Will this Dogg be Tough Enough?

Raquel Welch on a Cross. I'll see enough of Matt Cross on Tough Enough, probably.

I didn’t see it on Twitter myself (Prowrestling.Net did), but Val Venis (AKA Sean Morley) has broke the news that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross has made it onto Tough Enough. Dot Net wasn’t able to confirm it. I can’t either but my sources told me that he was not at the recording of Pressure Rising for Pro Wrestling Ohio this past weekend in Streetsboro, OH because of contractual obligations. So I figured I’d pile on the speculation. As my review from this past weekend notes, I think Cross has the in ring ability but his mic work will be tested in WWE waters. I wish him the best of luck as I’ve enjoyed his work these past three years in PWO. – Kevin

Heyman creates some junk, Jericho is the best, Dreamer screwed out of burrito money

chris jericho kelly kelly

The kid goes, but Kelly Kelly stays.

According to Prowrestling.net, Paul Heyman made a “huge” announcement at Comic Con this past week: He’s spearheading the creation of an online fighting game that is sure to give nerds carpal tunnel at an even earlier age and cause Funyuns and Mountain Dew sales to spike. Boy, that Heyman sure has his finger on the pulse of what’s hot; I wonder if he’s beaten Doom yet.

Also, according to a house show report at Prowrestling.net, Chris Jericho had a little boy and his father ejected from the building for a soda-throwing incident. Just read this and imagine it happening:

During the match, a small kid threw his drink on Jericho, who got on the mic and demanded that the kid be removed from the building. Security escorted the boy and his father out.

Chris Jericho is the absolute best heel right now. That little story of his assholishness made my entire day, and it’s only 8:30 a.m.

One last thing from Dot Net: Tommy Dreamer tweeted this weekend (speaking of Funyuns and Mountain Dew) that a promoter for an independent show in Scranton, Pa., skipped out without paying the wrestlers, who included Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Raven, Larry Zbyszko, Sean Morley and… David Sammartino? He’s still getting booked? He couldn’t reach the counter at the bank to cash his check anyway! Zbyszko doesn’t need any extra cash if he’s hanging out with miscreants like Scott Hall and Chasyn Rance (oh yes, that link is a YouTube video); Morley should have stashed that sweet TNA money he got for his, what, month of work; and another Douglas-works-at-Target joke is just tired at this point (when we have Justin Credible to make fun of). -Eric

Alyssa Flash Gone From TNA.

Thanks to Cheerleadermelissa.com and Chickfight for this fine picture.

It just gets funnier and funnier in the land of TNA. Cheerleader Melissa, better known in TNA as Alyssa Flash has asked for her release from TNA according to PWTorch.com. These dumb bastards are possibly going to let another, young, fresh face go so they can continue with the likes of “Towel Guy Dudley” Sean Morley? Yes she may be just another puny woman but she is marketable and young unlike TNA’s current direction. Plus she has an amazingly cute lisp. This doesn’t really mean much but she does.

Here comes the full disclosure statement; I love everything about Melissa. So the idea of her being unemployed after this is unsettling. There is always the indy scene of course and a return to Shimmer would be aces.

I am not sure she is what WWE is looking. As Eric likes to say “She is the bee’s knees” but then WWE doesn’t like their women to look like real women, let alone wrestle.

Since Kong has also asked for her release it is possible that WWE can swoop them up as a package type deal and interject them on Smackdown. This won’t happen but the idea of her versus Mickie James makes my nether regions tingled in delight. – Jeremy

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