Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

I could only find a picture with 1000 televisions.

As usual, I’m starting my viewing a little bit late. I had to go get beer and walk my dogs. The box of beer I got has a quote from Hunter S. Thompson on it – “Good people drink good beer.” Amen. I’m sucking down Flying Dog In Heat Wheat Hefeweizen. Check for my review later in our forum, which is free.

I must admit that I’m surprised that the 900th episode didn’t warrant three hours of television. It’d suck if it were that long. Just like three hours of TNA is too long on Thursday nights. Check our Audio from last week to hear more about that subject.

We start off with Bret Hart yapping. Now Kane is running down Undertaker and Hart. He’s been doing a solid job on the mic recently. Glad to know the Hart Dynasty is still alive.  Of course Kane is going to give us no satisfaction in the match department. Wait, Bret isn’t fit to wrestle Nexus but he can wrestle the Undertaker? Huh? What a shitty main event.

Highlights of Episode #1 which I in no way watched. Seeing Yokozuna made me remember that The Pensblog showed the Penguins old defenseman Peter Taglianetti tried to slam him before Lex Luger did.

Highlights of the immortal Steve Austin driving the Zamboni from episode #279. Wow, I’ve caught more of this 900 than I thought. Austin could have highlights all night long but I figure they’ll spread out the star power.

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Peace Out Tommy Dreamer

There's a man in a refrigerator box...

According to Meltzer, word going around the WWE water cooler of late is that Tommy Dreamer is done in the the company and that his match that will air Tuesday night on the ECW program will be his last. Join us next week for

“This is going to be just like when Lex Luger appeared unexpectedly on Nitro and it led to Nitro killing Raw in the ratings and the same thing is going to happen with TNA Impact killing Raw in the ratings, and all it’s going to take is Tommy Dreamer walking out to ringside and it’s going to be great and oh I can’t wait!!!”


“Who’s going to eat the garbage?!” – Dusty

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