Stunt Granny Audio Show #180

Reunited and it feels so good, Dusty and Jeremy join forces to combat the biggest stories of the week in the wide wide world of professional wrestling. Shane Douglas made a triumphant appearance on Raw that resounded across the nation. Or maybe it lulled everyone to sleep like a “good” Triple H promo. A-Train’s on again, off again relationship with the fact that he’s definitely coming back to WWE is apparently back on again, under the guise of Lord Tensai. If you have alcohol or substance abuse problems, you need to know right now that Chris Jericho absolutely HATES you. All that and a whole lot more so give the poor chaps about an hour of your time and an ear, why the fuck don’t ya?!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #180

Shane Douglas has night offf from Target; invades Raw

Shane Douglas, you remember him from such things as ECW and WCW, got the night off from gathering carts at Target and showed up on Raw. No he didn’t do it in an official capacity, he bought a ticket. No real news there right? Well, being Shane Douglas, he decided to make a spectacle of himself or at least tried.

During the Kane/Big Show match on Monday Night raw a Lucha masked person stood up, removed their shirt revealing a “Franchise” symbol on a black shirt. Then they proceeded to remove the Lucha mask and lo and behold it was Shane Douglas. The crowd went absolutely crazy and started a very loud and sustained chant of ECW that lasted fifteen minutes and totally overshadowed the match and post-match beatdown.

Ok, past the unmasking none of that happened. Just watch the video. One scrub, who apparently doesn’t understand landscape mode or the idea to just turn the fucking camera horizontally, chanted ECW. It all makes for a sad scene. No one cared. There was no one around his seat that popped big nor did he garner a lot of attention on the way out of the building. This brings up the question, why did he leave? He could have sat facing the hard camera and mugged the entire night. He could have changed shirts promoting his ECW gimmick show with each match. He could have held up a sign or two. He could have done so many more things other than not make a spectacle of himself.

On the bright side he has a story to tell the other cart boys at Target this morning.-Jeremy

Headlines: HIV-positive wrestler sentenced, BJ Whitmer sucks, Shane Douglas HA HA sucks

BJ Whitmer, who spent his whole retirement fund on that Extreme Couture shirt and ripped jeans.

According to, HIV-positive former pro wrestler Andre Davis was sentenced to 32 years in prison for not telling sexual partners about his virus. Davis was sentenced in Hamilton Co., Ohio, and faces more charges in adjacent Butler and Warren counties. In Davis news, who cares? In other news, Iowa also has a Hamilton, Butler and Warren county. How about your state?

Also according to, BJ Whitmer is coming out of retirement to wrestle Jay Lethal at Ring of Honor’s February 17 event in Cincinnati, Ohio. For those of you who need a reminder, BJ Whitmer sucks balls, and no one cared that he was “retired;” we just assumed no promoter was stupid enough to book him. Of the two news stories based out of Ohio, I actually think hanger-on Whitmer is the bigger sad-sack.

Finally, according to, Shane Douglas continues to release names who will take part in the Extreme Reunion event April 28 in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory. Douglas name-dropped Sabu, Sandman and Rhino, in addition to Raven, Jerry Lynn, The Gangstas, and Tracy Smothers. I’d love to attend the show, but I already have plans to cut my pony tail off, drink a 6-pack of Keystone Light that my brother bought me, and ask a freshman high school girl out to see “10 Things I Hate About You.” And then powerbomb all of my friends through tables. Learn more about the Extreme Reunion here, thanks to Jeremy. Hmmm, you know, I kinda wanna see Andre Davis vs. BJ Whitmer in a Taipei Death Match at this show, but that’s just me. -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio Show #172

The show gets off to a rousing start when Kevin stumbles onto pictures of Rosa Mendes. Him and Jeremy talk about the tag team titles changing hands at a house show, the quality of tag team wrestling in general and of course Evan Bourne. How dumb can one man be? Who thinks he should take a stand? Will he ever earn back the WWE’s trust? Jeremy & Kevin move on to talking about Daniel Bryan. Is the heel turn working? Is AJ a good addition to his act? Another experiment talent for the WWE is Dolph Ziggler. Who could be his opponent at Wrestlemania? Are the guys getting ahead of themselves? They continue talking Raw by discussing the dynamics of CM Punk’s feud with John Laurinitis. Is John as Wooden as Kevin claims? Did Punk do something this week that he hasn’t done in a while? Does it help Punk when he acts like an arrogant ass that no one should root for? Jeremy & Kevinwind down the show with Kurt Angle’s preposterous claim. Will he really be at the Royal Rumble? Is there a good reason to bring him in? Just how bad are the movies he’s been in? Find out that and more by clicking on the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #172

Extreme Wrestling Returns?

I thought this mother fucker was gathering carts at Target? Apparently I was wrong? He still wrestles? If you haven’t watched the video here is the quick synopsis. Shane Douglas is sad he missed the final event at ECW Arena, blah blah. But have no fear the revolution is starting again with, wait for it, yet another reunion show for ECW “stars.”

Yup, just in case you haven’t had enough of old timer ECW wrestlers here is your chance to once again feel the excitement, the entertainment and the majesty of ten to fifteen broken down old men pretending it is the late nineties.

How many times is this same, tired old act going to be pushed out? Does anyone remember the train wreck of TNA’s ECW reunion?  Who out there is clamoring for one more Tommy Dreamer versus Raven match? Can we roll out Sabu and have him go one last time against anyone? No seriously? Anyone? Come one there has to be someone out there wanting to probably not get paid as much as they were told.

While there is no talent list up on the site yet you have to figure the same old people will show up. By same old, I mean everyone involved. The guy with the hat, the dude with the log black hair and sunglasses, Joel Gertner, Francine, that one fat guy, the other fat guy, the other fat guy next t him, the dirty guy, the guy who…you get the joke.

Nostalgia acts are sad. Seeing someone in their fifties pretending to be the person they were in their twenties and thirties is sad. I forgot half of the content of this video already due to this creeping sense of sadness. Oh look grampa has a beret on backwards and keeps laughing it should be adorable but it isn’t.  -Jeremy

Happy Heyman Spins A Yarn

And what a delightful yarn it is!

Thanks to our eye in the sky Mean Gene for the tip on this one. – Dusty

The Shane Douglas Manifesto


Former ECW Champion Shane Douglas posted a message on his website stating that he won’t appear at TNA Hardcore Justice unless Ric Flair  agrees to work a match with him. “Firstly, MOST organizations would NOT wish to mislead any potential customer(s),” Douglas wrote regarding a TNA Hardcore Justice commercial that included him.

“CLEARLY, this video intended to mislead wrestling fans, most certainly ECW fans! That said, I have to question TNA’s motive(s) in placing ANY shot of me in their promotional pieces?! TNA is overly aware that we have NOT come to terms for any participation by ECW’s centerpiece “Franchise” in “Hardcore Justice”! So, either they are trying to deceive potential PPV buyers (namely ECW fans), or they must be willing to meet my only demand for the event- Dic Flair on a silver platter!

“This was the biggest angle, teased to our loyal fanbase, that never came ‘to a head’ in ECW. Unless I’m missing the mark, I feel VERY STRONGLY that this IS a match our fanbase, and TNA’s, would tune in to see. Too bad, thus far, TNA seems to be following their now-tired trend of ignoring their fans’ desires!!!” To read the full message, visit

It’s getting to the point where if TNA does something right, it’s an accident. (Actually, we’ve probably long since past that point.) But anyway, I remember in the late ’90s when Bischoff was being a douche and not using Flair, there were some rumblings that he would come in for a one shot on a PPV and wrestle Douglas. The logistics were probably a nightmare, however, due in part to pay and who was going to put who over, so it was really only a pipe dream, but it sure would have been awesome. I guess the point I am trying to make here is that it would have been awesome, 800 years ago. It’s really just sad now. The whole thing is just really sad. – Dusty
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