WWE Smackdown to move to SyFy, so it’ll still be on TV, so stop whining

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Calm down, bucky, Smackdown will still be on the air.

According to the LATimesBlogs.com site (by way of Prowrestling.net), SyFy has bought the rights to air WWE Smackdown and will begin airing the program in October. SyFy (which is owned by NBC Universal, parent company of USA, which airs Monday Night Raw, and NBC, which occasionally airs WWE specials like the Tribute to the Troops and Saturday Night’s Main Event) is reportedly coughing up $30 million for the rights to Smackdown (which will remain on Friday nights). So for those of you armchair watchdogs who fear for WWE when they don’t have a network television presence, stop it, because a) WWE is a business and it just sealed a $30 million deal, and b) its network options were limited and they landed on a cable network that has about as much penetration as MyNetworkTV (yuck). And anyway, c) cable television is way better than network television. Smackdown could have gotten the Jay-Leno-death-knell 10 p.m. ET timeslot, been a terrible lead-in for the 11 o’clock news and then been canceled altogether. Instead, it’s on the same network as “Battlestar Galactica,” one of this past decade’s most revered and touted cable shows (and “Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, the greatest megalodon flick since Godzilla vs. Mothra”). So consider us lucky.

(And according to this Dot Net link, the move spells the end for WWE NXT come the new fall season, which is too bad, since NXT was the most interesting program WWE had created in a while. But it at least forces WWE’s hand and gives them a deadline to figure out how to finish the NXT season. Shit, I’m still wondering who raised the briefcase on Steve Austin at King of the Ring 1999, so some finality here would be nice!) -Eric

WWE Finds Replacement For myNetworkTV

These are supposed to be WWE superstars or so it said.

These are supposed to be WWE superstars or so it said.

Our old friends at PWTorch.com had a breaking news story about WWE and WGN striking a deal to broadcast a new show starting in 2009 a few days ago. Why are we just now getting to it? Well, we are all insanely busy and popular and don’t have to answer questions like tat so, screw.

WWE, who is still on a nostalgia kick, has named the show “Superstars” in the thin attempt to market their lackluster roster as such. Let’s be honest though; this new show is nothing more than tryout period for WWE on WGN. If it goes well they will pull Smackdown in a heart beat as their current network sinks faster than a Russian sub in the Barents Sea.

The move to myNetwork TV was such a bad idea that the fledgling network’s only highly rated show is Smackdown. It has no other marketable shows and no sports coverage to speak of. It gets no penetration in some major markets and when it does no one knows where to find it. It was a ridiculously bad move to change a highly rated program on a failing network for another network with a horrible name but then it is WWE and their decision making over the last, oh, four years has been suspect.

Seriously, they moved to a network that plays a C.O.P.S. rip-off and glorifies “movie of the week” broadcasts. This wouldn’t be so bad if the movie of the week was an actual Hollywood movie and not a piece of shit made on a camcorder with the locals and then digitally enhanced to make it look real like it was filmed on film.  Trust me,I would know. -Jeremy

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