Matt Hardy has a new promotional video.

So it has been a while since Matt Hardy graced Stunt Granny and even longer since I had thought of the guy but when I read the headline  “Matt Hardy channels Ron Burgundy while promoting his Wrestling Cares Association match against Shawn Daivari” over at I had to give it a click.

The video is nothing different than any of the Hardy’s brand of humor that apparently still gets people excited about them. It isn’t terrible by any means and in fact there is one actually funny moment thanks to the grace of video editing.  One unintentionally funny item is that Matt, by his own admission in the comments, wore the wrong color shirt. Just check it out; you’ll see.

The most interesting part of the video is that Candace, or is it Candice, Michelle is wrestling Katie Lee Burchill and that Ryan Shamrock is making an appearance in Daivari’s corner. Who knew any of them were still active?  This isn’t an insult.

Last I knew Candace Michelle was busy weighing down society spitting out babies. Katie Lee Burchill, well, as far as I recall fell off wrestling after TNA screwed up her run? I haven’t seen Ryan Shamrock in a long time and no I am not and will not look up current pictures of her. I care to remember her as this skanky bitch that would totally get it from her WWF days. So leave me be with those memories.

In summary it has been a painfully slow news week so this got posted. Ha ha, you read it. -Jeremy

Sean Waltman Is Fucking Gross, A Tragedy

One of these men has Hepatitis C.

From Meltzer:

Sean Waltman, who is still working indie dates even with Hepatitis C, was on the Cowhead show in Tampa and said TNA won’t use him due to liability issues. He said he didn’t know how he got the disease, but said he had a lot of unprotected sex in his lifetime. He talked more about his suicide attempt a few years ago, saying that he got depressed, attacked his girlfriend Alicia Webb. He then got even more depressed, took Valium and drank a bottle of Bacardi and tried to hang himself. Webb found him right before he was about to die, and saved his life, giving him CPR under the paramedics arrived. Webb, who was his valet in AAA and worked in WWF as Ryan Shamrock, the sister of Ken Shamrock. Vince Russo wanted to book an incest angle between the two of them in the late 90s, but Ken turned it down, which was one of the reasons he got depushed. Then, as seems to always happen in wrestling, Webb and Ken became an item.

Once again, why would you even hire a person like this? What the hell is wrong with TNA? – Dusty

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