Kevin Nash shoot interview features stories from the WWF in (hold your nose) 1995

We at Stunt Granny don’t like to promote things we aren’t going to make money on (which is why we don’t promote anything, including Hold For Swank, whose albums are available on iTunes). What we like to do is be entertained by pro wrestlers and then share that entertainment with you. I ran across a trailer, posted on July 9, for the Kayfabe Commentaries “Timeline: The History of WWE: 1995: Kevin Nash” DVD (not sure how many colons really belong there) and laughed out loud enough that I thought I’d better post it. Nash is a Stunt Granny favorite (Kevin and Dan met him at PWO’s Wrestlelution last year, plus he’s just a funny guy), so if you’re as into inside wrestling stories, quick humor and the word “fuck” as we are, check out the trailer and consider buying the DVD.

More drama than yo mama: Hulk Hogan threatening to sue Ultimate Warrior

hulk hogan ultimate warrior

Happier times.

Wow, does the fun ever stop? According to and, Hulk Hogan is now threatening to sue Ultimate Warrior for “spewing sewage” about him over the past few weeks and, in particular, during the 7-minute clip from the forthcoming 55-minute shoot video Warrior recorded ALL ABOUT Hulk Hogan. According to the article:

Hulk says he’s tried ignoring The Ultimate Warrior, to no avail. So now Hulk has gotten his lawyer involved and plans on dropping the hammer — in court.

I could go on and one about this situation for the rest of the afternoon, but I’d rather post this related article from where Hogan claimed ex-wife Linda took the toilets from their home. Not that this is a particularly good read, but it’s funny to imagine haggard old Linda carrying a toilet out of a mansion. -Eric

Happy Heyman Spins A Yarn

And what a delightful yarn it is!

Thanks to our eye in the sky Mean Gene for the tip on this one. – Dusty

Kevin Sullivan needs a lot more than a pillow

OK, I know Raven talks a lot. A LOT. And I know the soothing tones of Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ smooth voice could rock a baby right out of a tree. But god damn, Kevin Sullivan, you’re (probably) being paid to be exploited do this interview; have the common courtesy to stay awake. (Ups to blitzkrieg for making this video known.) -Eric

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