Terry Taylor is a heterosexual


In addition to being a true, loyal, trustworthy friend and a real, ambitious go-getter who can embrace a bad situation and make the best out of it, Terry Taylor is also very very heterosexual. The proof is in this here picture. – Dusty

Stunt Granny Audio #196

This week it’s a three man booth as Eric, Kevin and Dusty combine their resources to discuss the latest happenings in the world of professional wrestling. While Dusty was the only person on earth who enjoyed Booker T’s commentary, the trio all agree that it is for the best for him to move on to being the general manager on Smackdown. They also talk about just how bad ROH is lately, with their unique brand of fat guys in t-shirts wrestling for belts that mean nothing, and Jim Cornette seemingly losing the magic touch by the day. They also turn their attention to TNA, and agree that it has largely been actually good lately, with one glaring, crack addled elephant in the room preventing perfection. All this and so much more, so spare an hour of your life, because while you probably *will* regret it, they want you to and have mob connections, so you’ll be forced to eventually anyway.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #196

Headlines: Shawn Michaels saluted, Rosa Mendes abused, JTG is… still around?

According to Prowrestling.net, Shawn Michaels was honored after WWE Monday Night Raw went off the air. Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night in San Antonio, Texas, continued with appearances by the Undertaker and John Laurinitis. The news here is LAUGHTER!

Also according to Prowrestling.net, Rosa Mendes was found late Sunday night in an airport bathroom in San Antonio, Texas, crying out of fear for her boyfriend, FCW wrestler and former Tyson Kidd bodyguard Jackson Andrews. Mendes claims Andrews “hit her several times” and may “try and kill her.” The official claim is domestic assault, but the news here is LAUGHTER domestic assault. Dot Net’s Chris Shore said it best when he said, “Blah blah fuckity blah.” To elaborate, pro wrestling is teeming with white trash, and this in no way surprises me, which is sad, and is probably one reason why, when I have kids, Daddy is gonna disappear for three hours on Mondays and you kids should probably stay up in your rooms.

Finally, according to Prowrestling.net, JTG Tweeted last night that he’s about had it up to here with this continual employment and check-gathering for about 20 minutes of actual work a week, on weeks when they even recognize him to include him on house shows.

The camel’s back just broke. I had enough of this. As a pro athlete, I’m tired of my locker room brothers being taken advantage of. Fans have no idea what we go through. Yeah, I said it. Nobody wants to speak up, everybody’s afraid of losing their job of getting taken off TV.

Reports are that he’s alluding to his and others’ WrestleMania payoffs. Granted, 90 percent of WWE’s roster probably doesn’t rake in what 99 percent of other pro sports athletes do. That being said, if someone doesn’t like where he stands on the ladder, well, WWE once had a Red Rooster, and they’re about one more Tweet away from having a Black Cock. -Eric

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