Pictures of new WWE Championship belt may or may not have surfaced

Custom-made for Beth Phoenix.

By way of former WWF/WWE writer Seth Mates’ Twitter account (only because he retweeted someone named @NextBigThingSiD) is what may be a leak of the new WWE Championship belt alluded to by CM Punk at this past weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con. Punk mentioned that he’d seen the belt, and it was a) uglier than a newborn baby and b) 20 pounds heavier than the current, approximately 30-pound belt. Point B leads me to believe this isn’t the actual belt, or at least not the center plate, but Point A still holds true. This does, however, look like a championship buckle for women’s rodeo, which is about how entertaining Monday Night Raw has been in the past few weeks, so it’s apropos. And that don’t mean you’re diggin’ around with farm implements, baby! -Eric

Headlines: CM Punk mentions new WWE Title, DeMott takes over FCW, Diana Hart Smith teaming with Linda Bollea??

According to, CM Punk answered 90 minutes worth of questions at this weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con (where fantasies become fantasies and not exactly reality), and Punk revealed that a new WWE Title belt has been created. He said the belt is about 20 pounds heavier than the current spinner belt, which means the belt weighs approximately as much as CM Punk. SPOILER: The new belt will use its 20-pound weight advantage to pin Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank.

According to, Bill DeMott will replace Dr. Tom Prichard as the head trainer of Florida Championship Wrestling. Younger fans will recognize DeMott as the head trainer of the wildly successful “Tough Enough” series, while older fans will recognize Prichard as the guy with the shitty Roddy Piper impression from Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and as Body Donna Zip.

L to R: Zip, Kloudy. Yep, this happened. Thanks for nothing, 1996.

Also according to, Diana Hart Smith, widow of the late Davey Boy Smith, has a project in the works with Linda Bollea, ex-wife of Hulk Hogan:

“I look forward to doing a project with Linda Hogan. I’m awaiting news on that. She has some irons in the fire. She said if anything turn out, she wants me to be on board.”

Time to speculate: A scripted reality show where Linda chases Diana’s son 27-year-old son Harry, much to Diana’s disapproval… ummm, Linda and Diana co-host a podcast where they each take credit for the Pontiac Silverdome and Wembley Stadium attendance figures… an infomercial with Gary Spivey where newly minted spiritual mediums Linda and Diana speak to dead wrestlers on a 1-900 line for just $1.99 a minute… OK, I got nothin’. -Eric

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