PWO – Season 3 – Episode 29

Michael Facade has gotten rid of his eye patch. What is up his gi now for Shima Xion and the Gambinos?

Pedro De Lucca introduced Krimson who came to the ring with a make shift Super Hentai mask in hand. Michael “The Bomber” facade made his return to the ring because of the injury caused by Shima Xion. Krimson charged at Facade and tried to toss Facade out of the ring. Facade skinned the cat and attacked Krimson. Joe Dombrowski noted that Super Hentai helped train Facade so it made sense for him to defend one of his masters. Facade hit a spring board moonsault but barely got a one count. Facade kicked Krimson in the chest but Krimson was unphased. Krimson tossed Facade to the outside and continued the assault out there. Facade dodged a charge. Facade gave him a thrust kick off the guard rail and tossed Krimson back in the ring. Facade came off the top rope and was caught with a head butt to the sternum. Dombrowski said that Shima Xion, who is injured, & the Gambino are set to take on Aeroform, Flip Kendrick & Louis Linden, and Facade. Krimson gave Facade a modified face plant. Facade gave Krimson a heel kick. Facade couldn’t take Krimson down with a flurry of offense. Krimson kicked out of a spring board heel kick. Krimson spit in Facade’s eyes and hit the Witche’s Wheel. Krimson grabbed the Hentai mask and a chair. Krimson set up the chair and clothes lined Facade face first into it.

Analysis: Good match in which both men delivered. They protected the baby face because he was coming back from injury and the heel had to cheat to get the victory. The aftermath was just as well done. Score: +1.

Shima Xion asked Facade if he knows what he’s done. He whined about being blind. Xion said he can’t compete at Wrestlelution. If Facade thinks things are done, he’s mistaken. Xion said that he’s going to withdraw some money and make a great investment. He said his mystery replacement will take Facade & Aeroform out of PWO.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 28


Pro Wrestling Ohio is setting the table for Wrestlelution 3. Please groan after that one.

Johnny Gargano was yelling at some random people telling them it needed to happen tonight. He wanted Matt Cross because of what he’s done to his name the last six months. Cross drove up and stopped (Why?) and Gargano pounded on his car and told him to get out. Cross drove away.

Analysis: It would have been a bit better if the people were identifiable such as friends of Gargano’s in the locker room. The whole piece was a little too set up since the parking area looked so empty and there was no arena, ring or production trucks in the background to make it seem like they were near the venue. It got across Gargano’s rage though. Score: 0.

Shima Xion took on “Omega” Aaron Draven in the opening contest. Joe Dombrowski informed us that since “Amazing” N8 Mattson can’t get a rematch with Draven, “The Big Bear” Benjamin Boone will be taking on Draven at Wrestlelution 3 for the TV Title. Aaron Maguire said that Draven is going to fake an injury to get out of the match just like he has in the past. They started with a nice exchange of moves. Draven took over with some arm drags and arm bar.  Maguire complimented Matt Cross on his creativity in getting to Gargano. Xion got in some basic offense. and posing. Xion turned Draven inside out with a clothesline when Draven was going for a 619. Xion went for a belly to back suplex but Draven flipped out of it and executed a rocker dropper. Draven got a two count after a top rope cross body. Xion jaw jacked Draven. Xion missed a charge into the corner. Draven drop kicked Xion off the top rope. Xion hit “The Hostile Makeover” but only got a two count. Xion went to the top rope when Michael “The Bomber” Facade showed up wearing an eye patch. Xion and Facade started arguing. Draven hit the Flux Capacitor off the top rope for the win. Xion attacked Draven while he was celebrating. Facade came out for the save. Draven held back Xion while Facade sprayed him with the hair spray.

Analysis: They did a good job of hyping Draven and Xion’s matches at Wrestlelution. They also didn’t make Xion look too weak since he was distracted before Draven hit his finisher. The match was pretty good but a bit short. Score: +1.

Brian Bender thinks the stuff with Earnie Ballz is getting out of hand. He set up a match between Ballz and his two cronies (Corey Winters & Eric Ryan) and Bender & the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew. He reminded everyone that the Crew killed Team Clash by injuring Ballz and costing them the tag team titles. Bender said he’s going to prove he was the leader of Team Clash. Bender said he’s going to show a young man the path to winning tonight against Sex Appeal.

Analysis: Nice low key approach to a promo. It sets up another undercard match for Wrestlelution. I’m still a bit confused by this story line but they’re moving it in a logical direction by adding the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew to the mix. Score: +1.

They had a Wrestlelution rewind from the first one. It was a tag team ladder match.

Gargano was still pacing outside with “Staff” trying to convince him to calm down. Gregory Iron came out and said he didn’t need to do this right now. Iron said he was sorry that he jumped the gun. Iron said he’s welcome back in the locker room and offered him his hand. Gargano said he’s going to handle things his way. Gargano turned towards the camera and said he knew Cross would hear this (What, you mean the wrestlers can watch their own program? Isn’t that illegal in wrestling?) and said he can’t wait to get his hands on him. Gargano said if Cross meets him face to face by the end of the night, he’ll give Cross his long awaited match at Wrestlelution.

Analysis: Couldn’t have asked for more out of Iron or Gargano. Score: +1.

Benjamin Boone came to the ring with Ben Fruth to take on Corey Winters with Earnie Ballz in tow. Dombrowski noted that Mattson has been suspended by PWO management for personal misconduct after losing the TV title the previous week. Winters charged at Boone who shoulder blocked him down. Boone continued to use his size advantage to beat down Winters. Boone gave Winters a short arm clothesline followed by a splash that only got a two count. Boone missed a charge in the corner. Winters gave Boone a running double knee charge. Ballz told Winters to go to the top rope when Winters had other ideas. Boone caught him coming off the ropes and gave Winters the Bear Trap DDT.

Analysis: Just reinforced the going storylines again. Score: +1.

Krimson said that Hentai had the audacity to challenge him at Wrestlelution. He said Hentai has never face anyone like him. Analysis: A little too short and not sweet at all. Score: 0.

Vic Travgliante went over the prices for tickets to Wrestleltuion and also did an overview of the matches in the PWO Control Center which looked like a Sports Center type studio.

Sex Appeal, Bobby Shields, Nicky Valentino & Bobby Beverly, said that they proved to Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe that they’re the greatest tag team in the PWO. Shields said that they outsmarted Iron & Joe and they don’t deserve another Tag Team Title shot. Beverly said that they’re so dominant that PWO management needed to invent a team for them to take on tonight. He finished by saying they’ll prove they’re great tonight and that they’re where all the money is.

Analysis: Valentino looked like a tool with his dyed blonde hair. The promo didn’t have quite enough swagger in it. The words were right but the tone was off. Score: 0.

Brian Bender & Corey James came to the ring to take on Sex Appeal, who used Bobby Beverly and Bobby Shields in the match. Dombrowski noted that it was a non-title affair. They noted that Sex Appeal has been outsmarting people since they lost Dawn Decadence. Shields posed, Bender slapped him then posed himself. Dombrowski said he did need to apologize to Gargano for jumping to conclusions. Maguire said he did no such thing. Earnie Ballz came out to distract Bender who was taking it to Beverly. Bender tagged in James. Sex Appeal hit some double team moves on James concluding with drop kicks to his knees. Valentino got in some cheap shots while the ref was distracted. They kicked James in the corner. James turned around an Irish whip then ducked under a double clothesline to make the tag to Bender who cleaned house. Bender splashed Shields in the corner. Bender started yapping at Ballz. Shields rolled up Bender for the victory. Bender went after Ballz and they came to blows. Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe came to the ring. Joe said that they wanted a rematch. Sex Appeal told them they had their chance. Joe said that Beverly & Joe may not have been a good tag team but we know who the weak link was and it was Beverly. Iron reminded Beverly that he knocked his teeth down his throat last year at Wrestlelution. Iron suggested that they have a two on two street fight rules match at Wrestlelution. Beverly told them they were on.

Analysis: The match was there. It was a sort of squash that reinforced the losing ways of Bender which makes that match all the more unappealing at Wrestlelution. Joe & Iron did a good job of suckering Sex Appeal into a new match but considering it’s street fight rules, what’s too keep Valentino from causing problems? Score: +1.

Johnny Gargano was walking out of the parking lot when he spotted Cross’ car. Cross came up from behind him and bicycle kicked him onto the hood of the car. Cross said this may not be the first time he went through Gargano’s bag but this time he’s taking what is his, which was the PWO Heavyweight Title. Cross concluded by saying if Gargano wanted it back, he was going to have to earn it.

Analysis: Good close. That’s the way to do short and sweet. Score: +1.

Final Score: 6/9. Final Analysis: Lots of set up for Wrestlelution 3. Gargano had a number of segments that were necessary but short so he didn’t overstay his welcome. They spent the right amount of time setting up the undercard tag team matches that will allow all of their wrestlers to fit onto the Wrestlelution card. Maguire sounded funny, less gravely than normal. Just an odd observation that I wasn’t sure where to put.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 26

Guess who I get to see wrestle in Cleveland? Find out who and why after the jump.

Johnny Gargano was coming to the arena again. He tried to talk to people but they all ignored him. Matt Cross (with some killer side burns) was the last guy to stare him down.

Analysis: Established how much everyone thinks Gargano perpetrated the surprise attacks. It’s still a little strange that all of the baby faces are standing there along a wall like drug dealers at a convenience store. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski said that they were officially starting the road to Wrestlelution 3. Johnny Gargano was set to take on Jason Bane in the main event. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross came to the ring for a match against Super Hentai. Dombrowski introduced Aaron Maguire and his security, Mr. Brinks. They exchanged head locks. Maguire pointed out that Cross is less easy going because he hasn’t gotten his title shot yet against Gargano. Cross hit a snap suplex. “M-Dogg” gave Hentai an atomic drop then turned it into a modified bow and arrow. Cross hit a rolling senton but only got a two count. The announcers took up much time convicting Gargano of the sneak attacks without having a shred of evidence other than Cross’ accusations. Hentai got hit with a spring board back elbow. Cross put on a reverse chin lock. Hentai got the knees up when Cross went for a split legged moonsault. Hentai caught Cross with a jumping back elbow. Cross sling shot stomped on Hentai’s back then did a standing moonsault. Super Hentai hit a double running knee in the corner. Hentai was going to the top rope when Krimson came out and distracted him. Cross capitalized with a bicycle kick and shooting star press for the win.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 21

Did PWO 21 get a better review than 20? find out after the jump!

They recapped the match between N8 Mattson and Jason Bane from last week. 
“Amazing” N8 Mattson came to the ring with Ben Fruth & Benjamin Boone for his TV Title defense scheduled against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. The announcers mentioned the matches for Boone & Fruth later tonight. Dombrowski said that Matthew Justice had been suspended and “Omega” Aaron Draven was injured. Dombrowski said that Gregory Iron was still injured after his mystery attacker struck. He is supposed to rest for another couple of weeks. The filled time during a very slow start to the match. Facade locked in an arm bar. Facade got a two count after a standing moonsault. Mattson hit a jaw jacker to change the momentum.  Fruth & Boone entered the ring and grabbed Facade. the referee kicked Fruth & Boone from ring side. A sunset flip for Facade garnered a two count. Facade hit a spring-board drop kick. Mattson caught Facade going for a spring-board to the outside.  Mattson beat him around the ringside area. Mattson tried to get a couple of cheap pins that the referee noticed.  Mattson missed a corner splash. Facade recovered first and got the upper hand with punches.  Facade got a two count after a spinning heel kick.  Facade hit a nice looking fisherman’s suplex. Shima Xion came down to ringside which distracted Facade enough to miss a top rope moonsault. Mattson hit the “Big Blue Buster” aka Code Breaker for the victory.
Analysis: They did a good job with the match, filling in story lines because the announcers had mentioned Shima Xion early in the contest. Mattson gets the victory to keep “Michigan” rolling and Facade looks dopey but doesn’t look terrible for losing. Score: +2.
Joe Dombrowski yelled that they needed a camera in the back. Nicky Valentino woke up Bobby Shields. Shields said he was hit from behind so he didn’t see a thing. Analysis: He’s the only one so far to survive unscathed relatively. Score: +1.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 20

Who could form the Karate Kontingent? I'm cool. I spelled contingent with a K.

Doctor Monstrous warned the evil doers of Pro Wrestling Ohio to beware because she debuts soon.  Joe Dombrowski then asked for Portia to come to a photo shot. Doctor Monstrous mumbled that she wasn’t Portia. Analysis: This was the same segment as last week except they changed the time of when she’s debuting. What crap. Score: -1.
N8 Mattson came to the ring with Benjamin Boone & Ben Fruth for a match in the semifinals of the number one contendership. Mattson told the crowd that Ben was officially a member of The Sons of Michigan. Mattson made him take off his “Where is Mike Tolar?” shirt for a Michigan shirt.  Jason Bane was Mattson’s opponent. Maguire announced that he was raising the bounty on Jason Bane to $50,000.  Bane used his size advantage to knock Mattson out of the ring a couple of times. Dombrowski mentioned that the Sons of Michigan hope to be the finalists for the contendership. Bane chopped Mattson hard. Bane hit some basic offense including a side suplex. Mattson turned it around with a poke to the eyes.  Mattson got blocked and reversed on a suplex. Bane took a swing at Boone on the apron which lead to him being cop blocked. Mattson began working over the leg with elbows and punches. Dombrowski said they have an interview with Johnny Gargano asking him about his possible role in the ambush attacks.  Mattson was still working over Bane’s leg. Boone interfered while the referee was distracted by Mattson. A figure four was applied by Mattson. Bane reversed it by pushing off the mat.  Bane gave Mattson some heavy shots.  The official got hit when Bane went for the F5.  Bane spine bustered Mattson. Boone jumped on the ring apron and got punched.  Bane went for the “Baneline” but was hit in the back with the TV Title by Boone. Mattson hit the Code Breaker for the victory. He slid out of the ring exhausted and beat up. Maguire and his bodyguard Mr Brinks went down to ringside to taunt Bane when the camera abruptly cut back stage.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 19

We know where it happened in PWO, but we don't know who. By the way, how do I not have this DVD?


Joe Dombrowski hyped the six man tag team main event between Johnny Gargano, Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe against Sex Appeal. Gargano joined Dombrowski for commentary.
Benjamin Boone was accompanied by N8 Mattson to the ring for his match in the #1 Contendership Tournament for the PWO Heavyweight Title.  Michael “The Bomber” Facade was Boone’s opponent. Gargano complimented both potential opponents for his title.  Facade caught Boone with a drop kick off the top rope as he came into the ring. Boone mismanaged a moonsault but eventually muscled Facade up for a power slam. Gargano said that Boone wrestles like a bear by mauling and staying on top of you. Boone delay suplexed Facade but only got a two count of it. Boone threw facade outside the ring, distracted the ref and allowed Mattson to get in a couple of cheap shots before tossing Facade back into the ring. Boone applied the bear claw to Facade but he came back at the two and a half count. Facade used his speed to duck around Boone’s offense and to quickly strike.  Facade hit a good looking spring board spinning wheel kick.  Facade went up for a top rope moonsault but Mattson hit him with the TV Title. The referee counted Facade out.
Analysis: Perfect ending to the match since Facade will be taking on Mattson for the TV Title soon. Well wrestled match to that point. I was laughing at Facade having problems getting his gi off for a Jeff Hardy like girl scream moment. Gargano got a phone call about half way through the match and left Dombrowski flying solo. Dombrowski asked him what it was for but Gargano didn’t explain. Score: +1.
Doctor Monstrous said that she will be making her debut soon. She told all evil doers to be aware because she’s coming for them. Someone off screen called for Portia to come to her photo shoot. Doctor Monstrous shook her head and said she’s not Portia.
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