WWE suspends R-Truth for 30 days, I bet @ValVenisEnt is going to have a conniption fit

R-Truth and Vince McMahon, watching "Robot Chicken" on Adult Swim

According to Prowrestling.net, Ron Killings, aka R-Truth, has been suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE wellness policy, right on the heels of main-eventing WWE Survivor Series and just a few hours after what now appears to be an injury angle, taking Miz’s Skull-Crushing Finale on the top of the stage at Monday Night Raw last night.

Now, I’m not one to cast aspersions on people’s good name, but Killings strikes me as a possible pot head. Kinda like Evan Bourne (who’s in the middle of his own suspension) and Mike Chioda (he was recently suspended, and I just want to think he’s a pot head because he’s a nice guy). Not a guy who destroys his body by using massive amounts of steroids or HGH or other mind-altering performance enhancers or lethal doses of alcohol and muscle relaxers or a shit-ton of coke. Nope, a little bit of weed here and there. Enough to dull the pain of a hard night’s work. And that’s what WWE has been busting guys for lately, pulling some of the most entertaining acts off of TV while forcing upon us ass-heads like Kofi Kingston.

That’s why we get Tweets like this, from Val Venis:

Its 100% hypocritical of @wwe to allow the use of prescribed pain meds which do kill, while suspending talent for marijuana. #legalizeweed

Yes, legalize weed, its good for your grammar. Here’s hoping Kevin never gets his dream job in WWE, and Dusty keeps his spaghetti jacket in the closet. -Eric

John Morrison Hurt?

So it looks like John Morrison is either really hurt or is playing up the storyline in the Internet Universe.  John Morrison tweeted (ugh) that he was about to go under to have a neck injury fixed. Don’t believe me? Well check out his tweet.

You’ll notice though that he included an “at” mention to Ron Killings. So this does sort of throw authenticity in to the air?

If this is legit then this has to be the first WWE wrestler to go under the knife for neck surgery since they toned down the style right? Morrison’s gimmick is based off his high risk, high flying style so when he comes back, depending on if this is real or not, does he change? Does he have it in him to tell an actual story without all the pretty flips and constant over shooting of Starship Pain?

And if he is really out do they finally sandbag R-Truth or allow him to feud with, um, Chris Masters? Superstars is still on WWE.com so that should be good enough. -J

Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette

Listen. We here at Stunt Granny certainly do not advocate smoking (although you’d be a darned fool to ignore its rich delicious flavor and cool soothing effect it has on people), but we exist to report the news and therefore we know how rare it is for someone to actually be allowed to smoke at ringside.

There was my personal physician, Dr. Havey Wippleman.

There’s the most hardcore wrestler in ECW history, Sandman.

And of course I would be remiss to not mention the hottest female in wrestling  history (in my opinion, which is the only one that really matters), Terri Runnels.

And now WWE has chosen THIS TIME to unveil a new smoking character. And that character is none other than friend of the show, ol’ Kwik Trip himself, Ron Killings!

While I find the first three people listed hella rad,I somewhat question the validity of R-Truth being in such esteemed company. When I expressed my doubts to my super secret insider source, he insisted to me that this was the right man at the RIGHT TIME. – Dusty

R-Truth Has The Walking Pneumonia, Unconfirmed Boogie Woogie Flu

According to one Jason Powell:

WWE wrestler R-Truth (a/k/a Ron Killings) was rushed to the hospital recently when he went into convulsions while traveling, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The doctor determined that Killings has walking pneumonia, and felt he was lucky to be alive because his brain was not getting enough oxygen. He is expected to be out of action for a couple of weeks.

Powell’s POV: The story also notes that the WWE co-workers who took him to the hospital may have saved his life by taking him to the hospital. It sounds like it was a very scary situation. Here’s wishing Killings the best in his recovery.

What’s up right now is that this is quite the blow for WWE’s already almost nonexistent midcard. For the time being, he’ll be in hospital garb, rather than Vince McMahon’s elastic. – Dusty

WrestleMania 26 Preview #10- The Round Up!

Yup that’s right! WrestleMania 26 is upon us and Kevin and Jeremy toss out the last of their opinions. They decide to go back over the entire week leading up to WrestleMania and change their minds on the possible Money in the Bank winner and the reason why. They also go over the possibility of Shawn Michaels actually retiring after all of his interviews seemingly saying he is retiring. Then they go on about their past WrestleMania adventures and how next year will be different. Hell, it has to be different because 2009 sucked a fat one. So listen in gang and enjoy.

WrestlerMania 26 Preview Audio #10- The Wrap Up

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Don’t forget Kevin’s review of The University of Phoenix Stadium, the host stadium for WrestleMania 26.

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Ron Killings detained at Canadian border, can’t rap



Oh, that “can’t rap” part has nothing to do with this story. He’s just a poor excuse for a rapper. Anyway, according to Michael H.W. Johnson of PWInsider.com (by way of Prowrestling.net), Ron Killings was detained at the Canadian border for yet-to-be-disclosed reasons and won’t make the TV tapings tonight. I’m not going to speculate what those reasons were, because I don’t care. I’m just pissed that those rotten Canucks ripped me off from the chance to see Ron Killings wrestle. You sons of bitches! Now how will I get my “completely unnecessary spins/flips/dancin'” fix this week? Oh yeah, I’ll just give some meth to a stripper. -Eric

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