WWE Is Cleaning House

Yeah this pic is hot.

Holy shit its cleaning day for WWE.  As of this posting WWE has released three wrestlers and only one really comes as a surprise.

Shane “The Hurricane” Helms was the first to go and really who cares? Apparently his ability to sell merchandise went dry and WWE realized they no longer need him. Helms was at one point one of WWE’s hottest selling acts with multiple t-shirts and gimmicks for dumb kids to buy. Then he got hurt, violated the wellness policy, and got hurt, got hurt, then got in trouble with the law. So good riddance. He brought nothing to the table now and a TNA career is lkely ahead of him.

WWE also release Paul Burchill. This is yet another lack of surprise based on him losing a mask versus leaving ECW match to The Hurricane. This has been screamed on our audios; “unless you plan on retiring, don’t allow yourself to be written in to situations like that. As soon as that stipulation comes up act sick. Don’t; give them the excuse of “ creative has nothing for you.” Burchill never really got his feet in the WWE door. He was featured sparingly but for whatever reason they never go behind him.

The big surprise, due to her high profile gig coming up on The Apprentice, is Maria. You know the red haired girl dancing with Matt Hardy now? Remember how special she used to be. Then she got naked and everyone for got about her. Some could chalk this up to the Playboy curse but in this matter, yeah, it works. As soon as she was in it she has been nowhere near the level she once was. So WWE, having nothing for her, cut her as well.

Stay tuned, there has to be more right? -Jeremy

Tomko Officially Released, So There You Have It.


Prowrestling.net is reporting that WWE has finally released Tyson Tomko. Tomko showed up hurt and wrestled a very poor dark match with Paul Burchill. No one is actually sure if this qualifies as a match back since there is no video evidence now. Anyway, he hasn’t worked a match since and there has been no buzz about him. So, the WWE did exactly what they needed and cut him loose. Yes they could have used him in the same dummy role of the silent bodyguard but why bother? WWE needs to cut payroll anyway.

No tears should be shed for him as he will eventually turn up again, hopefully when healthy, and continue growing as a performer. Tomko was a star in the making in TNA. Actually got to see him at Against All Odds or some TNA PPV borefest. He got one of the loudest babyface pops anywhere. So, they turn him heel right then and systematically kill him off. Sure he may be a pain in the ass behind the scenes by looking out for himself but isn’t that what you are supposed to do in wrestling? It’s called politics kids. So there, the long mystery of Tomko is solved. -Jeremy

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