#PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 13

Jeremy Madrox is set to wrestle Johnny Gargano in the opening bout. The offense was split between the two early. The big news was Marion Fontaine taking off a few weeks. Gargano went for a dive outside but had to chase Madrox who had moved around the corner. Madrox caught Gargano with a knee to the head when he tried to sling shot back in. Madrox worked over Gargano’s back. Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire talked more about the new referee than the WWE has talked about their referees all year. Gargano caught Madrox charging in with a boot. Gargano nailed the Elijah Express (Anybody remember that name?) Gargano caught a resting Madrox with a suicide dive. Gargano got the sling shot spear the second attempt. Madrox came back with a running elbow in the corner. Gargano reverses an Irish Whip and turns it into Uniquely You. Marti Belle distracts the ref. Matthew Justice distracts Gargano. Madrox rolls up Gargano with a handful of tights. Dombrowski questions where Gargano will go from here.

Analysis: The end of the match is really irritating me after a very well wrestled match. I haven’t seen much of Madrox in the ring but he held up his end of the bargain against Gargano. I understand the double distraction technique but it makes no sense seconds after taking a finisher. I get that he cheated to win, which heels should do, but his recovery was miraculous. Then Dombrowski questioning what Gargano does next? How did the baby face announcer not go the indignant route for how the bad guy had to cheat to win? Then you can say Gargano will get them another day. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante was being interviewed by Michael Cash. (Welcome back? Nice guy when I met him after Wrestlelution 2.) Vic has plans for Gargano so that’s why he’s not firing him. Cash questioned Vic about his call with Rhino. Analysis: He made up with Gargano the last we saw. You can play the mercenary card but these are basically the same guys that burned him last year, if he sides with Megalomaniacs. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly has never felt better in his career. He feels he’s close to getting back in the title picture but there are too many groups in Prime Wrestling. He helped Gargano so that he can serve notice to Prime about his goal. Analysis: I’m not sure how helping Gargano serves that notice but that’s the best he’s done on the mic since he tried the country boy gimmick at the end of last year. Score: +1.

Gory was set to take on Mr. RBI Isaiah Bonds. He brought Gory back into the ring with a sling shot. RBI was all over Gory early. Gory turned it around with a trick knee. Gory tried to wear down Bonds. RBI turned a cross body into a power slam. RBI elbowed Gory a la Dusty Rhodes. Gory knocked Gory off the top rope. Gory double stomps RBI for the win. Analysis: Solid stuff. The power slam was a little rough in the transition area but otherwise good. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino needs a contract with the Megalomaniacs. Vic tells him what he has in his stable already. Valentino babbles and then tells Vic he will impress him. Analysis: Is there a clause in his current contract that says “No character development ever.”? He does goofy pet raccoon fine. Score: 0.

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Pro Wrestling Ohio – Season 3 – Episode 1

Stunt Granny missed reviewing Pro Wrestling Ohio.

I wanted to review the matches from Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age but between a malfunctioning DVR and a terrible cable signal, I missed all of the recording of Wrestlelution so no reviews until I have the money to buy the DVD.

Joe Dombrowski and Agent Aaron Maguire introduced the season. Maguire bought the time from Michael Cash to do the announcing. N8 Mattson came to the ring accompanied by Benjamin Boone. The “Megastar” Marion Fontaine was his opponent. The announcers did a good ob previewing the card for the show. The match started slowly until Boone tried to interfere. Fontaine dove onto him from the top rope for his trouble.  Mattson did take control of the match. Mattson applied a rest hold a couple of times to wear down Fontaine. The “Megastar” turned thingsaround with a pair of knees and a Lou Thesz press. Fontaine hit a Lionsault but Boone distracted the ref to prevent a count. ontaine went after oone which allowed attson to hitCe Breaker or the winner.

Analysis: Not exactly a barn burner of a match to start the season on.The match was solid with nothing standing out though.

They showed a backstage segment from Wrestlelution 2 in which Mattson and Boone attacked Viurs. They left him battered in the backstage area.

“The Suburban Terrorist”  Facade talked about being an aerial assasin. He talked about using PWO as a spring board for his career. He’s going to show off his moves.

Analysis: His mic skills are limited. They gave him a shade too much time because he lost steam at the end. He had a rhyming scheme to his promo.

Portia Perez took on Hailey Hatred in a Wrestlelution 2 rematch. Hatred stared a “USA” chant sinc Poria is from Canda. They started with some early quick exchanges. The match finally picked up two mintues into the action. Hailey took control until a drop toe hold into the turn buckle. Perez went to work on the left shoulder . Portia hit a niceoverhead key lock into a shoulder drop.  Hatred made a comeback with a pair of high kicks and a ilt-a-whirl side slam. Hatred turned an electric chair into a bridging pin but only got a two count.Hatred hit her finisher, the fisherman’s buster, for the three count.

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