Kevin Nash Meet & Greet for PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive – Dan’s Perspective

Nothing is working for me tonight. I took an hour & a half to get this terrible picture.

 Wow, not a good start to trying to make this article about the information Dan and I got from the Kevin Nash. I tried to take pictures with my phone but they continually came out dark. So I switched to my camera. The first picture was dark so I took a second picture. Just as I plugged my camera into my computer, the camera battery died so it’s being recharged as I type. I ended up getting a decent picture with too much glare. Deal with it.

I want to let everyone know that I have relinquished full creative control of this report to Kevin.  I don’t know whether he will submit this as two seperate reports or as one combined report and I confident about his ability to edit this how he sees fit.  I get long winded so Kevin should feel free to cut anything unnecessary on here. (Editor’s Note: I saw a couple of spelling mistakes but will leave this note for changes. I decided to go with two articles because this was really good and I have a bunch of other stuff. I will limit the overlap of information.)

I am submitting this report from the Delta Sky Club in the Memphis Airport which cost me $50 to join (I may try to write this off on my taxes as a professional expense!) but I made $400 in vouchers changing my flight back to Kansas City this morning.  No sacrifice is too great for the Stunt Granny Universe.

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PWO – Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive Review – In Car Edition

Hi from downtown Cleveland. Dan Kuester (L), Bryan Castle, Kevin (R)

Dan and Kevin talked about the show on the drive back to Columbus. We can only hope this one becomes as infamous as the Audio Experience leaving Wrestlemania 23 from back in the Pro Wrestling Torch days. If you follow us on Twitter (@stuntgranny) you got the results as they happened but without any commentary. Come dig into the thoughts from Dan and Kevin as they talk over the card from top to bottom. Who was a no show? Which one of the ladies involved in the card gave the guys a piece of their time? Who had the best match? Which match did Dan miss while going on a food run? Who had the most painful match? Who got unexpected crowd support? Lastly, did Kevin Nash help put over the PWO talent? Find out that and more by clicking on the link.


PWO – Season 4 – Episode 9

The Flatiron Building in New York City by Daniel Burnham. Read the final analysis to find out why I used this picture.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Joe tells us that Bobby Shields versus Raven is the main event. Dombrowski mentions that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross was on another national TV show (Tough Enough). He questions how good Maguire’s connections are to help Marion Fontaine’s chances in the title match by getting rid of Cross. Maguire dodges the questions by going to the ring to celebrate with “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. Fontaine brags about being at the top of the company. Fontaine admits that Maguire is his business associate. Maguire said that he’s thrown everything at Jason Bane but his best investment against him has been Fontaine. “The Megastar” starts badgering Justin LaBar. Fontaine says that LaBar giving him a hard time helped to inspire him to the PWO Title.  Fontaine rips LaBar for sitting behind a computer. “The Megastar” says that Bane needs the PWO Title to be PWO’s most dominant man. Dombrowski notes that the main event next week is Jason Bane against Marion Fontaine for the Title and previews the rest of the show.

Analysis: Dombrowski, Fontaine & Maguire covered a lot of ground which I think hurt the segment. It was a bit of information overload. I don’t think it was necessary to include LaBar into this spot because the rest of the information was history between Bane & Maguire or Fontaine & the Company. By the tone of Fontaine’s comments, I got a good feeling that we’re going to see LaBar in the ring at some point. Yuck. It’s good to lay out the previews of the show but having previews before and after the in ring promo was bad. Put them at the beginning or end. They also could have just stuck to this week’s show and just hyped the Title defense later in the show. The information was conveyed well enough but not the best work from any of them. Score: 0.

Matthew Justice is backstage. He talked about feeling good with a tag team (with Raven) victory over Krimson and Jason Gory. He said he’s going to march into the mouth of hell that Krimson vowed to unleash on the PWO. Justice finish by saying “I’m young. Metal. And ready to attack.”

Analysis: I’m not a fan of many of the tag lines on this show. This one bummed me out more than usual though because he did a great job with the material leading up to it. Score: +1.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 1

It's a new season for everyone.

I’m going to try and keep up with this season of Pro Wrestling Ohio better than I have in the past. Episode 2 aired this past Sunday, 31 October 2010. We’ll see what happens as the season goes along. Jeremy might also be joining me for reviews. Hell, PWO might even get more than an audio around Wrestlelution time. I have an interview scheduled with Marion Fontaine that will be coming as the season gets rolling. On to the review of the first episode.

Joe Dombrowski introduced the new season, Aaron Maguire and Mr. Brinks. With new and better graphics Dombrowski said the opening match would be Aeroform (Louis Linden & Flip Kendrick) against Sex Appeal (Bobby Beverly & Nicky Valentino) with new valet Frisky, who didn’t fit in because of her tattoos. Linden started off with the offense. Aeroform got the better of the four man action. Aeroform flipped and DDTed Sex Appeal on the outside. Valentino got a leg lariat on Linden. Kendrick came in off a minor hot tag. Beverly got a good two count. A super kick and northern lights suplex on Beverly got a count. Frisky accidentally tripped Beverly which allowed Linden to hit a moonsault on a standing Beverly for the three count.

Analysis: Pretty sloppy match. Aeroform missed some spots and there was no ebb or flow in the match. The hot tag was luke warm. Score: -1.

The graphics and replays were much better than in the past. Too bad the venue was piss poorly lit. It looks like a better venue than normal. Score: 0.

Marion Fontaine came into the ring before they broke for commercial. He said that Wrestlelution 3 was supposed to be his shining moment. Fontaine said that he had Duggan right where he wanted him. He then said the referee interfered in his match and continued the long running conspiracy theory to hold him down. Fontaine said he could sit down and entertain the crowd better than anyone in the back. He repeated his story about how he followed management for years but it got him nowhere. Fontaine only got respect when he did things his way. He then brought up crowd favorite Johnny Gargano. Fontaine said that Gargano follows the company line and looks good for PWO. He said Gargano is hurt physically and mentally. Fontaine finished by challenging him to a PWO Heavyweight Title match.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 24

This picture was the best I could find when I typed "Going Crazy" into Google.

Since I had a long weekend, my dogs continually decided not to go out into the blazing heat and the fact that Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment is looming in the not too distant future (August 1st), I decided to clear the majority of my back log of Pro Wrestling Ohio episodes. I tackled one on Sunday (which I posted already) but went extreme on Monday and mowed through four of them. I ended up watching all but the most recent episode from 7/4/10. I will continue to post more often to catch everyone up before I head up to Cleveland for the second year in a row. I think I added more commentary in these reviews and keep in mind that by episode 27 I might have been going crazy.

They started with a replay of last episode’s main event of the Homeless Handicapped Connection, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron, pinning Bobby Beverly & Bobby Shields of Sex Appeal. They then went to another off air shot of Joe asking Iron about his injured eye, which was bleeding heavily. Iron said he thinks his contact might be stuck because his eye lid is cut.

Analysis: I don’t think that injury was on purpose but it fits the story line so you may as well use it. I hope for Iron’s sake that it isn’t (wasn’t?) too bad. Score: +1.

Morgan Rockafeller took on Portia Perez who was yet again dressed up as Doctor Monstrous. She scolded Pedro De Lucca again. Perez tried to use her short staff for magical purposes but nothing came out of it. Rockafeller punched her in the stomach and went on the offensive. Morgan gave her a basement drop kick. Portia ran out of breath running the ropes. Rockafeller charged in but was drop toe hold into the middle turn buckle. Joe Dombrowski mentioned that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross saw who the mystery attacker was last week. He also cited the history of Portia Perez calling in a “friend” who him and Aaron Maguire are assuming is Doctor Monstrous. Portia fell over trying to use “super strength” to slam Rockafeller. Perez then got caught in her own cape and Morgan tried to take advantage but was knocked off the top rope. Perez got the victory.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 22

Will "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross or N8 Mattson win the chance to take on Johnny Gargano?

The opening contest was Brian Bender against Jason Bane. Aaron Maguire said that Bender has “$50,000 Why” he should take on Bane even though it hadn’t worked out well before. Bane tackled Bender who is normally the strong guy in his matches. Bane slammed Bender hard. He followed with some forearms and a clothesline. Bane hit a nice looking t-bone suplex.  Bender caught Bane charging into the corner with a knee. Bender locked in a front chancery. Bender went to the top rope and got hit in the gut as he leaped off of it. Bane “Bainlined him” for the victory. Corey James, a new comer, tried to collect the bounty but was power bombed for his punishment.

Analysis: Good segment that gives Bane a win over an opponent his size. Joe Dombrowski noted that he’s lost 100 lbs. in the last couple of years. I think moving down to 265 made him a better wrestler over that time. Score: +1.

They replayed the Benjamin Boone vs. “M-Dogg” Matt Cross match from the previous week.

Benjamin Boone was accompanied to the ring by Ben Fruth. Dombrowski listed the indignities that Fruth has had to endure under Tolar & now the Sons of Michigan. Isaac Montana was his opponent. He wore an Ohio State shirt to the ring to suck up to the fans. They did a skit trying to get the fans to cheer for OSU and against Michigan. Boone laid in some heavy forearms in the corner. Boone whipped him to the other corner and clotheslined him into the new corner.  Montana chased Fruth around ring side and was caught with a clothesline by Boone. Boone splashed Montana.  Montana fought back with some forearms and clotheslines of his own. Montana caught Boone with a pair of drop kicks. Montana missed the frog splash. Boone hit “The Bear Trap” DDT which is a bear hug into a DDT. As Boone celebrated, “Omega” Aaron Draven hit him with a chair in the back. Draven went to the top rope and hit a double stomp. Draven then motioned for a title belt referring to his former status as TV Champion which is held by the leader of the Sons of Michigan, N8 Mattson.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 18

Who's behind the mask in PWO? Find out after the jump! Hmm, I wonder where I got this photo? Thanks

N8 Mattson came to the ring with Benjamin Boone for a match for the #1 Contendership for the PWO Heavyweight Title against Gregory Iron.  Joe Dombrowski said that they have clips of a beat down on “Omega” Aaron Draven by Benjamin Boone after they went off the air last week. He also mentioned that Iron was granted a slot in the tournament because of the interference in his match for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Aaron Maguire mentioned that Marion Fontaine had been laid out in the back and is a favorite in the tournament. Dombrowski added that Bobby Beverly had been attacked too. Mattson punked out Iron a little bit in the early going. Dombrowski wondered whether Mattson was spreading himself thin with his duties to defend the TV Title and being in this tournament. Mattson slipped out of the ring after a pair of arm drags by Iron. Iron attacked Mattson outside the ring. Mattson got back into the ring and attacked Iron when he came back in. Iron got a two count from a sunset sflip. Mattson stomped on him after the pin attempt. Mattson missed a charge into the corner and ate the turnbuckles. Iron connected on a modified Code Breaker. Iron executed a Disabiler (aka Stunner) but only got a two count. Iron went to the top rope and hit a cross body but still only got a two count. Mattson caught Iron charging him with a sit down power bomb for the three count.
Analysis: It was an OK match that was overwhelmed by the stories surrounding the match. I didn’t even mention that they talked about Michael “The Bomber” Facade who had won the #1 Contendership for the TV Title the week before. Score: 0.
Doctor Monstrous said she was hired by Portia Perez because of the tough competition in PWO. She’s here to dominate the women’s division. Vic  walked by and asked Portia how she was doing. Doctor Monstrous said it wasn’t Portia, geez.
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