Stunt Granny Audio: 2013 WWE Royal Rumble Review

Jesus Christ; such predictable bullshit.

Jesus Christ; such predictable bullshit.

Well, we did a preview show so we may as well do a review show right? So, here it is. Jeremy and Kevin talk the Royal Rumble in all its glory and warts. Was there really any doubt as to the outcomes of the Royal Rumble and the WWE Title match? Who just discovered “a Goldust?”  Who surprised in the Rumble match? Have Kane and Daniel Bryan lost their touch? Is the WWE turning in to ROH? Was this PPV or any for that matter worth the price? All of these questions are answered and a whole lot more. Oh yeah, they also discuss the winner of the Royal Rumble contest and laugh at who had the worst draw of all those who played. So get to downloading.

Stunt Granny Audio Show- 2013 WWE Royal Rumble Review

Fat guy is upset CM Punk lost

Big thanks to Travis from The East Coast Audio for posting this on a message board or I would have never seen this. This contains every wrestling fan stereotype possible. I have listed a few but feel free to add your own in the comments.

1:  Fat guy.

2:  Title belt.

3:  Unkempt.

4:  Apartment living but could be confused for a basement.

5:  Room full of toys and dvds. Although to his credit there seemed to be Blu-rays as well.

6: Irrational anger towards a product he understands to be fictional.

My favorite part of this entire video is him slamming his title belt to the ground.  Whoever shot this, supposedly his girlfriend but then come on, had the angle just right so that it was hidden from view. Up until the reveal I kept saying over and over to myself “Please be holding a title belt. Please be holding a title belt. Please be holding a title belt.” So when the belt went a flying it just felt so good. It was a sort of vindication really. I was vindicated in my stereotypes of internet fans. That my predetermined notion of this thing standing in a room with his title belt held snug with his CM Punk shirt stretched to its limits was exactly as I pictured. Oh such sweet vindication.

On a side note, this video also shows the evil of women. Bitch knew he was upset and just insisted on  provoking him. It is typical womanly behavior really. Let the man suffer in peace ho. -J

Stunt Granny Audio: 2013 WWE Royal Rumble Preview


It’s another edition of Stunt Granny Audio, this time with Kevin and Eric previewing the upcoming 2013 WWE Royal Rumble. Who is the likely winner of the big Rumble match? Who are the dark horses? How will 2013 compare to classics of the past (1992, 2001) and hot garbage of our nightmares (1995, 2009)? What about the singles matches? Who doesn’t stand at the end of the Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio Last Man Standing match? Who interferes instead of the Shield in the Rock vs. CM Punk match? And which one-time burn victim will have the least facial hair when Kane & Daniel Bryan take on Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow? Will anyone watch the Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro pre-show match? What about favorite memories from Rumbles past? Favorite surprise entrants? The answers may… SURPRISE you! All this and not much more just by clicking below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show- 2013 WWE Royal Rumble Preview

2013 Royal Rumble Random Draw Kick-Ass Pick ‘Em (Kinda) Game

We dont worry too much about copyrights around here.

Now now, Dolph, remember, you can only pick either 1 or 2! GUFFAW GUFFAW!

Remember the time when we first met, and when we did that amazing game where you all signed up, then we picked numbers from 1 to 30 out of a Des Moines Buccaneers replica hockey helmet, and whoever had the number of the man who won the Royal Rumble match got bragging rights and a copy of the first “WARRIOR” comic book? Well, Stunt Granny wants to share that fun with you again! For this game (which is totally not affiliated with WWE), all you need to do is leave a comment on this post saying you’re interested in playing. DEADLINE IS 2 P.M. CENTRAL, SUNDAY, JAN. 27.

At that time, one of the Stunt Granny crew (probably Jeremy, since Eric is going to “The Book of Mormon” that day) will randomly draw numbers from 1 to 30 in the order you signed up (don’t worry, the four of us won’t play, although since we’re all tangentially related, it’s all nepotism anyway). Once Jeremy gets to the end of the list, he’ll start from the top again, making this game first-come, first-served. So if 10 people sign up, everyone gets three numbers. If 29 people sign up, everyone gets one number, but the first person to sign up gets an extra number.

Last year’s winner, Missie Bird, has had the privilege of… um… shit, this year’s Rumble snuck up fast, didn’t it? Well, I guess she’s chatted with Kevin on Twitter! Congrats! So sign up today, then order the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble (we’re totally not affiliated with WWE), and take a spot on the edge of your seat!

Kharma had a miscarriage? Wait, huh?

According to TMZ, Kharma, (real name to make this look like a legit news post) Kia Stevens, didn’t actually give birth at all on New Year’s Eve in 2011. Instead she suffered a miscarriage but told her friends she had birthed a child instead.

According to

Kia tells us she is still devastated over the loss … and initially lied to friends about the child being “healthy” because she was incredibly emotional and was afraid to tell the public the truth after announcing her pregnancy on live TV.

This is certainly unfortunate news but it does explain the sudden reappearance at the Royal Rumble and then subsequent disappearance right after. She is trying to make the most of her bad situation I suppose by starting her own foundation. Make of it what you will but people deal with grief in different ways. For once, I am just going to leave it at that. -Jeremy

Chyna has filmed a Royal Rumble inspired porno.

You read the headline right, according to TMZ, Chyna is continuing her porn career and doing it all wrong. She has reportedly filmed a Royal Rumble inspired porno for Vivid Entertainment. No official details have been released yet but it is safe to say it is some sort of gangbang. Or did they actually go with the Royal Rumble format of a new guy every 2 minutes as Kevin suggested?

This would help but then we all know that at one point in the Rumble that there are more than two participants in the ring. At the very least she is riding a train. What are the rules of all of this?  In the words of Eric, how do you get eliminated cough, moving on, that does bring up a valid point do you get eliminated by eliminating? So is this a friggin bukake video as well? Someone needs to step in and guide her career and that person is me.

I know you can’t go back in time and reverse your decisions. You did start off correctly though with the poorly shot celebrity sex tape. It was gross and poorly directed and edited as it should be. What you did there was build up anticipation for a real video.

Chyna, may I call you Chyna? You don’t start a porn career by knobbing two men at once. You especially do not start your career by allowing yourself to be slobbed on by any more than one participant. It is called anticipation. You build your audience up. Remember pro wrestling? You don’t have a cage match at the beginning of a feud unless you are in TNA. No, you start off with a simple match and then escalate from there. You should have stuck with a one guy cameo role and then some alone time with you and your favorite rubber friend. You begin building up the feud until everyone is clamoring for the payoff.Where is your management in all of this?

Your career path in porno is going to burn out by the end of 2012 at this rate. You need to take a step back and start over. If possible delay this flick until 2015. This way you can start the build again. Chyna with men; then Chyna with all women; the Chyna with two men again; then Chyna goes anal; then Chyna goes all threesomes; then Chyna gives up all her holes, then you get to the gang bang when you are really desperate for money, I mean when you have done all you can with your art.

Please heed this advice; you need management that knows what they are doing. If you need any help feel free and contact us here at Stunt Granny. There will always be a voice of reason for you. -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Audio Show #174

The gang is working harder than usual this week as they return with another Audio Show for your ear buds. Jeremy and Kevin return this time around and give their thoughts on the Royal Rumble match. They have a different take on things but not as much. They also go in to Monday Night Raw. Was this the best episode of Raw in over a year? Was there any other finish for Daniel Bryan and CM Punk? Was it the right time for Chris Jericho to interfere? How bad was Undertakers wig? Did Triple H accept the challenge or was he blowing off The Undertaker. Of course there is more so just listen already.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #174

Stunt Granny Audio: Royal Rumble 2012 Review

What the hell is this? No your eyes and ears do not deceive you it is an actual pay-per-view review for the 2012 Royal Rumble. Eric and Dusty provide the entertainment with their strong opinions. Boy did they hate this show! But why? What do they feel was done poorly? What would they have done differently? Does one of them give up midway through the audio to go swinging in the barn? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Stunt Granny Show- WWE Royal Rumble 2012 Review

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Defintely Half Assed Review of #Raw

I'm going to miss hating West Virginia.

I had to watch the end of the basketball game of which there may only be one more. Pitt didn’t fair too well in the football game this year so it’s important to sweep the hoops. It’s helping to get the Panthers on track too. After an 0-7 start in the Big East, things have gone to three straight wins including one over #9 Georgetown on Saturday. They’re my only hope for a spot in the tournament. Kent State is not too fancy this year even if they did beat these same scum bags from WVU in Morgantown. Let’s roll.

I got the pay per view last night but didn’t start watching until the Funkasaurus showed up. I actually had a date and couldn’t preorder the Royal Rumble. Much like Eric, I didn’t admit that I watched wrestling. Unlike Eric, I’m not getting married in a couple of months and still hiding it. (Another note should be made, my HD feed only airs once as far as I know. The time slot was 8-11 so I couldn’t catch the earlier matches with the replay.) Jeremy predicted earlier today that the Undertaker would interrupt HHH’s evaluation of Johnny Wooden GM. I haven’t checked Twitter so I have no idea if Johnny Wooden GM starting the show off means that Trips shows up now. He seems like he’d deserve the main event. (There’s some sarcasm in that one.) Johnny announces the participants for the Elimination Chamber. Is it safe to say that Punk retains or Jericho wins? I think so. Johnny is going for the crowd pop mode for matches. CM Punk appears. Punk goes for his own version of cheap pop by chanting “Goodbye.” Punk going insider and making fun of Mitchell Cool by telling Johnny he’s a dork. Johnny gets me to track a smile by trying to shake with Punk. Daniel Bryan shows up after Punk says he’s the Best In The World. What a surreal start to Raw. Who would have thought these three would start a Raw? Bryan reminds me of Jericho bragging when he beat the Rock & Steve Austin in the same night. Oh, they’re going all in for Bryan to be a heel. Punk calls for the best match in the world. Sheamus shows up. It’ll be nice to get this announcement out of the way. I started to make this argument last night about Sheamus who evidently is considered a surprise winner last night. I’m not sure why. Him being left off of the card last year at Wrestlemania is irrelevant to me. He’s been getting as big a reaction as anyone these days except for CM Punk. No announcement, just a threat. Someone is losing their title in the mean time then. Maybe both of them.

Randy Orton comes out, in my opinion, to a smaller pop than Sheamus. I’m just saying. Wade Barrett has the Sky Box “rented”. Please admit a bit more you can’t sell out arenas any more. My boy Dolph Ziggler comes out with Vickie Guerrero. Huh, Barrett & Orton are going at it on Smackdown? Seems like a PPV match to me. No reason for them to be in the Smackdown Elmination Chamber. Or have them be in there to beat the hell out of each other and essentially eliminate each other.

Dolph gets another commercial length match. It’s just awkward that Barrett is talking the whole match. Why not just have him come down to the desk? Matthews & the box seem superfluous. JerryLawler makes my argument as soon as I’m done typed. It’s so he can stay away from Orton. Ziggler jobs clean after getting in a solid amount of offense and kicking out of some of Orton’s bigger moves.

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Stunt Granny Audio: Royal Rumble Preview with Travis Bryant from East Coast Cast

It’s a very special edition of Stunt Granny Audio, as the Grandkids meet the Constellinos! Travis Bryant from the PWTorch East Coast Cast joins Eric Nelson from Stunt Granny to preview the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble. Travis won last year’s Stunt Granny Royal Rumble-themed game (sign up for the 2012 edition by leaving a comment here), and our lame-ass excuse for a prize was a guest spot on Stunt Granny Audio. Travis is awesome, though, so it’s an entertaining show full of questions like: Why didn’t WWE add a Royal Rumble page to their Web site until this Tuesday? Does John Cena really need a singles match? Does that mean his opponent, Kane, probably won’t be in the Rumble, either, even though the Rumble match itself is desperately short on legitimate title contenders? What St. Louis hometown favorite will probably return just in time to win? And how exactly will CM Punk get screwed in his match against Dolph Ziggler? All that and more!

Stunt Granny Show- WWE Royal Rumble 2012 Preview

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