#SippyTimeBeer Review – @BreckBrew, @GreatDivideBrew, @GreenFlashBeer and @SeventhSonBrew

Breckenridge Christmas AleBreckenridge BreweryChristmas Ale – Breckenridge brews some seriously good beers. This beer is no exception. It didn’t have the usual nutmeg or cinnamon in it which was a nice change of pace. They went for caramel and chocolate in their beverage so it made it more like a porter than any Christmas beer I have tasted. The hops are pretty much absent with a 22 IBU but the alcohol isn’t at 7.4%. That will give you some Christmas cheer. Since this company emanates from the fine city of Breckenridge, CO and gets the whole way here to Columbus, I’m going to guess you might be able to find some in your area. Probably in the clearance aisle now that we’re almost a full two months removed from Christmas.

Great Divide Hibernation

Great Divide Brewing Co.Hibernation Ale – This one wraps up my Christmas beer selection, which has been quite extensive. I’m more than ready to leave nutmeg and cinnamon for the next ten months. Interesting enough though, this beer didn’t have either of those ingredients. Which might have been one of the reasons I didn’t like this very much. It’s an English style old ale which doesn’t taste all that good to my palate despite having plenty of malt in it. It clocks in at a nice 8.7% ABV so it does have it virtues but I wouldn’t recommend this one come late 2014. If you want to try it though, they distribute here.

Seventh Son Seventh SonSeventh Son Brewing Co.Seventh Son – I had no idea what an American Strong Ale was until having this beverage. It is a beer that uses a lot of the grapefruit and stone fruit hops meets a meets the malty goodness of an Amber Ale. They blend seven types of hops during the dry hopping process to make sure the name fits. The earlier hops cut through the dry hopped part perfectly with their fruitiness. The malt still comes through even with plenty of hops in this beverage. To continue the Seventh Son theme, the ABV comes in at 7.7%. Unfortunately for some, it’s only available here in Columbus. When you come to visit, we’ll definitely grab several pints at their brew pub. It doesn’t hurt that they almost always have a food truck there and most of them make tasty food. The picture also reminded me that I love their half growlers. I’m starting to see them at all of the local brewers now but they were the first spot I saw them at.

Green Flash TrippelGreen Flash BreweryTrippel – This beverage was the first new beer of 2014. Time to start a new picture folder and a new count down for the end of the year on my computer. It’s always good to take monks old recipes and updating them. Belgian yeast has been a noticeable taste that keeps popping up in my beers and when the formula comes from monks, it’ll definitely be there. Green Flash pops in pale malt and a pair of hops flavors to come up with this bad boy. The hops aren’t overwhelming or even that noticeable since Trippel only comes in at 24 IBUs. I talked about a Double White last week. This one is triple brewed so guess where the ABV is at? 9.7% is what this beer delivers. It was a perfect beer on New Year’s Eve since I was hosting the party and I bought this beverage in 22 ounce form. This company is out of San Diego, CA so if I can find it you should be able to also. I recommend this one if you like the Belgian style beers. It’s right up your palate’s alley.

Another fun part of Seventh Son Brewing is that they have teamed with other small brewers to produce some unique joint beers. I recently got a mini-growler of Seven Fists of Deth which is a collaboration Revolution Brewing out of Chicago. It’s a double IPA which I will be reviewing in November at this rate. They are also doing a collaboration with Rockmill Brewery out of Lancaster, Ohio. Here’s a little video they put together during the brewing process of Urban Cowboy Stout they are collaborating on. Have a good weekend and enjoy a #SippyTimeBeer! – Kevin

#TotalDivas – She Said (He Edited) 8/11 Edition


So we are running behind since we went on a fabulous vacation to the Caribbean. Honestly, I didn’t miss watching the show from 8/11 and now that we’ve sat here and watched it, I know why. Though, the editing is getting better and we did chuckle through some bits, it was still a little yawn worthy.

The episode mainly travels around Trinity and Jon and their 2 year engagement. She is upset because Jon keeps asking her when they are going to get more involved with plans to get married and she is utterly frustrated that he keeps bringing it up. Not to mention he gets pissed because she isn’t wearing her ring. Though I understand why with the WWE asking her to play a ‘single’ role, it makes sense for her not to wear it and with him in the WWE you would think he would further understand, but alas, it boils down to Caveman status and is upset that she isn’t wearing her engagement ring. (Kevin’s Edit: You ladies remember everything. You’re telling me a woman can’t remember to put her ring back on? Please.)  After a big fight and a WWE Raw in KS where they end in the ring together, it comes to head and she realizes she is being hard on Jon for her past failing relationships. He in turns says, ‘why get a hamburger when you can get a steak every night’. Classy!

Brie and Daniel are moving to Phoenix so she can be closer to her dog. Huh? So much traveling, she leaves the dog in Phoenix with her mom and now instead of moving to Washington to live in Daniel’s home from when he was growing up, they pack for Phoenix. Absolutely ridiculous when they Skype with the dog. Good gravy! (KE: I feel the need to make a Whale’s Vagina reference since they live in San Diego.)

Brie has to tell Nikki who ends up being not happy about the move and brings over “A” box to help them move. Who seriously brings just 1 box, it’s like Jennifer Gray saying to Patrick Swayze “I carried a watermelon”. After bashing them for moving for a dog ‘to each his own’ Brie kicks her out. Nikki does blame Daniel for the move, though not sure why. (KE: It was complete coincidence that we both made Patrick Swayze references.)

Nikki ends up having a conversation with John about the move and after discussing her ‘skin malfunction’ aka ‘planet’ aka a zit for us common people, we hear John’s sensitive side and how Nikki is a bitch and she needs to understand her sister’s move and to let bygones be bygones. Looks like John has been reading the Tao of Pooh! Man, he was deep. We actually enjoyed him in his scene and he gave kudos to Daniel Bryan for being a hard worker. I may actually like him at this point, but I’m sure that will change quickly. (KE: Cena is killing me in this series. The nipple rubbing cracked me up.)

Eva Marie thankfully isn’t really in the episode and it’s JoJo that has a visitor this time. The love of her life Brandon appears. I laughed when she said he is the love of her life and has known him since they were 5. Um, hello, you’re 19. Brandon doesn’t understand the work she is doing and wants her to go home. JoJo does end up getting a slight concussion on this episode, but Nattie tells her that it’s Brandon or the WWE. JoJo ends up choosing the WWE and Brandon get’s his walking papers. (KE: Stupid high school kids. Glad she made the right decision.)

45 minutes later, the episode wasn’t to bad, no Fandango kissing his own hand, no MTV Cribs, just more inside the life, yet scripted Total Diva episode. They still have my attention and am interested enough to see Ariana get fake boobs, so stay tuned to see how the fake boobs float! – M (& Kevin)

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

Yep, something like this is going to be hitting my hands this week.

So, I’m pumped. This is the last review I will be doing from this computer. I done ordered myself a new lap top because, as I type this, my screen is basically a big blur. Not a way to make this site great. I’d also like to note that it is now it is 10:54 and I turned my computer on at 10:05 PM EST. It is time for an upgrade. We’re talking about adding video content. We’re talking about a lot of things, which is bad ass. As for Jeremy, I’m amused he noted I was trying to get a woman tonight. Keep up with us on Twitter (@Stuntgranny) for additional content as always. It’d be bad ass if I could pull off roller derby girl. Cool cat. Enough about me and the site, on to the review.

Picture pages, picture pages, Nash joked at the Meet & Greet about being HHH’s body guard. We’ll see if it’s true soon enough. I hope he was paid by Del Rio. We get an apology. Del Rio should have cashed it in no matter who won so the mistake was moot in my book. Nash is invited to Raw. Cheap pop HHH. Del Rio gets shoved down our throat more. I can’t wait for his free fall. The belt has really played hot potato recently. I can’t believe that hasn’t been a hot internet topic. Del Rio just feeding the crowd and he finally clubs them like a baby seal. Come on, you know it was coming. I was not impressed.

We get R Truth against John Morrison, again. Thanks for beating this feud into the ground already. Watching this match reminded me that I was watching American Ninja Warrior this weekend. I don’t watch it all the time, but their obstacle courses are awesome and the parkour people love them.

Truth is almost too popular again. His act is so much better though. I didn’t buy a ringside ticket for when Raw hits Columbus in September. I doubt a Falls Counts Anywhere match will pop up again. When was the last time the Raw GM podium was used? I have no idea. The suplexing of Truth into a soft seat was ridiculous. Solid knee to finish him off though.

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