Kevin Nash Meet & Greet for PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive – Kevin’s Perspective

My phone camera sucks more than I thought it did.

OK, to fill in other information that Dan skipped, I’ll pass on describing the venue or our hotel. I will mention the crowd since it’s always good people watching. I’ve seen four very loyal fans there at least the last two years. I could rip on them for a long time but will let that slide to go for my own embarrassment. The son of the group is toothless gentlemen that I mention on Twitter. He got his boxer’s signed by a wrestler that I don’t know. The hard part for me to swallow? He wears a Steelers hat. He gives us a bad name. I’m just saying.

I would like to respond to Dan about his drinking habits. Knowing your limit is something that comes with age. In an older person, they need to know their limit because it wrecks their next day. Rookie old guy drinking mistake my man. I’m glad it didn’t cancel our trip to Melt Bar and Grilled in Lakewood OH. I’d seen it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s a fancy grilled cheese joint. The wait for seating was an hour and thirty minutes. Dan and I went with take out which was still thirty five minutes. It was worth the wait. I got the Municipal Stadium Magic which had fresh local bratwurst, grilled peppers and onions smothered in cheese. It was awesome. It will be stopped at again next year.

When Dan and I were in line, I took some notes on what Kevin Nash was talking about. Dan mentioned the Ricky Morton interview and though I said I’d limit the repeats, one is coming. Nash seemed genuinely pissed at Morton and that he was legitimately going to beat the hell out of him. See the video clip in Dan’s Perspective. Nash talked about how bungled the WCW Invasion angle was, especially since some of the major players didn’t sign with the WWE at the time. He said that they were going to redo the angle in the new upcoming video game for Raw vs Smackdown. Nash mentioned how Rey Mysterio had been unmasked recently when a clip showed of Nash unmasking him on Nitro. He claimed that he had no idea that at the pay per view six days later (I don’t think he mentioned the name but I may be forgetting it.) Rey would unmask for a lengthy time. (It may have been the remainder of his WCW day but he definitely didn’t say that and my memory is faulty.)

Nash thought that it was a problem that wins and losses are not referenced enough at this time. He said it helps give motivation to the character and person performing even when you know that finishes are determined. He also said it helps to make the character want to go out and win against any given opponent even if they lost to them the match before. You’ve got to have the mental rive to always win. When asked about CM Punk, Nash joked (I think) that since the boss (HHH) might need some help that he’d be willing to supply if Punk stepped beyond just flipping his tie. The last thing that he talked about while we were in line (or maybe just getting out of it) when he started talking about his appearance at the royal Rumble earlier this year. He said he heard the crowd erupt after his horn hit while he was still backstage. Nash said that the first thought that popped into his head was “It’s all down hill from here.”

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Kevin Nash Meet & Greet for PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive – Dan’s Perspective

Nothing is working for me tonight. I took an hour & a half to get this terrible picture.

 Wow, not a good start to trying to make this article about the information Dan and I got from the Kevin Nash. I tried to take pictures with my phone but they continually came out dark. So I switched to my camera. The first picture was dark so I took a second picture. Just as I plugged my camera into my computer, the camera battery died so it’s being recharged as I type. I ended up getting a decent picture with too much glare. Deal with it.

I want to let everyone know that I have relinquished full creative control of this report to Kevin.  I don’t know whether he will submit this as two seperate reports or as one combined report and I confident about his ability to edit this how he sees fit.  I get long winded so Kevin should feel free to cut anything unnecessary on here. (Editor’s Note: I saw a couple of spelling mistakes but will leave this note for changes. I decided to go with two articles because this was really good and I have a bunch of other stuff. I will limit the overlap of information.)

I am submitting this report from the Delta Sky Club in the Memphis Airport which cost me $50 to join (I may try to write this off on my taxes as a professional expense!) but I made $400 in vouchers changing my flight back to Kansas City this morning.  No sacrifice is too great for the Stunt Granny Universe.

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Kevin Nash cleared of battery charges, is awesome on Twitter

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash, doing all the training he needs to beat up a drunk fan, Ricky Morton and a guy on Twitter, all at once.

According to, Kevin Nash was cleared of battery charges in Florida (that’s pretty vague, but OK) stemming from an incident at a restaurant where a drunk man hit on Nash’s wife, and then the drunk man claims Nash hit on *him*… with his *fists*! Turns out there was no evidence of this humongous seven-foot-tall former pro wrestler, pro bouncer and pro drunk beating the man up (although according to, Nash held the man down until police arrived), so the case was dismissed. Nash added this a few hours ago on his Twitter account:

What great journalism TMZ provides. Nothing about the guy trying to attack me w/ a beer bottle.Guy w/ tattoo’s always gets arrested.

That’s why my tattoo is on the small of my back; it’s an arrow pointing to my butt with text in Old English that reads, “Yes, officer? 😉 ”

In other news, Nash was on a small roll last night on Twitter (@RealKevinNash), talking shit about Ricky Morton. No idea what it’s based on except possibly this YouTube video from three years ago:

Well, Morton would happily take Nash’s money, that’s for sure. Nash said this on Twitter:

Ricky Morton has run his dicksucker for years and I will not put him over. Ricky Walmart is looking 4 greeters, lose the Joe Dirt due

Yep, a new term for “mouth” from Big Sexy. Some dude with the Twitter handle WILDMANBS retorted:

It’s still real to me, dammit!

Oh no, that was that other guy. The WILD One wrote:

Ricky Morton is a legend…you ruined WCW with your “booking!” WCW was top of the line, then you came along! LOL!

To which Nash replied:

Legend dead beat dad 4 going to jail 4 not paying child support.guess your standers are pretty low.matching your IQ

I could spend time hating on Nash for insulting a man’s IQ while spelling “standards” wrong, but I think we know how often Nash & Co. had to deal with Standards and Practices from AOL-Time Warner, so let’s chalk that up as a mistake. On the other hand, WildmanBS appears to be a cross-eyed, college sports-loving doofus from a place called Al…a…bama? Whatever that is, I fear there are more like him there, so I better not shake the retard’s cage anymore. -Eric

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