PWO – Season 4 – Episode 8

This episode went by quickly. Find out why beneath the jump.

Joe Dombrowski (quietly) said that Johnny Gargano will be out of action indefinitely because of an attack after the show last week. He throws it to a clip. They showed the end of the match between Gargano vs Bane vs. Fontaine. A man with a ski mask attacked Gargano’s neck after the match. the assailant ran away as Dombrowski practically no sold the assaulter. Oh no, Dombrowski is acting like he doesn’t know if they’re on. I understand the angle. Dombrowski does somber voice while Gargano stays down.

Analysis: I fast forwarded through the end of it. I was bored. I understand the angle but it seemed too scripted. Score: 0.

Bobby Shields came out to take on Louis Linden. Aaron Maguire talks up his man “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine winning the PWO Heavyweight Title. Dombrowski apologized for not concentrating on the match but I was pretty bored. It kicked up a notch just after that with a moonsault by Linden onto Shields on the outside. Shields rammed Linden into the ring post then tossed him back inside. Shields got a two count after a neck breaker. Maguire kept on mentioning old acquaintances of Fontaine’s for possible number one contenders. Shields missed a moonsault which allowed Linden to recover. Linden chopped Shields down. Shields connects with a thrust kick but only gets a two. Linden pump kicked Shields in the face for the victory. Bobby Beverly and Nicki Valentino attacked Linden. Michael Facade and Flip Kendrick make the save after Linden got a triple thrust kick.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 4

PWO had some issues with snow. Not really surprising in Northeast Ohio.

Vic Travgliante opened the show with Matthew Justice at his side. Vic mentioned that Justice lost to Brian Bender the last time he was on PWO TV. Justice said it was time for everyone to see the one man of militia. He finished by saying he was young, metal and ready to attack.

Analysis: You should have stopped at the one man militia, Mr. Justice. He needs to act more pissed off with these interviews in the future as it’ll help get over his change in attitude. Justice didn’t sell it as much as needed. Score: -1.

The introduction piece then ran. Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduced the show. Pedro De  Lucca introduced Bobby Beverly but no one from Sex Appeal accompanied him. Matthew Justice was his opponent. Dombrowski noted that Beverly asked Nicky Valentino & Bobby Shields to stay in the back. The announcers hyped their event in Akron. Dombrowski mentioned that severe weather in the northeast Ohio area limited travel so the PWO roster was shaken up. (Yep, my source mentioned that. Glad they addressed it pretty much right away.) Justice took control early. He gave Beverly a cross body while Beverly was on the floor. Beverly superkicked Justice and only got a two count. Beverly drop kicked Justice in the stomach. Beverly assaulted Justice on the outside. A low clothesline by Beverly stunned Justice. Justice blocked another super kick attempt and then turned the tables on Beverly. Beverly locked on a koji clutch but Justice reached the ropes. Bobby Shields & Nicky Valentino came to ringside. Shields grabbed Justice’s leg which lead to him being super kicked by Beverly which gained him the pin fall. As Sex Appeal set up for the menage e trois, a triple thrust kick, but they bickered. Beverly bailed to ringside. Shields & Valentino set up to kick Justice who ducked and clotheslined them. Justice then tossed them out of the ring.

Analysis: They set up the break up or at least pairing down of Sex Appeal. I’m not sure if they need to do that. Well, I guess I’d break them up over pairing them down because Beverly could be top dog (He kind of is already anyway) and keep Valentino & Shields as a tag team. I’m not sure they’ll do well enough as singles guys. Beverly can pull it off.

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