Shelly Martinez has a web series called Sprinkles

Do you like watching web series? Did you like Sucker Punch? Do you like Nazi’s? how about Cats? Well if you said yes to all or none of these then Shelly Martinez has a show for you. Yup, she has her very own web series entitled “Sprinkles.

Sure she has retired from wrestling. Sure this looks low budget but it is Shelly Martinez and when she isn’t retweeting everything under the firey sun,  seems like a cool chick. It also helps she is gorgeous. Yup, always a good way for us to like someone. So what if it isn’t considered professional.

Now this series looks perplexing. It is obviously low budget. It reminds me of those Cinemax movie rip offs like “The Hills Have Thighs” and “Spiderbabe.” This though may actually be tongue in cheek so it seems to be too soon to bash it.

From the trailer above though we do look to be guaranteed the following items: Mick Foley cameo, ODB appearance, Nazi S&M, a hotdog with nunchucks, Land of The Lost inspired special effects and possibly Mil Mascaras. When you look at it that way, this may be something to catch? I don’t know.  I quit doing drugs a long time ago.  -J

Shelly Martinez has an amazing rack

In the interest of full disclosure there is nothing better on this planet than a huge rack. The ass is fine and legs are good too but nothing compares to big juicy titties. As a means of proving my point I give you exhibit A. This is a pic Shelly Martinez from her Twitter. She has been out of the national promotions for about a year but her rack is amazing. How amazing you may ask? Well, it is so ridiculously beautiful that it made me ignore the fact that she is a Hardy fan. What? You didn’t notice the print on the t-shirt? Well look a little lower and there it is. She is wearing a fucking Hardy Boyz shirt. Yes that is sickening but if there was ever a way to make up for this grievous injustice it has to be her ample bosoms. That is all. -Jeremy

Shelly Martinez Sighting

Unleash The Girls.

Unleash The Girls.

So here I am on Saturday morning doing the usual stuff like eating fruit, trying to figure out what happened last night and catching up on my DVR material before the gym. I had all the usual wrestling shows and having watched The Office and 30 Rock I was left with only one other non-wrestling related item. Now before going any further I am the resident pervert of our little group here so this needs to be said now.

Anyway, Co-Ed Confidential: Spring Break recorded so I figure why not. Some softcore action early in the morning is always a good thing. I am of the discipline that hardcore is for after lunch and right before bed. If you are hung over though those rules get tossed out and you are allowed to watch at any time of day to deal with the effects.
This week’s episode found James and the gang trying to throw a wet t-shirt contest at their financially strapped bar. They make all the usual jokes about wet t-shirts being outdated which I am confused about, but eventually they have one.

They have some fat chick up first and then some other non-descript women. Of course the pour the water and then get topless and it’s all rather ho-hum. Then the next girl comes on stage and I swear I heard angels. It was Stunt Granny favorite, Shelly Martinez. She did a little dance, poured some water and then finally got topless. It was one of the happiest moments of my Saturday mornings in a while. Not the tops but definitely in the top 100.

Her appearance was brief but she did stand in the background as some of the main characters got topless but there was no contest. My boo, yeah my boo, was prancing in the background chewing scenery.

Now I know this isn’t even the most extreme thing she has done on film or digital media but it was just the surprise of it. She has been invisible since leaving TNA and seeing her again and topless was a treat. So check it out if you want.  Co-Ed Confidential 7 is available on On Demand on Charter cable. I am not sure about other systems so do your own investigating.  -Jeremy

Kevin Thorn released. One Person Noticed.


Apparently WWE has released Kevin Thorn but hasn’t told anyone else yet but Kevin Thorn. James Caldwell, over at (Our old stomping grounds), Apparently Kevin posted on his WWEUniverse blog in short order and sentences that he was gone from WWE. After seeing that he posted this private info on their corporate run blog WWE yanked it and he was gone from and all related WWE places and sites This is no Matt Hardy style situation but it is indicative of the poor judgment that Kevin has shown in his career. I call him Kevin because I choose to know so little about him.

Anyway, this is the same guy that wrestled in a baseball hat and pissed Jim Cornette off to no end. He was also the guy that played the short-lived but much hyped Mordecai that was supposed to feud with the Undertaker but instead, lost to Rey Mysterio right out of the gate. No matter what he did he never got off on the right foot with WWE.

He was also lucky enough to attach himself to Shelly Martinez’s awesome tits with their vampire gimmick. If you think about it that entire gimmick was based off of her chest and what a great gimmick I was indeed. Unfortunately he never got out of the shadows of those precious, precious mams and he faded back to Deep South or Florida Championship wrestling for more seasoning until he secretively got releases. We can all expect a Facebook or MySpace blog in the near future detailing just what happened but without Shelly’s gams attached no one will be paying attention, probably. -Jeremy

See! We told you! (Win a date with Salinas on eBay)

Were not the kind of guys to say we told you so, but we... told you so! HAHAHAHA!

We're not the kind of guys to say we told you so, but we... told you so! HAHAHAHA!

Alright, kids, start sending your UNICEF pennies to me: Shelly Martinez, aka Salinas, aka Ariel, aka Jeremy’s boo, has put herself up for bid on eBay:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls … Have we got a very, very special auction for you! Up for your bidding pleasure is a chance to sit down, eat great food, talk and enjoy an afternoon/evening with one of the hottest ladies in professional wrestling … Shelly Martinez! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity deal! You don’t want to miss out on this one…

This auction includes lunch/dinner with Shelly at the world famous Mr Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. Art, celebrity and superb cuisine all blend together in this internationally renowned restaurant under the direction of Michael Chow. The MR CHOW in Beverly Hills very quickly became a hangout spot, and exhibition space for some of the biggest stars in Hollywood’s Cafe Society. (more information about this historical restaurant can be found at

I’m Mr. Chow, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Chow…

And just to be sure everyone is clear, they reprint this important information:

This offer cannot be transferred into any other offer. (SG Note: I’m assuming this is directed toward us and means if we win, we can’t make a sexual offer. Nuts.) If date and time has been scheduled and winning bidder does not arrive, you cannot receive any type of refund.

Winning bidder will get the following:
– Lunch/Dinner with Shelly Martinez (date & time to be determined by both parties)
– Your photo with Shelly, which she will autograph for you!

She needs to autograph my crank and chow down on my balls. She is so hot… but doggone it, there’s just something in me that won’t allow me add to the THIRTY-EIGHT OTHER BIDS which have gotten up to $12,800. I mean for fuck’s sake, people. She’s not even gonna sexify you. She made that abundantly clear when we offered to pay for an apartment wrestling match with her: Shelly Martinez’s services are not up for sale! Oh… -Eric

P.S. To fully get my “up for bids” reference, check out my band Hold For Swank’s song “Does She Realize?” available on iTunes now!

Salinas On The Move

Temporarily gone, but not forgotten... she has a permanent place in our spank banks.

Temporarily gone, but never forgotten... she has a permanent home in our spank banks.

This is either the best news in a long while or the worst. Salinas aka Shelly Martinez aka The Hottest Woman in Wrestling, is gone from TNA. She posted on her MySpace page that she is going off to film a movie and has gone through the next open door while another closes. This has a lot of potential to be a great move as the last time she was split with a wrestling company it led to nudity and bondage.

Hey everyone! First I want to say to everyone who ordered my photos sorry for the delay. The printing held it up so I will send those off this week and have a little gift for you guys or gals for the trouble!!

Anywho, this blog is about choices. Sometimes in life you find yourself saying “I have no choice” and you follow your heart even if it seems at the time your heart may be breaking when you do follow your heart and commit to it. I made a big decision recently and when it is time to talk about it I promise I will have a follow up blog explaining. I care about all my fans and appreciate your support. On a good note, when you find it’s time to close a door another door (weather you looking or not) opens right up and I’ve peaked inside and decided to open it and walk right in LOL

Starting tomorrow I will be begin to film an Italian inspired thriller. I had rehearsal yesterday and my costar and I have great chemistry together so it will be grand!! YAY!! I am working on having my camera guy shoot some behind the scene for my new site!! Yes, I am disappointed to lose something important to me for this role but at the same time change, scary change, always seems to lead to bigger and better things. I will keep you all posted, until then remember no matter what 5150 LAX por vida!!!!


P.S. For the record this blog was posted by Shelly Martinez on Sept 14th, 2008 at 11:18am PST

We here at Stunt Granny wish her all the best in her future. While the notion that she will be off our television screens for the foreseeable future the possibility remains for more moving pictures of her with little to no clothes on. -Jeremy

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