2012 Royal Rumble Random Draw Kick-Ass Pick ‘Em (Kinda) Game

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Bring back the tumbler! #IWantWrestling

Remember the time when we first met, and when we did that amazing game where you all signed up, then I picked numbers from 1 to 30 out of an Iowa Barnstormers fitted cap, and whoever had the number of the man who won the Royal Rumble match got bragging rights and a kick in the head just to see if it was better than a kick in the head? Well, Stunt Granny wants to share that fun with you again! For this game (which is totally not affiliated with WWE), all you need to do is leave a comment on this post saying you’re interested in playing. DEADLINE IS 1:15 P.M. CENTRAL, SUNDAY, JAN. 29. (THIS IS A NEW DEADLINE! YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES FROM THE TIME OF THIS UPDATE! I’M LEAVING FOR A FRIEND’S HOUSE FOR THE PPV!)

At that time, Eric will randomly draw numbers from 1 to 30 in the order you signed up (don’t worry, the four of us won’t play, but Dan may, for “old time’s sake,” see, because he’s our nostalgia guy). Once Eric gets to the end of the list, he’ll start from the top again, making it first-come, first-served. So if 10 people sign up, everyone gets three numbers. If 29 people sign up, everyone gets one number, but the first person to sign up gets an extra number.

Last year’s winner, Travis Bryant, had the unfortunate luck to co-host a Stunt Granny Audio with Eric… 12 months after his win. Who knows what the 2012 prize will be! So sign up today, then order the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble (we’re totally not affiliated with WWE), and take a spot on the edge of your seat!

Stunt Granny Poll: Who is behind the WWE “Second Day of 2012” videos?

So WWE is attempting to go viral with something else and make us sift through literally ones of clues so that we might solve the mystery: Who is behind the “Second Day of 2012” videos? Vote on your favorite option above, or select “Other” and leave a comment below!

Eric’s blog: If Vince Russo booked late ’80s/early ’90s WWF…

This blog post is completely random and (as I’m typing this I’m realizing it) is the type of drivel Wade Keller allows dunces like Marc Warzecha to write on PWTorch.com (if you’re not a VIP member, sign up today!). Notice I said “type” of drivel, though; I hope this is better, and I hope you all can think of more items to add to this list.

I was reading this interview recap at Prowrestling.net, and Christopher Daniels said that TNA never really understood the “Fallen Angel” gimmick and let it be just a nickname rather than a persona. (This sucks, as a tried-and-true character could have helped Daniels create an even stronger connection with a national crowd than he already has by being a color-by-numbers indy worker with a smelly subsection of the audience.) Anyway, as we all know, that idiot Vince Russo is in charge of booking, and as we all know, there are a lot of things about wrestling he doesn’t understand. But I wondered, what if Russo had come around a generation earlier? How would the characters I grew up knowing and loving be different? What angles, indelibly etched into my memory today, would have been fleeting and forgettable? Let’s think out loud…

* Mr. Perfect would have lost his first match.

* Earthquake would have sat on Hulk Hogan, then appeared in Hogan’s corner in his own match against Hogan.

* The Rockers would have actually snorted cocaine on TV, because “I sweah ta gahd, Wade, that’s what rock-and-rollahs do.”

* Ax would have introduced Crush into Demolition but immediately showed signs of jealousy before turning on Smash.

* Three seconds later, Crush would have tried to join the Four Horsemen, even though they were in the NWA.

* “The World’s Strongest Man” Dino Bravo would have had a love affair with Rockin’ Robin, who would have been given a penis.

* Crush would then spend three weeks trying to join the Heenan Family, claiming he’d been being scouted the whole time.

* Slick and the Twin Towers would have been a Black Power organization.

* Crush would try to join that, too.

* Ted DiBiase would have been given a black servant named after someone in NWA management… hmmm, OK, wait…

* The Blue Blazer would have… no, that wasn’t Russo’s fault, either.

* Wild-eyed Brutus Beefcake would symbolically cut people’s fingers off with his hedge clippers for screwing with Hulk Hogan.

* But Zeus would have symbolically killed Brutus Beefcake.

* And then Zeus would have been in Hulk Hogan’s corner for the match-up between Hulk Hogan and Zeus.

* Before joining Slick’s “bigger, blacker” organization.

* That Crush still can’t get into.

* Jesse Ventura, the man who tells it like it is, would have been replaced in mid-1990 with Vic Venom, a guy who should never tell it at all.

* Koko B. Ware would have given opponents the bird bird bird.

* Tito Santana would have never been given a chance “’cause he can’t speak no English, so as gahd as my witness, how is that entaTAYNing?”

* Ultimate Warrior would have hosted a talk show. (Wow, that’s actually not a bad idea.)

* Crush finally successfully joins a stable, only to turn on them the next week and wrestle someone else totally not affiliated with them at Summerslam.

* I change the channel.

(And I hope when I change the channel, this is what’s on…)

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