Top Albums and Songs of 2012 (Stunt Granny’s 2,000th post!)

With Stunt Granny taking a turn toward pop culture in general, and with the end of a pretty mediocre year of music upon us, we thought it only fitting that we compile a list of our top albums and songs of 2012. If there’s anything we love as much as – or more than, gasp! – pro wrestling, it’s music, and with the glut of talentless Internet sensations and pirated-Pro Tools wizards gumming things up for the musicians who actually deserve attention, we wanted to offer our own version of Liquid Plumr by way of this post. So, in true Stunt Granny form, here are our opinions and strong stances on the cream of the crap that was 2012. We found some gems, and we hope you enjoy them. (Read and listen after the jump!)

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