now, without any further ado, here are this year’s inductees!

La Parka

Sensational Sherri

Big Bubba Rogers

Kamala w/Kimchee

Barry Horowitz

Koko B. Ware

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