Marty Jannetty is the modern day Robin Hood


So apparently this story is from Rob Feinstein, and was snagged by yours truly from some message board of some description:

Saturday was a really busy day for us. We had all of our guests and I was running around doing stuff in other places. I got to meet Hulk Hogan and he was great with all the fans too. I don’t know how I got thru the day with a hour of sleep but all I could think was that it would all be over soon. I saw so many people that I have not seen in years like Brian Lee and countless others. After the convention was over I headed for dinner while our amazing staff was set up at the other wrestling shows that night. Now this is when things get interesting.

So anyhow around 11 PM we decided to break down our table after the Dragon Gate show was about to end. We were taking all of our merchandise out of where the shows were going on and we were able to access the main vending area as it was only split by curtains. It was basically pitch black because the lights were turned off due to the wrestling show going on in the same room. Keep in mind this was a HUGE sized convention center.

As my staff of about 4 people that day entered the merchandise side of the show we were going to our space. At that time we all saw Marty Jannety acting really strange. He kept walking in circles and acting like he was on the phone. He had no business at all being in there at this time what so ever. He was not a vendor nor did he have to do anything at that time of night. We watched him some more from our table and we knew something was wrong. He kept on watching us from around the corner and was watching us to see if we were watching him. I knew something did not add up. At that point I decided not to leave our merchandise in that room. It did not feel safe at all. I quickly called the main promoter of the event and told him what I thought was going on.

We ended up loading all of our stuff into our van and saw with my own eyes Marty going to tables and taking peoples merchandise and putting them into plastic bags. At that time the promoter of the event came into the area and asked him what he was doing. He claimed he knew these guys and there were all his friends. His bags were than searched and he had merchandise from various people and tables. He was told he had to put everything back or they were going to call the police. He was then escorted out of the area and security was called in as they were at another end of the venue. I found it to be a really sad situation that he has to do this stuff and also ask fans for money to help fix his “ankle”. When you have to steal hard working vendors merchandise to later sell at indy shows is just a really sad situation. I know a few people who told me on Sunday they were also missing items as well. I am not trying to bury the guy or anything but just putting it out there. I also got a call today from another promoter who also saw him taking stuff off tables as well during the actual show.


Slow News Day Video: Marty Jannety vs Balls Mahoney

So there really is nothing going on today so far. In the effort to keep our fans entertained we have decided to provide you with some video entertainment. Well, not really entertaining, I mean it is but it is also pretty sad.  Well, I guess it isn’t sad if you enjoy watching two way past their prime, alright I know it is Balls but go with it, wrestlers performing in front of a captive audience. No really the doors were locked. They had to be. After all who in their right mind wants to pay to see this garbage?

Ok, let’s start over. Marty Jannety hits Balls Mahoney over the head with a chair. Balls then proceeds to win the match. After all this he then throws up. It isn’t very pretty but it is worth two minutes of your life. I guess. Unless you overestimate just how important your time is and if you read this and watched this video you proved it isn’t worth much. -Jeremy

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