Weekend Rewind – Ted DiBiase, Batista, Sandman and Oklahoma

trader_after_busy_weekend– Let’s start off the weekend news with two birthday wishes. One for Batista who will be coming back to Raw as a forty-five year old. Ted DiBiase, Sr. turned sixty years old. Congrats on hitting the big Six-0. I can’t wait for Batista to show up on Old School Raw in fifteen years, looks as large as Vince McMahon did at that age and gives the double guns salute to the newest WWE superstar, Ted DiBiase III.

Sandman is set to fight former WBC & WBA Tim Witherspoon for the World Extreme Entertainment Champion. I don’t think there’s going to much entertainment with two fifty plus year olds fighting. I wonder if Sandman will get to use his Singapore cane since it’s “extreme”. I doubt even the use of it would even things up. It’s made even more sad considering that the owner Damon Feldman had previously run the Celebrity Boxing shows. Since this is taking place in Philadelphia, you know the crowd will be ready to chant “You’ve still got it” to both the Sandman and Witherspoon when they don’t get gassed out  after the first minute of action.

Sonjay Dutt shut down the independent Omni Wrestling in Sperry, Oklahoma when him and his opponent Michael Wolf went into the crowd. A representative of the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission stopped it because going into the crowd is a violation of their rules. Good for Oklahoma, they got this one right. TNA doesn’t trust Sonjay Dutt enough to employ him full time so I certainly don’t want him performing maneuvers near me. I’m also sure that Michael Wolf has impeccable in ring skills. Let’s keep it in the ring where you can only do damage to the yourselves and the referee. – Kevin

Thanks to Prowrestling.net for the news as usual.

Impact Zone Wrestling


Pictures like these show up in your inbox when you admit to watching professional wrestling to your girlfriend’s family. Lawton, OK has a wrestling promotion called Impact Zone Wrestling. They are a classy organization that posts a sign on their garage door that reads “Not responsible for unattended children and autos”. Good thing I  don’t have a child to leave unattended if and when I never ever go to Lawton. They could also steal my rental because my trusty old 1999 Saturn isn’t making it out there.  I’d make fun of their roster but their Heavyweight Champion Double D got an interview on Shotgun Wrestling Radio which is just a step below us. -Kevin

WWE Cyber Monday Deals

The WWE advertized deals up to 90% off select items during Raw last night. Naturally I started looking for deals last night during the show in my Blog (see below, I’m not linking it) but couldn’t find any in the first three or four pages. Luckily, the WWE has kept these deals going through today. I have looked through many more pages. Here are the deals I came up with that are 90% off.

Zack Ryder – 8×10 Unsigned Photo – Are you ready to go to a wrestling convention, bro? I say pick up this SSSIIICCCKKK photograph so that you can shell out the money you saved for his autograph.

WWE Magazine – August 2011 – I mean, who wouldn’t want this priceless item for 99 cents? I was curious to find out what exactly was in this magazine so I could make fun of it’s stellar contents. The WWE didn’t mention the information when you’re giving this away for 90% off! Instead of getting that information, I’m going to leave you with a Youtube clip that reviews the magazine. Naturally, no American is dumb enough to do this review. It is a very riveting so enjoy.

Yes, that is the entire list of items 90% off out of a total of 401 items. Advertisements are always genuine. Never a hint of a lie in them. At least you can get these items for a combined $1.18. -Kevin

Stunt Granny Audio #159

Everyone was walking away from HHH on Raw. Does that mean there won’t be any Smackdown? Eric and Kevin don’t answer that question but they do talk about what the walk away enabled HHH to claim. Does this mean he just likes the spot light or is there something more than meets the eye? They started from the beginning of Raw though. Do Drew McIntyre and John Morrison have something in common? Which one dropped further down the depth chart? The duo moves on to talk about the heels and their law suit. The biggest talking point is the quality of some very short promos. Is a David Otunga 110% promo worth a 50% Christian promo? Does Dolph Ziggler stand out at all? Is Vickie Guerrero still the Queen of Heat? And which legendary valet does Eric compare her to? The boys finish the talk while going over the main event match that spanned two commercial breaks. Was the talent used correctly? Who got screwed for TV time? And find out whether The Great White is a racial slur or just a tease to get you to click on the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #159

Iowa wrestling museum merges with Oklahoma group

Dan Gable

"I'm so happy!!!"

According to Kyle Klingman and www.wrestlingmuseum.org, the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Waterloo, Iowa, has merged with the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum based out of Stillwater, Okla. The partnership, announced Monday, creates a synergy between the two museums’ management and promotions (which will continue to include the Waterloo museum’s pro wrestling events — whew!) and has caused a name change for the Waterloo branch, which will be known as the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum.

Dan Gable, for whom the Waterloo Museum is named, said that he has wanted to see this joint effort. “I want to see us work together because wrestling needs its history to help educate and inspire future generations,” he said. “This collaborative effort is about the growth of our sport.”

You’re doggone right it is! After the Waterloo museum’s tumultuous past two years, I’m glad to see management solidly in place and all on the same page, with support reaching all the way up I-35 and across on Hwy 20. Or up I-35, over on I-80, then up I-380. No matter what way you get there, you people should get there. -Eric

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