Jeremy’s Monthly Movies for May 2013

movie_nightIron Man 3- May 3, 2013

Look Iron Man 2 isn’t nearly as bad as people made it out to be. Yeah it had its flaws but then it also led us right to The Avengers so all is forgiven. The previews have been coming fast and in abundance an each one looks more badass then the next. This is the official kickoff movie for the summer season and looks like it will be well worth the money. I have the tickets already.

The Great Gatsby- May 10, 2013

I have no idea what The Great Gatsby is about and I know I should but whatever. The previews look to be the usual mess of visual and music from Baz Lurhman and that is a good thing. This is clearly geared toward gay men and women as those re the only people I have heard mention this flick as a must see. No shame in that as it will drag in a larger audience this way. It will also benefit from make good ticket sales for men dragging their women to see Iron Man 3 the week before. Possible theatre movie but not set in stone.

Peeples-  May 10, 2013

First off I am not black that I know of; so I understand this movie is clearly not marketed for me. I do liek funny movies and this, well, this doens;t seem to cut it. I remember seeing this preview before GI.Joe and immediately called out that Tyler Perry had his hands in this in some capacity and I was spot on. So, after all of that this movie doesn’t look terrible but it doesn’t look very interesting as well. It is the same basic formula as every other fish out of water movie. The only curious development is that David Alan Grier appears to have abandoned his normal shtick and plays the straight man. So yeah save the cash and wait for TBS.

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Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: Priest

This tells you all you really need to know about this movie.

This tells you all you really need to know about this movie.

Have you ever watched a preview and then immediately thought “That didn’t look good at all?” Well if you have then Priest is the movie for you. It wasn’t good in any respect. Paul Bettany stars as a Priest and the backstory is convoluted and boring. The vampires are mutant animals of some sort and are completely CGI and it just kills any sort of believability in this new world. Hell, even the voiceover explaining how the planet was ruined and vampires are n colonies has absolutely zero energy. The narrator may have yawned at the end.  The special effects are masked in darkness and it renders just about every scene flat. Nothing jumps off the screen and it has a lot to do with the continual use of CGI.  It is abundant and makes a movie about vampire hunter priests even more unbelievable. Yes you read that right. Priest isn’t a terrible movie. It isn’t Battleship level bad but it isn’t very good. It really cannot be recommended on a lazy rainy day. It just isn’t worth the effort to watch. -Jeremy

Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: Dredd

Buy two copies.

Buy two copies.

One thing you need to get over before viewing this film is the Lions Gate logo. 90% of the time the movie that follows is total garbage. Much to my surprise this movie falls in the 10% of Lions Gate successes. There is no reason this movie should be half as awesome as it turned out. Sure you need to ignore the incredible similarities to The Raid: Redemption but that movie was completely awesome as well. There really isn’t much to dislike about this flick. The simple structure is laid out just like an arc from the comics. There are concise and deliberate breaks in the story that read as a cliffhanger form issue to issue. It is a nice touch really and wouldn’t mind more comic movies doing the same thing. Yes the plot is a tad thin but the action and the creative use of slow motion/bullet time violence adds a creative touch not seen since the Matrix.  So go out and buy a copy or to on Blu-ray so we get a sequel to this surprisingly fun movie.  -Jeremy

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