Curtis Granderson Is Pissing Me Off


Sure this is old news but I have been putting off posting about this in the hope that Curtis would come to his senses or Jim Leyland would beat his ass if he didn’t cancel on TNA.  So here’s the skinny, TNA is holding Slammiversary 7 in The Palace of Auburn Hills. They are holding it there because they love running PPV’s in arenas they can only sell one third the capacity in tickets. So, they smartly lower the ticket prices to $7.00 a pop but not before recruiting local celebs to help sell the event.

Apparently the only one that gives a shit about TNA is the best center fielder in baseball today The Detroit Tigers’ Curtis Granderson. Oh, and please stop right now if you are going to comment about Grady “I’m severely over rated” Sizemore being superior.  He may be bigger in the gay community but that doesn’t matter.

Anyway, someone in the Tigers organization better pull Granderson from this event immediately. The last time The Tigers decided to mix themselves with wrestlers they got stomped in the World Series. There were my beloved Tigers cruising along, sweeping Dusty’s Oakland A’s and looking totally unbeatable.  Then, one fatal day in St Louis a bunch of the Tigers decided to go meet some WWE wrestlers and well, I don’t; want to think about it anymore.

So I am calling on anyone in the Tigers organization to pull his ass from this. They are leading the central division by four games. Why risk ruining the season by allowing Curtis to be a part of an event that will be seen by 30,000 people (PPV and live attendance combined) at best, around the country? Please, please I am begging, pull his ass and save the season. -Jeremy

Another TNA Failure Coming Our Way


It just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Well, it would be if it wasn’t so sad. TNA, according to, is planning on having their Slammiversary PPV in Michigan. Ok, so that’s not too bad and not at all funny. Michigan needs the revenue that events like this are supposed to generate so anything that helps the home state is welcome. Here’s the problem; the fucking tards that run TNA are going to have it at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Just to let you know, the palace is home to the Detroit Pistons. It used to be home to The Shock but who gives a fuck about women’s basketball anyway so they bolted for somewhere else never to be heard of again. This is also the arena that Jay Leno performed his free shows for the people of Michigan. It’s primo facility for events. It holds concerts and tractor pulls and all other manner of entertainment. So it seems logical that a wrestling event should be held there.

Well, not if you are TNA. Their last venture to the state of Michigan on PPV did not sell out and it was in an arena one-third the size of The Palace. Inevitably the event is going to sell 4,000 seats and I am being generous to give it that much. TNA charges a ridiculous amount for their PPV’s as it is so the idea of running it in an environment , ah shit , a state that is in total decline in every manner is hilarious. I am laughing while crying at this entire scenario.

Now sure, in poor economic times sporting event attendance in Michigan always increases. It’s an escape for people but also the ticket price correlates with the environment. (Unless you are the Red Wings of course; GO WINGS!) TNA may actually think they can use this to their advantage but that requires forethought that no one has ever displayed in that company. Instead they probably figured they would run a big arena and fill it. All with people who actually bought tickets instead of the usually heavy papered crowds they have in large arenas.

It’s is just going to look like garbage on TV. The entire top sections will be tarped off or the lights will turn off and the sound will be cavernous. My god it’s embarrassing for the same company to routinely make the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over but they still do it. How can this even be possible?

Of course there is a possible marketing ploy behind all of this that would get TNA some major pub but I am keeping it to myself. Fuck em. It’s not my job to give them ideas.

So, whatever; Slammiversary is in Auburn Hills . Buy tickets or don’t. Who gives a shit? -Jeremy

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