Stunt Granny Audio #186

Gerald Ford preparing to listen to the audio.

Oh happy days! It’s time for another audio, once again manned by Kevin and Dusty. This time they openly disregard the merits of talking about Monday Night Raw. So what do they find worthy of discussion? Well, they talk in depth about Monday Night Raw’s ratings and how they compare to other shows throughout the week. They also talk about WWE’s bizarre fascination with Twitter and fan interaction, why it exists and how significant is it really. Why is Daniel Bryan getting pushed so hard when he seemingly fits into none of the brackets WWE typically likes their pushed wrestlers to fill? And why is he being pushed over guys like Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler? Is John Cena secretly the puppet master behind the scenes? And how many early season Saturday Night Live references can Dusty slip into the show? You’re going to have to listen to find out, and it’s only going to cost you about 40 minutes of your life, so do it now!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #186

WWE NXT ratings drop, still on par with shitty TNA

sting jeff jarrett kurt angle

These three superstars draw the same rating as Eli Cottonwood and Lucky Cannon. Think about that.

According to, this week’s WWE NXT did a 0.9 rating, translating to approximately 1.05 million viewers. Did you know: WWE NXT is still pulling in ratings on par with TNA iMPACT!, which last week scored a 0.98, down from a 0.99. When asked for a comment on WWE’s D-show scoring essentially the same rating as TNA’s flagship show, I said, “Hahahahaha, jesus christ.” -Eric

WWE Raw and TNA Impact post solid ratings Monday… I’ll be darned


OK, it wasn't that bad.

According to, both WWE Monday Night Raw and TNA iMPACT! put up good ratings for the head-to-head showdown Monday night. Raw pulled in a 3.6, which is about a five-month high, and Impact did a 1.5 for the whole three-hour show, with a 1.33 average for the two head-to-head hours. (For what it’s worth, TNA’s ratings went down from its Hour 2 to its Hour 3, while Raw’s went up during that same time frame.)

Well I’ll be a monkey’s bare-as…

(That’s where my Firefox crashed because I left Dot Net open too long.)

Well I’ll be a monkey’s bare-assed uncle. This can be explained one of two ways: Either a large chunk of the audience was able to switch back and forth often enough to confuse Nielsen into reporting a combined 5.0 rating, or there really is a 5.0-rating worth of an audience out there that wants to watch wrestling. And if Ring of Honor/HDNet reports its ratings, there might be even more people hiding under rocks out there. No matter the answer, good for wrestling! I’m telling you now, things are on the upswing. -Eric

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