Stunt Granny Audio Show #156

Jeremy and Kevin finally follow through on a threat and talk about TNA. They realize that 9/11 is a touchy subject but they do wonder why Rosita was presented the way she was though. Even though her story is inspirational, doesn’t it kill her current gimmick? Would it have helped if TNA left her off the card except for the 9/11 tribute? The guys try to be delicate but as usual drop ideas that are so offensive even TNA wouldn’t use them. Speaking of offensive, find out how Kevin found the picture he found for his Raw blog which heads the guys into Raw talk. How seriously should we take every word CM Punk or HHH? Is their verbal sparing enough to sell Night of Champions on Sunday? What else happened on this show? What wrestlers are labeled “Shit or Get Off The Pot”? Could the guys interview Michael McGillicutty or David Otunga? Could they fill in for Jeremy and Kevin for a Stunt Granny podcast and make it entertaining? Hell no, that’s why you need to click on the link below.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #156

TNA Is Asinine

I cannot even properly explain this story because Meltzer has the typing ability of a five year old asperger’s sufferer getting hit on the head with a sledgehammer, so I’ll do the best I can here. Apparently, there is some epic power struggle going on right now in TNA between Vince Russo, in all his worldly glory, and the people who run TNA’s website.

I guess what’s happening here is that Russo booked an angle on the television show for Brutus Magnus and Desmond Wolfe, but on the website, they were advertising Generation Me in the same spot, so now something as simple as who is going to wrestle in a wrestling match is up in the air. Have I pointed out lately what a total joke TNA is? The booking team and the website team should be in perfect harmony as to what is going to be happening and they can’t even get that right.

It’s fucking simple to advertise the wrestling match that is going to happen. You simply list the two wrestlers or teams that are fighting, and there is no step B. That’s fucking it. Instead, because TNA is a fucking joke and a science experiment to see how long a company with zero brain cells between everyone in power can last before people realize what’s going on, they have left a mystery that not even Matthew Lesko can get to the bottom of. Life is ridiculous and I want to burn someone’s house down. – Dusty

TNA No Surrender PPV Preview


Sort of in time for the PPV tonight, Jeremy and Kevin come at ya with the TNA “No Surrender” PPV preview show. Listen as Jeremy struggles with his end of weekend bender hangover as Kevin tries to steer the ship away from the rocks. The guys chat is up about the importance of Kevin Nash cool and the decidedly uncool Abyss. They also discuss how the Beautiful People tag match will go down since Angelina Love decided not to have a proper work Visa. They also discuss the four-way main-event and how there should be a moratorium on thee men facing each other until the turn of the year. There is more but the fingers are still recovering as well so listen before the PPV starts. It’ll only take you 38 minutes.

TNA No Surrender 2009 Preview

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Final lineup for tonight’s TNA No Surrender

It wont be half as good as this.

It won't be half as good as this.

Can you feel the excitement in the air?! I can’t! It’s TNA No Surrender, and it’s one hour away! But my predictions are no minutes away. Here’s the final lineup, according to, and totally not taking into consideration the possibility that Booker T might not make it since he lives in the current shitstorm that is Houston, Texas, and can’t exactly be flying all over the country:


Champion Samoa Joe vs. Booker T vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage

Thoughts: Who cares? No matter what, everyone will come out looking worse, and that goes double for Samoa Joe.


Beer Money, Inc. vs. The Latin American Xchange

Thoughts: Who cares? Beer Money fifty-percent sucks, and the other 50 percent might have suffered a concussion at last night’s house show, says the Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online. And Shelly won’t wrestle me in my apartment. LAX are rad, though. They deserve better than Storm and Roode for opponents.


Champion “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Thoughts: Who cares? I kinda like Consequences Creed, but his outfit is stupid, his Rough Cuts are running too long, and his work name is awful compared to his real name. Petey Williams is ten types of nothing-happening these days. Shaun Daivari is the man, but Abdul Bashir gets his ass kicked by referees.

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Frank Trigg

Thoughts: Who the fuck cares?

Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Team 3D

Thoughts: Jesus Christ, who in the flying fucking world cares? At least this is addition by subtraction.

Champion Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love of The Beautiful People

Thoughts: Hot chicks, lots of momentum, OK wrestling, and one woman with a roll-up as a finisher. A mixed bag, but I’ll probably be playing with my bag during this match.

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt

Thoughts: Who cares? Jay Lethal is now stuck with this awful gimmick (that I used to love, when I thought they’d show some restraint and cut it off before it was too late), Sonjay Dutt is just awful, and So Cal Val looks like her mom irons clothes with her face. End this shit now.

The Rock N’ Rave Infection (Lance Rock, Jimmy Rave and Christy Hemme) vs. The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Curry Man, Shark Boy & Super Eric)

Thoughts: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking stupid. All of you, go kill yourselves.


ODB vs. Awesome Kong w/ Raisha Saeed

Thoughts: I wonder if ODB ever dumped that doofus who kept standing in the way of my camera while I was taping an indy show she was on?

OK, enjoy the show. I’ll have the car running and the garage all sealed up if you want to join me.

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