#SippyTimeBeer Review – Flying Dog, Left Hand Brewing & Shiner

Flying Dog Left Hand Shiner

Do you need to try a new beer this weekend? Well I’m just the guy to tell you what choices you have out there. I’m going to be trying out some new beers when I head out to Woodlands Tavern for Happy Hour this evening. So I’ll have even more suggestions next week.

Flying Dog BreweryUnderdog Atlantic Lager – Are you normally a Budweiser guy? Don’t like those foreign beers like Leinenkugel? That’s an inside joke. Do you want to look cool by having a micro-brew with that same old taste? I give to you Underdog Atlantic Lager. It works as beer but the flavors and looks aren’t complex.

Left Hand Brewing Company400 Pound Monkey – This beer is an English style India pale ale. If more IPAs were like this one, I’d drink more of them. My assumption drinking this beer was that they were going to have 400 pounds of hops in the bottle. I was wrong. On their site, they say they use a different color hops which definitely has a different flavor. They also use a bready malt which may make the difference too. If you’re not a big IPA guy like myself, drink a bunch of these then go fling your poo like a 400 Pound monkey.

Shiner BeersFM 966 Farmhouse Ale – Make sure you hit their website. It’s one of the better ones that I’ve seen. They “pour” you a beer when you want to look at which type. This beer is named after the road from Shiner, Texas to the farm market. It was meant to be a spring beer. It’s refreshing like spring. It is similar to the Atlantic Lager but it packs more punch in the flavor department without being too complex.

Enjoy a Sippy Time Beer this weekend. -Kevin

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

It's been a parade of men in trunks as the WWE shows off it's roster for the 40 man Royal Rumble.

Jeremy IMed me last week and said that he was getting the Royal Rumble. For some reason, it hadn’t dawned on me that I could actually buy a pay per view instead of watching it at Dusty’s neighbor. I have decided to join him in purchasing the pay per view so I’m going to type and talk my mind this week. That means I get the week started with a blog and a Leinenkugel Creamy Dark.

The GM screws Edge one last time. At least they’re keeping an ongoing storyline for a change. Someone has a shot at #40. Tyson Kidd is dispatched first. Wow, has Jack Swagger fallen and not just for this challenge. McIntyre is another guy in a downward spiral. “Who wants to see a smashed lap top computer?” Can’t say I ever imagined those words would be uttered on Raw. Even worse that the crowd popped for it. CM Punk and crew come out. Are they trying to show off all 40 competitors tonight? Mason Ryan officially gets a name. CM Punk cuts an OK promo. Barrett gets a crack on the mic. Edge is such a pussy for leaving when Nexus showed up. Nice big man show down. Mystery GM chimes in to make a Barrett vs. Punk match. The loser has their crew yanked from the Rumble. I’m going to have to count the roster size. They are going to exclude some good wrestlers and add jobbers which is royally dumb.

Morrison & Henry take on Sheamus (another guy who’s been in a funk for longer than I expected) & Del Rio. I smell Henry taking a pin. They take a match break at a predictable time.

Mark Henry takes on Sheamus, who looks like a pansy until the Rogue Kick. Del Rio gets the arm bar on Henry. Looks like I was a little off since Henry tapped out. Two heels should not be celebrating and smiling at each other. On should have turned on the other and tossed him out of the ring to prove they’d win on Sunday. Faces played patty cake like that.

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