Stunt Granny Audio #228

The type of young athlete TNA needs to be pushing.

The type of young athlete TNA needs to be pushing.

There’s a whole heap of things to talk about this week, and Kevin and Dusty are the only people adequately prepared to do so! And boy do they ever, starting off with some Monday Night Raw discussion. Dusty is sick of having McMahon family reunions on his television screen. Kevin is confused by the whole thing and wonders if they really think they’re knocking it out of the park with these segments. Dusty is also sick of Michael Cole on commentary, and Jerry Lawler as well, but has no idea how to fix that problem. Is there anyone from another wrestling company worth bringing in? Should WWE look outside the wrestling business?

Then they turn their attention to the mess that is TNA. How long can a company be going out of business before actually going out of business? Do they realize how bad they look by getting rid of so many people and then teasing a surprise appearance for the next show? Did a throwaway reality show really beat their show in the ratings? Did Dixie Carter really call Taeler Hendrix fat? Does she prefer that Angelina Love 35 pounds look? Does she realize Mickie James isn’t exactly a size zero right now herself? Also, the Main Event Mafia is a stale idea that means nothing to anyone, it’s really hard to feel bad for Samoa Joe, James Storm should be in WWE, and a whole lot more! We don’t think you’re too heavy to listen to it, so go for it!

Mike Adamle Likes Alcohol

Jamaican me crazy! Crazy for more alcohol!

According to the Torch, Mike Adamle was recently arrested for DUI. I think it’s absolutely stunning. I honestly can’t believe it. I am just amazed.

I mean, of course, I can’t remember the last time the Torch broke any sort of news whatsoever. – Dusty

One Diverse Talent



Sure this is a couple of days old but it is still worth mentioning. F4Wonline is reporting that Mike Adamle of all people is preparing himself for a debut in the ring. He is preparing for his debut by working out with a personal trainer. Apparently he has to get himself in to greater than decent shape to wrestle a match.

He craves to be in top physical form to prevent embarrassing himself. OK, I made that last part up. He is just now showing signs of mediocrity as the GM of Raw and most of that is due to the fact hey keep him off TV.  How could he embarrass himself any more than he has since his debut? Maybe they could dress him in a size 4/5 cowboy outfit and have him fling mash potatoes at Make-A-Wish kids?

In an exclusive we have obtained a small blurb from Mr. Adamle.

“I would like top thanks all of my fans out there and in keeping with such a monumentous plan of events, I will earn your respect. I will overcome your poor view of my inane abilities and poor preparations. When I climb in the octagon you will know I mean business is good and that no one will keep Mike……Adamle down.”

Yep, it sounds just like him. -Jeremy

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