CM Punk throws fat (alleged) asshole fan’s autograph book in St. Louis airport trash can

Proof that CM Punk will occasionally sign an autograph.

According to the Wrestling Observer (which is loading super slow right now or else I’d link to it) by way of Wrestling Inc. (which should thrill Kevin to no end), CM Punk was involved in a nonphysical altercation with a fan at the St. Louis airport last night. Apparently, one fan was “rude in his approach” in asking Punk for an autograph, and when that fan was turned down, another, fatter, assholier fan yelled at Punk, so Punk threw his autograph book in a trash can. Other nearby WWE talent then asked airport visitors if they knew “the fat guy” whose book got tossed. Punk Tweeted about the incident:

Unacceptable behavior.

This is for all the respectful fans I saw at the airport. Right on. Thanks.

@cowboyjwk@CMPunk you’re becoming Mr. Big Head.” Nah. Just don’t like rude people.

…as did Ricardo Rodriguez, who saw the incident first-hand:

Man, you guys seriously go from fan mode to creepy mode to psycho mode sometimes.. #StLouis

Thanks for noticing, Ricardo! In fact, when Colt Cabana asked me, Dan and Matt for an extra $5 to take a picture with the NWA championship belt, I screamed at the top of my lungs, jumped up and down, and urinated on my brand new “Colt of Personality” T-shirt. Then he threw *me* in a trash can. What a story I have to tell! -Eric

Stunt Granny Poll: Should CM Punk’s WWE Title reign last one year?

Much is being made — on air and on the Internet — about CM Punk’s long WWE Title reign, which currently stands at 244 days; combined with his previous WWE Title reign in July 2011, this puts Punk in the top 20 of all WWE Title stints. But the more Michael Cole mentions this championship stand, the more we wonder, “Does this mean he’s losing it soon? Does this mean he’s holding it for a while?” Fair question, especially since Punk is defending his belt at Raw 1000 against John “That Don’t Work For Me, Brother” Cena. So, should Punk’s reign last at least one year? Vote, then leave a comment!

Stunt Granny Audio #193

Eric’s 12-shirt Mount Rushmore

It’s a three-man booth this week, with Dusty, Eric and Kevin discussing all sorts of relevant and pertinent and important professional wrestling topics. This week’s Top Five at Five includes John Cena wrestling CM Punk at Raw 1000, Daniel Bryan marrying AJ on the same show, Dolph Ziggler winning a Money in the Bank match and helping turn a stagnant Chris Jericho turn babyface, the rumors of who comprises TNA’s Aces & 8s stable (and why they probably aren’t calling themselves Dead Man’s Hand), and Kurt Angle no-showing the hall of fame inductions in Waterloo, Iowa. The boys also play a round of Match Game, plus they discuss what designs should go on the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling T-shirts. All this and maybe a little bit more, if you’d just click the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #193


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