Leprechaun: Origins Trailer

Move over Warwick Davis, you have been replaced. WWE is dipping their toes in the horror genre again with a reboot of the “Leprechaun” franchise.  Judging by the trailer the movie is your standard kids in the woods style elimination horror trope and that is fine. Stick with the basics and you can create a scary film. The Leprechaun franchise still has legs even if it has been on the shelf for some years. It grew its cult following by making films with an increasing goofy sense of humor on miniscule budgets.

This trailer though seems to be taking a much more serious approach and it can work.  The recent Evil Dead remake took that approach and did just fine in theatres. As long as WWE and Lionsgate used the key elements of horror films this will sell well. It is a smart move by WWE and Lionsgate as a horror franchise on a low budget can rake in the cash. It is curious why WWE or Lionsgate didn’t try launching this in theatres to see how it goes. The public will have no idea that the new Leprechaun is played by actual professional wrestler Hornswoggle. The stigma of this being another WWE movie can be avoided by burying the WWE logo. Sure this is not going to happen but by toning down WWE’s actual involvement in the movie will allow people to have a more open mind.  Yes, the WWE logo immediately turns people off. Pay attention in a crowded theatre when the logo flashes across a trailer and you will hear people groan or sigh.

The trailer for “Leprechaun: Origins” does do one thing that is both smart and astute. You never see the Leprechaun. His image is the make or break point of this franchise rebirth. If he looks ridiculous then it is over before the trailer finishes its ninety second running time. There will be the obvious comparisons with the original Leprechaun creation. It isn’t fair but look at the way Godzilla was treated in 1998. The image of whatever that thing was killed off all interest in the film. Rob Zombie was smart in the Halloween remake creating a “shape” that was close to the original mask.

WWE has a good chance here to make some serious money if this is even watchable. It cannot be any worse than any other low budget horror flick that plays on Chiller at any given time.  So here’s looking ahead to August 26 when this is available for legitimate viewing. Unless someone has a bootleg or something they want to share. -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Audio #234

bloodonthebeach-danielleharris-halloween4Jeremy and Kevin start off this Halloween edition of the Stunt Granny Audio by talking about the three worst horror movies that they wouldn’t change channel if it was on. The key to this list is the re-watchable part as many movies from MST3K fame like Monster A Go Go or Manos: The Hands of Fate are scratched off the list because they are change the channel worthy. Jeremy starts off with a film that has two different versions. Which one is still watchable, the original or re-make? Kevin starts off with a movie starring Jennifer Aniston. Or does he have this franchise mixed up? Jeremy starts talking about ghosts next. Kevin counters with a movie that he watches because of the sound track. Jeremy’s final movie is hard to find in quality form. But what form made him watch this over and over again? Kevin finishes it with a controversial pick. Kevin watches this movie for much the same reasons that Jeremy watched his third movie. They finally get into talk about wrestling by addressing the rumors that TNA is on the block. Why exactly would you buy, by most estimations, a company that is losing money? Would Vince McMahon low ball the company for their video library if it were to go under? What key element to Jeremy & Kevin pound into the ground? Kevin drags out a longer show by going crazy on Daniel Bryan’s beard. Which leads them to talk about what the WWE could do to improve. Has the ship sailed on Jeremy & Kevin attending WrestleMania or is the draw of New Orleans enough to talk them into it? Find out the answer to that and more when you click on the link below.

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Smackdown

There are no posts on this barn, much like our site.

One of the reason I have started doing more reviews is because sometimes we run into the problem of not having enough stories every week. We try to pattern our site partially off of What Would Tyler Durden Do? you need news in the headlines to be able to goof on wrestlers bad decisions. We end up without posts and no idea what to put into the Big 11 when the news cycle is silent. I mean, Jeremy had to post about Jimmy Uso driving tanked out of his mind. That’s kind of desperate. So here I am. Ready to do a Smackdown review so we get another post up. Let’s roll.

Booker T gets Jim Ross’s job and introduces Mark Henry for an interview. Henry going to surly is awesome. He turned both interviewer’s words against them. The close up shots of Henry are great. Look at that the size of that boy’s heed! Well that’s a huge noggin. That’s a virtual planetoid! Henry killing it right now. The Great Khali gets to officially lose on Smackdown. Having Khali get in some offense will only help Henry’s credibility when he wins. No one has taken a beating like this from Khali. Mike Chioda back from his 30 day suspension. Nice seeing you Mike.

Mahal gets to yell at Khali is being carted to the hospital. I FF thru the announcer babble then the ring introductions. Evan Bourne takes on Jack Swagger. I just yawned as Cole started talking about the law suit. Booker brings us back into the match. Ziggler interferes but it doesn’t help. Vickie’s interference does work. Swagger clamps on the Ankle Lock for the victory. More from the announcers so that they can explain the Sin Cara situation. I should yawn now too. Sin Cara squared is booked for HIAC.

The Mistico variety of Sin Cara wrestles everyone’s favorite hill billy, Heath Slater. Wow, Slater is a bigger jobber than I thought. Since Sin Cara did most of his promo in Spanish, he called out Mistico but no one really paid attention and the announcers didn’t stress it well enough. Cole acting confused threw it off. No reason for that. Help the fans.

Video package time then a round table of sue happy people. Johnny Wooden Teeth gets to bore us. Then David Otunga. He tells them to calm down after they barely agree to Monday. What garbage.

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