#SippyTimeBeer Review – Calfkiller, Turtle Anarchy & Yazoo

Calfkiller Turtle Anarchy Yazoo

After we had gone to the Belle Meade Plantation and Hog Heaven, we hit a nice beer refuge called the Flying Saucer. They have quite a few locations around the country, most of which are in the south. If you get the chance to check one out, do it. The soft pretzels were fantastic. If one is really close, you can get into the U.F.O. Club which gets you a fancy gold plate on the ceiling and or walls for drinking 200 beers and dropping $18. I would gladly take that deal if the closest location weren’t Nashville.

Calfkiller Brewing CompanyBrown Recluse – I used to walk into record stores and purchase random CDs because of their names. I do the same thing now, except with beers. I was looking for a new beer company to try and even though Calfkiller’s tap said seasonal, I was all in. The flavor ended up being named after a spider which is native to the area. They are based out of Sparta KY which was another change. All of these changes paid off in taste. It was a tasty brown ale that reminded me of something like Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale. There was hope for beer from Tennessee after all.

Turtle Anarchy Brewing CompanyPortly Stout – Most stouts will make you feel portly after you drink them and this one is no different. It had a heavy coffee taste to it which doesn’t bother me even though I don’t drink coffee. It had a good rich taste though and went well with the pretzel as seen in the picture. It cooled off the spicy mustard dip. This company is out of Franklin TN so…

Yazoo Brewing CompanyHefeweizen – …I went back to beers brewed in Nashville. As I said in the first part, you need to try a company’s whole body before you can judge it. This beer had no fancy name to attached to it after a couple of creative names. Just like the name, there didn’t seem to be anything fancy about this beer which was great. It was a good crisp and just spiced enough hefeweizen that went down very quickly after two thicker beers.

I didn’t get a chance to sample more varieties from Yazoo but I will try to the next time I’m down a little further south. Two beers is far too small a sample size from a company that has eight beers amongst which is another amber ale. I’d be more than happy to try more beers from the other companies too. I like to drink local so remember, when you buy a growler from a local beer company, everyone wins. -Kevin

#SippyTimeBeer Review – Jackalope, Hap & Harry, & Yazoo

Jackalope Hap Harry Yazoo

In Nashville, I had six beers unless you count the swill I got for free at the manager’s reception at the hotel. Like normal, I will do the reviews in batches of three. All of these three beers happen to be brewed in Nashville.

Jackalope Brewing CompanyRompo Amber Ale – We needed some food and wanted it to be local so we hit the downtown area. Nothing will get me to go in easier than when you call yourself  Broadway Brewhouse & Mojo. It’s got to be good because it’s local, right? If you’re into average bar food, go for it. If you’re just looking for a good beer selection though, it delivered. I knew coming into the trip I’d try only beers brewed in Tennessee or other beers I couldn’t get in Ohio. I love amber ales so that why I started with the Rompo Amber Ale. It was not a wise choice. The flavor profile was flat. It had the normal amber characteristics but nothing stuck out.

Hap & Harry’sLynchburg Lager – We moved on to Honky Tonk Central after finishing our food. I decided to switch companies even though another Jackalope was available. Never rate a company by one beer. If that were the case, I would have stopped trying Great Lakes after they came out with Grassroots Ale several years ago. It tasted like drinking dirt. Needless to say, that flavor didn’t survive to see a second year of brewing. I was hoping for a better flavor though and the Lynchburg Lager didn’t do the trick. It was the best of the three on Friday night but that isn’t saying much. It was an average beer.

Yazoo Brewing CompanyDos Perros Amber Ale – We debated going to the Yazoo Brewery but by the time we looked into it, the tours for Saturday were already sold out. I had heard of this company through a new friend who lived in Tennessee until recently. I figured that another amber ale was in order to wash out the bland taste from earlier. I found another beer that was similarly flat.

Friday was not a good night for beer. Tennessee was not looking like a beer haven. It’s good that things are always darkest before the dawn. Part II will be coming soon. Maybe we should have taken the Pedal Tavern because working for my beer would have made me appreciate average a little bit more. -Kevin

CM Punk & John Cena’s Photo Journal From #Nashville Part I


My girlfriend’s mother decided to buy me WWE Rumblers for Christmas. I had been meaning to more with them before now. They were happy about their trip to Nashville. I posted these pictures over on our Facebook page but I’m never sure who sees that so I will re-post them here for your enjoyment. I’ll be doing two posts for Friday night and Saturday. Let’s see what they did Friday with some extra notes from the trip.


I’m trapped in a glass case of emotion.

John was really only trapped in a plastic cup of emotion at the manager’s reception at our hotel. Thanks to Ron Burgundy for the inspiration.

John Cena Porn Star

Rawr what now? Bring in the porn stars.

Jeremy’s contribution to the photo journal is above. He inspired me to let the porn jokes come to me. Get it? Wokka wokka.


I get porn stars to do this, allegedly.

I found this box in the Honky Tonk Central. We went in there because my lady was pretty sure it’s the bar that Heath Slater filmed a segment in when the WWE was actually in Nashville. Fun three level bar with a band playing on each one.


CM Punk has seen some hot pink in his day, if you know what I mean.

Jeremy is a fantastic hand model. After enjoying all three floors including the views off of the balconies on the third floor, we moved onto another bar. Sometimes jokes are too easy to pass up. Which is when you Photogrid John Cena on flanking beavers at the Wild Beaver Saloon.

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Scott Steiner was active on Twitter today

Twitter Champion

I know everyone is abuzz with the TNA Hall Of Fame story, which just may be the most significant story in the history of the planet, but you gotta check this out. Here is a compilation of Scott Steiner’s Tweets from today:

After brooke hogan tweeted that she could make more money on her back than i did in my wrestling career

Which i accepted and i will get into later,a high ranking official from TNA (who i respect)called me and

Without going into the whole conversation he ask me to stop tweeting and since im trying to

Save TNA from the same fate as WCW,and this official also has TNA’s best interest in mind i agreed

Until bitchoff opened his mouth spewing his bullshit as usual,but first since i missed brookes debut,I know

The camera adds 10 lbs but OMG how big is her head,did everybody notice when they were advertising her

For the show they had a picture of her that looked totally differerent of her when she walked out,how many

Gallons of paint did it take to airbrush that big head…and this is why i accepted her challenge that she

Could make more money on her back,even though guys have  fetishes and sometime guys are just bored

But she has too many physical variables and abnormalities to be competitive or make money as a whore

Keep in mind she could have issued the challenge that she could make more money singing but she chose

Prostitution bcuz even she knows her singing sucks…her dad took her to a few music studios in nashville

in a last ditch effort and of course they got laughed out of the studio…same results cant sing cant dance and shes an amazon

Alot of responses to her debut was that she was a amazon..she has fat knees,cankles and did i mention she has a big head

Spinkled with a lil transvestite dust

So with the horrible ratings and reviews of his daughter what does hogan do;re-tweets a sexual tweet bcuz

The guy asks him too! LOL what a fucking idiot..need some ppl to tweet hogan the most vulgar sexual laced tweets and lets see if

The dumbass will re-tweet them

So refreshing to see someone so candid and so unafraid to tell the truth. If Scott Steiner isn’t in your wrestling Mount Rushmore, I don’t need to ever see or speak to you again. – Dusty

Jeremy Borash Designs His Bedroom

Since I’m the art director here at Stunt Granny, I took special interest in the above picture that was tweeted by Jeremy Borash (@JeremyBorash). As usual, thanks to the nearly omnipotent Prowrestling.net. Borash tweeted:

A new set built at TNA HQ… for what? Tune into the IMPACT post show tomorrow for the details!

I feel privileged to type about twelve year old boys again this week because this set looks like a bedroom one might live in. You’ve got the sexy posters of the Knockouts because you need some spank bank material that the governor on your parents computer won’t let you get to. You’ve got Velvet Sky almost showing her top for a money shot and you can dream about giving Miss Tessmacher a Dirty Pirate. The boy also wants to put up posters of his male heroes like Sting, Hulk Hogan and of course Mr. Counter Culture Jeff Hardy. I’m pretty sure that the boy’s mom bought that desk and microphone at Ikea. At least Borash now has his dream bedroom inside of Universal Studios or somewhere in the heart of Nashville, TN but really does it matter? Congrats on getting past that 5′-0″ mark on the door frame in mom’s kitchen, tyke! -Kevin

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