Ken Shamrock beats up a woman whom he thought was a man

“Whooo, meeee??”

God, this is rich. According to, Ken Shamrock beat up a woman.

OK, fine, there’s more to the story. According to (unbelievable the news they uncover):

We’re told Shamrock dove into the scrap and tried to pry the women apart … when one of the bystanders, a HEAVYSET bystander, jumped on his back and tried to rip Ken out of the pile.

Shamrock’s rep tells TMZ … he threw the person off of his back and followed up with a move that knocked the attacker to the ground.

After the person was incapacitated, the crowd shouted at Ken, “You just hit a girl.” Ken took a closer look and realized the attacker was in fact a female .. so he immediately backed off.

Read more:

Two justifications for this: One, don’t jump on another person’s back if you don’t have some level of expectation of getting your ass handed to you. Two, Shamrock simply worked for Vince Russo for too long and has both no respect for women and no concept of gender.

Point well taken, Shamrock. Point well taken. -Eric

Mick Foley Isn’t Hurt By WWE Snub

We like tooting our own horn around here but sometimes we feel discretion is worthwhile. So we aren’t going to brag about being the first to mention Mick Foley being left off the “Greatest Stars of the 21st Century” DVD from WWE. Nor were we going to mention that Stunt Granny tweeted Mick Foley about it. Nor are we going to tell everyone he replied and said he wasn’t hurt.

But when you former boss and one of the biggest wrestling sites,,  on the internet mentions all of this how can you not? So here is what he said. He is probably being diplomatic about being excluded. Just a theory.

@realMickFoley I’m not surprised I’m not on that greatest stars disc, @Stuntgranny . I only had 9 matches with @WWE in the 21st century. Not hurt at all.

Which was his response from this tweet.

@Stuntgranny It is noticeable that @realMickFoley was absent from the 21st Century stars disc. #Raw #IWantWrestling

Yeah that’s right, we had the exclusive but didn’t act on it. Whatever, we are good like that. This all is a cheap plug for you all to follow us on Twitter. So get on it.

@stuntgranny duh




Bobby Lashley can’t be this dumb.


Our old friend James Caldwell over at has an interesting piece about Bobby Lashley possibly being a replacement for Josh Barnett against Fedor Emelianenko. Lashley is playing this one exactly as he should by saying he hasn’t trained and doesn’t want the payday over being ready for a fight. This is all fine and good but the real deal is he knows he’ll get crushed. The guy hasn’t trained since his last laugher of a fight over Bob Sapp.

Lashley should in no way accept this fight. He shouldn’t be in the country when this Fedor hits the ring. I know little to nothing about MMA. I follow Brock and that’s about it. I have seen some Fedor fights on youtube and that man will rip Lashley to shreds. Fedor once knocked out a man flying across the ring. Now, if he can knock out a man flying in the ring with one punch, he’ll easily trounce the stationary Lashley.

So let’s review shall we? Fedor can knock out flying people and Lashley has no experience and no known ability to fly as well. -Jeremy

Rhaka Khan Nudie Pics



This was of course brought to our attention by the PWTorch’s godlike forum Member Robert Miqueli.  We all realize there has been no great clamoring for naked pictures of Rhaka Kahn, real name is apparently Trenesha Biggers,  but here are some anyway LINK and LINK.

I am torn on these. I have a fetish for tall black chicks that are seemingly trying to get you cream yourself with their eyes only. So these pics certainly hit the spot. They remind me of high school and all of the tang I couldn’t pull until I realized what tang actually meant. Anyway, she has a nice set of fake tatters and it is clear why she wears gobs of eye make up. Really, look at the crows’ feet, the Lone Rangers mask would have a hard time covering those things. Oh and that being said, I’d still hit it in a flash but that really isn’t saying much. Oh yeah, in order to  actually view each gallery just click the link and then make up a name and e-mail and it’ll get you in there. The tittie pics are further down so click away. -Jeremy

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