Jim Ross excited to see fans and friends, turns down my offer of booze

Go Hawkeyes... er, I mean, Boomer Sooner!!

As any good journalist knows, sometimes you have to create your own news. That’s exactly what I did this morning by posting a question on Jim Ross’ BBQ Q&A about his appearance July 22-23 at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum in Waterloo, Iowa. (If it gets buried, look for user “EricN.”) I asked:

JR, I sent an anecdote in a while back about meeting Danny Hodge at the wrestling museum in Waterloo, Iowa, and it couldn’t possibly thrill me more to know you’ll be in town this year, along with Danny, Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Baron Von Raschke, and all the other greats (plus “How Ya Doin'” Colt Cabana)! That weekend will be chock-full of fun, including a golf outing, your training session with Gerald Brisco, the wrestling show on Friday night, an autograph signing, a roundtable discussion, the banquet itself, and of course all of the interaction. A) Cheesy question, but what are you most looking forward to? B) I’ve read it somewhere before, but what is your mixed drink of choice? If you choose to partake, by god, the first one’s on me.

And he kindly and promptly responded:

Seeing the fans and my friends is always the best part of functions such as this. One isn’t guaranteed when they we will see each other again. I’ve been on the wagon. Likely will pass on the alcohol but thanks nonetheless.

You know, I appreciate his honesty, and I don’t care if I have to go across town to Zippy’s BBQ Shack to get the Wrestling’s Kind of ‘Cue some tasty ribs and a side of baked beans, I’m going to roll out the red carpet for this man. And everyone else, too. Take note, legends: I lived in Waterloo for three years, so if you need anything, use me for all I’m worth. I let Carly do the same thing every day. -Eric

Triple H calls wrestling “young man’s” sport, gives no rub

"Rub *this,* pal!"

According to Prowrestling.net (see the video at that link), Triple H was recently interviewed by Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun at the red carpet event for something something whatever. Eck asked H (see, in journalism, you use last names after the first reference) whether or not he intends to return to the ring full-time. H responded by saying:

“No, as of right now, I’m not planning to return full-time to the ring. To quote Vince, I think I’ll be “in case of emergency, break glass.’ I’m at a good point for me. It’s a young man’s business. I’m at a point where I’m still healthy. I can still do this when I want.”

“When he wants” appears to be hardly ever, and to little benefit to anyone but himself. If you recall, Hunter’s last match was against Undertaker, an old man who needs no rub, at WrestleMania 28, a show on which ‘Taker wouldn’t lose if he’d just had all of his limbs cut off in a horrible lawn tractor accident. The match was labeled an “instant classic” by people without eyes, ears or emotions. His prior two matches before that were 11 and 12 months prior, both against relative newcomer Sheamus, who is awesome and could have used the wins to kick his career’s Irish ass even further into the stratosphere. Hunter won their WM27 match and only lost their Extreme Rules match because he was brutally attacked at the start of the show. Rub-a-dub-dub. So, I guess here’s hoping Hunter continues helping this young man’s business only by bringing us new stars like Sin Cara and Kharma and not by failing to stifle his ego and squashing 50 percent of the roster while wearing a DX shirt. -Eric

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