Bill Simmons of interviews CM Punk

"Well, hi."

I’ve been waiting for this one for about a week: Bill Simmons, famous from’s Page Two and creator of, interviewed CM Punk and posted the audio from it today. (Click here to listen.) Punk discusses his new theme song, Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality,” how much of his infamous Monday Night Raw promo from last month was planned, how close he really was to leaving WWE to go home and sit on his couch, who influenced his career both as a wrestler and as a child, and what went into his invasion of the San Diego Comic-Con. He also puts over various members of the roster, so listen up for those. Simmons has a very laid-back interview style, and Punk seems to be totally on the level here; it’s an interesting listen and worth checking out.

Chris Nowinski to discuss brain damage with Sandman


"YOOO! We talked to Axl Rotten? I WAS SO COKED UP THAT FUCKIN' DAY!"

The jokes practically write themselves. Kidding. But seriously, little did I know Sandman has a podcast on Blog Talk Radio with Baby Doll (yep, “The Perfect 10” from Jim Crockett Promotions) as his co-host. And this week (Thursday at 6 p.m. eastern, to be exact), the two will discuss brain trauma in athletes with the foremost ex-wrestler-and-Harvard-graduate/expert on the topic, Chris Nowinski. Click the link above for more details.

(Oh, and I don’t know who writes the blurbs for this Web site, but this was a good one: “Many Americans have no insurance and it makes it to where they have to pay outragious ammounts of money for Hospitalk and Doctor Visits…” I think the hospitalk is where you go to see the doctorb, actually. The “b” is for “bargain!”) (Note: I know we goof a lot on this site, but I’m honestly intrigued to listen to a few episodes of this show and hear what two of wrestling’s most unique personalities have to say about issues of the day. So, no offense if I poke fun at some spelling mistakes.) -Eric

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