Stunt Granny Audio #167: Nostalgia Special

(Click here to see Jim Duggan on the WHO-13 News in Des Moines! HOOOO!)

Inspired by the nostalgia of Hacksaw Jim Duggan coming to town and the litany of garbagosity that is the crop of champions in TNA, Eric and Dusty bring you a look back at wrestling history and ask the question that has plagued us for about 80 minutes: Could the King of the Ring work, if done right, in today’s WWE? Listen as the guys recount the days when Duggan, Randy Savage, Harley Race and Owen Hart wore the crown. (And then there was Mabel, and Billy Gunn, and William Regal, and…) Who wore it proudly? Who wore it stinkily? Who never really wore it at all? And who would benefit from the royal crown today? Well, listen and find out!

Stunt Granny Audio #167

Stunt Granny Audio #120


 There is a new WWE Champion and his name is the Miz! And so Dusty and Eric were all like, “Let’s talk about that!” And so they did. What did they think of the way the title switch came about? Has Miz earned the reign? Will he just punt it back to Orton on next week’s show? The fearsome twosome get to the bottom of these issues and so much more in this audio extravaganza. They then turn their attention to the coming King of the Ring tournament. Who has qualified so far, who is yet to qualify, and who do they think is going to win the flippin’ thing? Dusty also takes some time to point out that Matt Striker is horrible at what he does, and dusty cobwebs fly out of Eric’s mouth. All this and so much more, so listennnnnn.

Stunt Granny Audio #120

SG Audio: WWF King of the Ring Retrospective

king of the ring

King of the Ring was ichiban!

It’s June, and a few years ago, that meant it was the time of year for WWF’s King of the Ring spectacular. These days it’s just time for the Fatal Four-Way… or Badd Blood… or whatever. Dusty and Eric are joined by Dan, aka zourah, aka Stunt Granny’s nostalgia expert, for a journey down the royal path of the King of the Ring, from its humble beginnings in 1985 as a house show gimmick, to 1993 and its debut on pay-per-view, to its return on free TV in 2006 and 2008. The guys share some good anecdotes, including Jerry Lawler’s lawsuit over the “king” moniker and stories behind Harley Race’s connections to St. Louis during his reign. They question some decisions (and even agree with others) made during the PPV years, and debate the possibility of success should the tournament-based format ever return to pay-per-view. (Three parts, approx. 45 minutes each, all well worth it!)

King of the Ring Retrospective: House shows to 1993

King of the Ring Retrospective: 1994 to 1999

King of the Ring Retrospective: The remaining years

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