PWO – Season 4 – Episode 14

How did I not use a picture like this before when Sex Appeal was on PWO TV?

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire ran down the card for the night. We star off with the Sons of Michigan, N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone, against Sex Appeal, Nicki Valentino & Bobby Shields, against Aeroform, Louis Linden & Flip Kendrick. Kendrick started against Valentino, who did a head stand. Kendrick did some dance moves after avoiding an attack. The Homeless Handicapped Connection, Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe, came to ring side to watch the action. Linden and Shields tagged in for their teams.  Nice drop kick by Shields. Double drop kick by Aeroform on Shields. Boone tags in while Aeroform are attacking Valentino. He double clothes lines them. Mattson comes in to work on Kendrick. Shields tagged himself in when Boone wasn’t working. Mattson tagged himself in. Kendrick took all of the beating. Linden got the hot tag  and took out all four of his competitors. Boone stopped the offense. Mattson & Boone double teamed him. Boone choke slammed Linden for the victory.

Analysis: I’d have to think that takes Aeroform out of the title picture. The match was pretty well wrestled but seemed like it could have gone longer with three teams involved. They showed the Homeless Handicapped Connection after the win so the story line with the Sons and Fruith is likely to stay until Wrestlelution. Score: +1.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine, still in his bed room, who asks Joe Dombrowski for his apology. He tells Justin LaBar he hasn’t done anything in this business. Fontaine could start a blog and do more than LaBar has in his whole three years. Fontaine said he has lived and breathed wrestling since he was a child. Fontaine said he wants to be face to face with LaBar one more time. He told him to bring the internet fans or show balls and come by himself.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 11

You've got to love the intestine liner.

Pro Wrestling Ohio decided to start with a replay of “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine slapping Justin LaBar after dropping the PWO Title to Jason Bane. Joe Dombrowski congratulated Bane but he quickly went to ripping on on Fontaine and apologizing to LaBar. Dombrowski said that Fontaine’s apology is coming next week. He said that no one should strike a fan and the fans shouldn’t strike the wrestlers.

Analysis: Solid way to cover your ass if you’re worried that a fan will do something dumb to a wrestler. Dombrowski goes over board with the indignation but that is the way of wrestling. Score: 0.

Dombrowski (after being backstage) is at ring side and introduces Vic Travagliante as his color man because Aaron Maguire is incapacitated. Sex Appeal vs. Aeroform is the main event to be the number one contender for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Benjamin Boone takes on Ben Fruith (Couldn’t be less excited) and Shima Xion takes on Matthew Justice to be in line for a TV Title match.

Xion versus Justice is immediately up. They both look to be in great shape. They talked about Krimson and his plans for the PWO Title. (I think he’s the only guy that matches up physcially with Bane so it’s a good choice.) They started with some basic moves and reversals. There were a couple of of botched moves. It led to Xion finally taking over the match.Xion suplexed Justice and only got two. He attacked frustrated then posed while hair spraying himself. Xion rolled through a sunset flip and kicked Justice in the chest. Xion gave Justiece a bear hug from behind.  Justice elbowed his way out then power slammed Xion but couldn’t capitalize. Justice did his best Cena impersonation. Xion locked in a cross face. Justice rolled out and gave Xion a Death Valley Driver. Xion kicked out at two. Xion turned a springboard into another cross face which forced the tap out. They hyped the main event again. (Enough already).

Analysis: Well, I mentioned Justice signing a WWE Developmental deal so I figure this win by Xion is a way to get someone over who’s sticking around. Xion has been good when he has been around which has been infrequently in the past. Let’s hope he sticks around because he can add something good to the roster. Good match outside of the pair of botched moves. Score: +1.

The Homeless Handicapped Connection (Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe) were telling Ben Fruith that they are his friends. Iron tells him he needs to be more aggressive. Hobo Joe told him to talk trash. Joe cuts a promo about how he’s going to slice open Benny Boone and put N8 Mattson inside of Boone. Iron told Fruith that he talked to the producers and Fruith is allowed to drop any words he wants to. Fruith then said he strongly disagrees with Mattson & Boone’s beliefs. Iron & Joe are disappointed but they tell him it’s a good start.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 8

This review was on hold until Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks ended in OT.

Joe Dombrowski says that the Sons of Michigan, Benjamin Boone & N8 Mattson, will take on the Homeless Handicapped Connection, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron, for the PWO Tag Team Championships. Jason Gory is set to take on Corey Winters. Sex Appeal – Bobby Beverly, Bobby Shields and Nicki Valentino – open the card against The Ninja Elite Squad – Michael Facade, Louis Linden & Flip Kendrick. I think the camera man has a thing for cougars. He really zoomed in on a threesome on the prowl.

The match up started when The Ninja Elite Squad is playing to the crowd so Sex Appeal attacked them from behind. It was a six man party to start the bout off in and out of the ring.  Facade dropped to his back to avoid a clothesline then gave a Pele Kick from his back. Cool move. The match finally settled in with Louis Linden taking on Bobby Beverly. Linden made a come back against Shields but it was cut short when he missed a second rope moonsault. Beverly got tagged back in to continue the beat down on Linden. Kendrick got the hot tag. Flip Kendrick pretty much air balled on a pair of spring board back elbows. Sex Appeal did a Three Stooges act on the outside. They then got to be the recipients of spot monkeys. Facade got a two count from a Northern Lights Bridge Suplex. Facade black slid Beverly for the victory. Facade grabs the mic, things are a little quiet again. Facade said he earned a title shot in PWO and he’s choosing to take on Beverly for the TV Title.

Analysis: Logically, I’d say you go for the main title but since you just pinned said champion, I understand Facade’s line of thinking. Any belts a “pay raise”, right? I’m not a fan of the high spots by Aeroform aka Linden & Kendrick. They miss too often and slip on the ropes a lot. They come up with some cool looking stuff but it needs to be executed better. The match was really going well until the point of the high spots too. You just saw Beverly and one of the other guys waiting for Kendrick to come outside.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 8

This episode went by quickly. Find out why beneath the jump.

Joe Dombrowski (quietly) said that Johnny Gargano will be out of action indefinitely because of an attack after the show last week. He throws it to a clip. They showed the end of the match between Gargano vs Bane vs. Fontaine. A man with a ski mask attacked Gargano’s neck after the match. the assailant ran away as Dombrowski practically no sold the assaulter. Oh no, Dombrowski is acting like he doesn’t know if they’re on. I understand the angle. Dombrowski does somber voice while Gargano stays down.

Analysis: I fast forwarded through the end of it. I was bored. I understand the angle but it seemed too scripted. Score: 0.

Bobby Shields came out to take on Louis Linden. Aaron Maguire talks up his man “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine winning the PWO Heavyweight Title. Dombrowski apologized for not concentrating on the match but I was pretty bored. It kicked up a notch just after that with a moonsault by Linden onto Shields on the outside. Shields rammed Linden into the ring post then tossed him back inside. Shields got a two count after a neck breaker. Maguire kept on mentioning old acquaintances of Fontaine’s for possible number one contenders. Shields missed a moonsault which allowed Linden to recover. Linden chopped Shields down. Shields connects with a thrust kick but only gets a two. Linden pump kicked Shields in the face for the victory. Bobby Beverly and Nicki Valentino attacked Linden. Michael Facade and Flip Kendrick make the save after Linden got a triple thrust kick.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 1

It's a new season for everyone.

I’m going to try and keep up with this season of Pro Wrestling Ohio better than I have in the past. Episode 2 aired this past Sunday, 31 October 2010. We’ll see what happens as the season goes along. Jeremy might also be joining me for reviews. Hell, PWO might even get more than an audio around Wrestlelution time. I have an interview scheduled with Marion Fontaine that will be coming as the season gets rolling. On to the review of the first episode.

Joe Dombrowski introduced the new season, Aaron Maguire and Mr. Brinks. With new and better graphics Dombrowski said the opening match would be Aeroform (Louis Linden & Flip Kendrick) against Sex Appeal (Bobby Beverly & Nicky Valentino) with new valet Frisky, who didn’t fit in because of her tattoos. Linden started off with the offense. Aeroform got the better of the four man action. Aeroform flipped and DDTed Sex Appeal on the outside. Valentino got a leg lariat on Linden. Kendrick came in off a minor hot tag. Beverly got a good two count. A super kick and northern lights suplex on Beverly got a count. Frisky accidentally tripped Beverly which allowed Linden to hit a moonsault on a standing Beverly for the three count.

Analysis: Pretty sloppy match. Aeroform missed some spots and there was no ebb or flow in the match. The hot tag was luke warm. Score: -1.

The graphics and replays were much better than in the past. Too bad the venue was piss poorly lit. It looks like a better venue than normal. Score: 0.

Marion Fontaine came into the ring before they broke for commercial. He said that Wrestlelution 3 was supposed to be his shining moment. Fontaine said that he had Duggan right where he wanted him. He then said the referee interfered in his match and continued the long running conspiracy theory to hold him down. Fontaine said he could sit down and entertain the crowd better than anyone in the back. He repeated his story about how he followed management for years but it got him nowhere. Fontaine only got respect when he did things his way. He then brought up crowd favorite Johnny Gargano. Fontaine said that Gargano follows the company line and looks good for PWO. He said Gargano is hurt physically and mentally. Fontaine finished by challenging him to a PWO Heavyweight Title match.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 28


Pro Wrestling Ohio is setting the table for Wrestlelution 3. Please groan after that one.

Johnny Gargano was yelling at some random people telling them it needed to happen tonight. He wanted Matt Cross because of what he’s done to his name the last six months. Cross drove up and stopped (Why?) and Gargano pounded on his car and told him to get out. Cross drove away.

Analysis: It would have been a bit better if the people were identifiable such as friends of Gargano’s in the locker room. The whole piece was a little too set up since the parking area looked so empty and there was no arena, ring or production trucks in the background to make it seem like they were near the venue. It got across Gargano’s rage though. Score: 0.

Shima Xion took on “Omega” Aaron Draven in the opening contest. Joe Dombrowski informed us that since “Amazing” N8 Mattson can’t get a rematch with Draven, “The Big Bear” Benjamin Boone will be taking on Draven at Wrestlelution 3 for the TV Title. Aaron Maguire said that Draven is going to fake an injury to get out of the match just like he has in the past. They started with a nice exchange of moves. Draven took over with some arm drags and arm bar.  Maguire complimented Matt Cross on his creativity in getting to Gargano. Xion got in some basic offense. and posing. Xion turned Draven inside out with a clothesline when Draven was going for a 619. Xion went for a belly to back suplex but Draven flipped out of it and executed a rocker dropper. Draven got a two count after a top rope cross body. Xion jaw jacked Draven. Xion missed a charge into the corner. Draven drop kicked Xion off the top rope. Xion hit “The Hostile Makeover” but only got a two count. Xion went to the top rope when Michael “The Bomber” Facade showed up wearing an eye patch. Xion and Facade started arguing. Draven hit the Flux Capacitor off the top rope for the win. Xion attacked Draven while he was celebrating. Facade came out for the save. Draven held back Xion while Facade sprayed him with the hair spray.

Analysis: They did a good job of hyping Draven and Xion’s matches at Wrestlelution. They also didn’t make Xion look too weak since he was distracted before Draven hit his finisher. The match was pretty good but a bit short. Score: +1.

Brian Bender thinks the stuff with Earnie Ballz is getting out of hand. He set up a match between Ballz and his two cronies (Corey Winters & Eric Ryan) and Bender & the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew. He reminded everyone that the Crew killed Team Clash by injuring Ballz and costing them the tag team titles. Bender said he’s going to prove he was the leader of Team Clash. Bender said he’s going to show a young man the path to winning tonight against Sex Appeal.

Analysis: Nice low key approach to a promo. It sets up another undercard match for Wrestlelution. I’m still a bit confused by this story line but they’re moving it in a logical direction by adding the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew to the mix. Score: +1.

They had a Wrestlelution rewind from the first one. It was a tag team ladder match.

Gargano was still pacing outside with “Staff” trying to convince him to calm down. Gregory Iron came out and said he didn’t need to do this right now. Iron said he was sorry that he jumped the gun. Iron said he’s welcome back in the locker room and offered him his hand. Gargano said he’s going to handle things his way. Gargano turned towards the camera and said he knew Cross would hear this (What, you mean the wrestlers can watch their own program? Isn’t that illegal in wrestling?) and said he can’t wait to get his hands on him. Gargano said if Cross meets him face to face by the end of the night, he’ll give Cross his long awaited match at Wrestlelution.

Analysis: Couldn’t have asked for more out of Iron or Gargano. Score: +1.

Benjamin Boone came to the ring with Ben Fruth to take on Corey Winters with Earnie Ballz in tow. Dombrowski noted that Mattson has been suspended by PWO management for personal misconduct after losing the TV title the previous week. Winters charged at Boone who shoulder blocked him down. Boone continued to use his size advantage to beat down Winters. Boone gave Winters a short arm clothesline followed by a splash that only got a two count. Boone missed a charge in the corner. Winters gave Boone a running double knee charge. Ballz told Winters to go to the top rope when Winters had other ideas. Boone caught him coming off the ropes and gave Winters the Bear Trap DDT.

Analysis: Just reinforced the going storylines again. Score: +1.

Krimson said that Hentai had the audacity to challenge him at Wrestlelution. He said Hentai has never face anyone like him. Analysis: A little too short and not sweet at all. Score: 0.

Vic Travgliante went over the prices for tickets to Wrestleltuion and also did an overview of the matches in the PWO Control Center which looked like a Sports Center type studio.

Sex Appeal, Bobby Shields, Nicky Valentino & Bobby Beverly, said that they proved to Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe that they’re the greatest tag team in the PWO. Shields said that they outsmarted Iron & Joe and they don’t deserve another Tag Team Title shot. Beverly said that they’re so dominant that PWO management needed to invent a team for them to take on tonight. He finished by saying they’ll prove they’re great tonight and that they’re where all the money is.

Analysis: Valentino looked like a tool with his dyed blonde hair. The promo didn’t have quite enough swagger in it. The words were right but the tone was off. Score: 0.

Brian Bender & Corey James came to the ring to take on Sex Appeal, who used Bobby Beverly and Bobby Shields in the match. Dombrowski noted that it was a non-title affair. They noted that Sex Appeal has been outsmarting people since they lost Dawn Decadence. Shields posed, Bender slapped him then posed himself. Dombrowski said he did need to apologize to Gargano for jumping to conclusions. Maguire said he did no such thing. Earnie Ballz came out to distract Bender who was taking it to Beverly. Bender tagged in James. Sex Appeal hit some double team moves on James concluding with drop kicks to his knees. Valentino got in some cheap shots while the ref was distracted. They kicked James in the corner. James turned around an Irish whip then ducked under a double clothesline to make the tag to Bender who cleaned house. Bender splashed Shields in the corner. Bender started yapping at Ballz. Shields rolled up Bender for the victory. Bender went after Ballz and they came to blows. Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe came to the ring. Joe said that they wanted a rematch. Sex Appeal told them they had their chance. Joe said that Beverly & Joe may not have been a good tag team but we know who the weak link was and it was Beverly. Iron reminded Beverly that he knocked his teeth down his throat last year at Wrestlelution. Iron suggested that they have a two on two street fight rules match at Wrestlelution. Beverly told them they were on.

Analysis: The match was there. It was a sort of squash that reinforced the losing ways of Bender which makes that match all the more unappealing at Wrestlelution. Joe & Iron did a good job of suckering Sex Appeal into a new match but considering it’s street fight rules, what’s too keep Valentino from causing problems? Score: +1.

Johnny Gargano was walking out of the parking lot when he spotted Cross’ car. Cross came up from behind him and bicycle kicked him onto the hood of the car. Cross said this may not be the first time he went through Gargano’s bag but this time he’s taking what is his, which was the PWO Heavyweight Title. Cross concluded by saying if Gargano wanted it back, he was going to have to earn it.

Analysis: Good close. That’s the way to do short and sweet. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/9. Final Analysis: Lots of set up for Wrestlelution 3. Gargano had a number of segments that were necessary but short so he didn’t overstay his welcome. They spent the right amount of time setting up the undercard tag team matches that will allow all of their wrestlers to fit onto the Wrestlelution card. Maguire sounded funny, less gravely than normal. Just an odd observation that I wasn’t sure where to put.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 26

Guess who I get to see wrestle in Cleveland? Find out who and why after the jump.

Johnny Gargano was coming to the arena again. He tried to talk to people but they all ignored him. Matt Cross (with some killer side burns) was the last guy to stare him down.

Analysis: Established how much everyone thinks Gargano perpetrated the surprise attacks. It’s still a little strange that all of the baby faces are standing there along a wall like drug dealers at a convenience store. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski said that they were officially starting the road to Wrestlelution 3. Johnny Gargano was set to take on Jason Bane in the main event. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross came to the ring for a match against Super Hentai. Dombrowski introduced Aaron Maguire and his security, Mr. Brinks. They exchanged head locks. Maguire pointed out that Cross is less easy going because he hasn’t gotten his title shot yet against Gargano. Cross hit a snap suplex. “M-Dogg” gave Hentai an atomic drop then turned it into a modified bow and arrow. Cross hit a rolling senton but only got a two count. The announcers took up much time convicting Gargano of the sneak attacks without having a shred of evidence other than Cross’ accusations. Hentai got hit with a spring board back elbow. Cross put on a reverse chin lock. Hentai got the knees up when Cross went for a split legged moonsault. Hentai caught Cross with a jumping back elbow. Cross sling shot stomped on Hentai’s back then did a standing moonsault. Super Hentai hit a double running knee in the corner. Hentai was going to the top rope when Krimson came out and distracted him. Cross capitalized with a bicycle kick and shooting star press for the win.

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