The Rattlesnake Strikes Back!

I can't believe they never used this image on one of his shirts.

According to Entertainment Weekly (by way of Dot Net), “The Rattlesnake” Steve Austin will be the host of the new incarnation of Tough Enough. Both articles seem to think that Austin will be taking over Al Snow’s duties as head trainer. I have my doubts about that since the man won’t step back into the ring for a pay day so why would he do it for a reality show that will likely get canceled as soon as the rating drops 0.1? I get the feeling he’ll do enough so that no one feels robbed and the WWE gets to attach a marquee name to a “new” program like they did with all of the cross over appearances when ECW started. Austin could be a great host with his obvious mic skills and the WWE can pimp his news movies. It’s a win win. Did I just get through an article without bagging on someone? Yes I did. – Kevin

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