Sid Vicious appears on CBS’ “Big Brother”

This one’s for you, Dusty: According to, former WWF and WCW superstar Sid Vicious (Sid Justice, Sycho Sid, a/k/a Sid Eudy) (side note: I remember picking up my one and only copy of the National Enquirer when I was about 10 years old, because it listed two dozen wrestlers’ real names, and Sid Eudy was one of them; still no idea how to pronounce it, and I’ve watched the above video 12 times) appeared on CBS’ “Big Brother” series. Sid’s son, Frank, is one of the house guests and the leader of whatever Team Frank is. Oh well, based on these three minutes, Frank seems like a good kid, and Sid comes across as a nice guy that Dusty and I should probably go have beers with now. I’ll just shave my beard so I don’t look so much like an Anderson-Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #194

Despite their advanced ages, DX still knows how to have a good time.

We’re back to a two-man booth this week, but what a two man booth! Kevin and Dusty join forces to delve into the top news stories in pro wres, giving you a healthy dosage of News You Can Use. They talk about WWE’s use of the legends and how Heath Slater’s fits into the scheme of things. They talk about AJ and how WWE uses the General Manager position has a crutch in their litany of bad booking. And just how much fun was DX’s appearance? Too much fun! Dusty just barely made the show because he had to go to the emergency room to get his sides put together after they split. And so much more, and you’re going to have to listen to find out what it is!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #194

Stunt Granny Audio #190

A three (and a half) hour tour…

Join Kevin and Dusty through a magical odyssey of life and pro wrestling in this latest edition of Stunt Granny Audio! Kevin is planted firmly in the middle of a domestic dispute between one of his roommates and their baby momma. In classic Howard Stern fashion, Dusty drags it out on the air to entertain people. And then they focus their attentions on pro wres and the happenings of this week’s Monday Night Raw. Vince McMahon is the strangest human being in the entire world and desperately wants you to think he’s a stud who is hip and with it. What is greater: Vader’s age or Vader’s weight? Poor Sin Cara didn’t get his trampoline entrance. Poor Curt Hawkins didn’t even get an entrance. Can CM Punk shape the future of pro wres? All that and a whole lot more and it’s only going to cost you about 5o minutes of your measley life, so listen now dammit!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #190

World Wrestling Bracketainment: Best WWE Champion in history, play-in for No. 32 seed

Well folks, it’s that time of year. No, not when we eat fish every Friday because they’re the only animals on Noah’s Ark who don’t have any feelings. It’s bracket time! If it wasn’t for March Madness, we sports fans wouldn’t have anything to do at all.

So let’s drag this bracket concept kicking and screaming into professional wrestling! We’re looking to determine the best WWE Champion in history, and we want to do so with your help. We’ve seeded 31 of the 43 WWE Champions by the length of their combined title reigns (not including World Hvt Championship reigns, as that belt has been around for a cup of coffee compared to the prestigious WWE Championship). Through a series of polls, we’ll ask you to move these champions onto the next round until we’ve crowned a winner.

To keep things interesting, we’ve decided that, rather than plop Mankind directly into the No. 32 seed position automatically, we would have a play-in game to determine who longest-reigning champion Bruno Sammartino would face in his opening around match. Vote for your favorite, based on any criteria you wish! Once No. 32 is established, we’ll rock and roll, giving you about 48 hours to vote before moving onto the next round. Happy tournamenting!

Sid smokes weed? Heh heh heh, cool.

sid son

"I learned it from watching YOU, Dad! I learned it from watching you..."

According to, Sid Vicious, aka Sid Justice, aka Psycho Sid, aka Sid Eudy irl (that’s “in real life” for you uncool kids who don’t know Internet language) was arrested Friday for possession of marijuana, driving without a license and driving without a seat belt. Of course he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, he was high! Just kidding. Anyway, according to the report on WMC-TV in Memphis, Sid had 18 grams of pot in a bag on the arm rest of his car. Damn, son! That wasn’t enough to be accused of trafficking (Jeff Hardy, let this be a lesson to you), but someone had to cough up $1,000 to release Sid on bond.

Remember back when Sid used to sniff the air and say, “I smell… I smell a powerbomb!”? I think I know what a powerbomb smells like. -Eric

UPDATE: Apparently 18 grams of weed isn’t a lot. I don’t know, I don’t have a scale in my bedroom. I do have an adrenaline shot in my fridge, though; I’ve seen “Pulp Fiction.”

Stunt Granny Audio: MST3K for Royal Rumble 1992

royal rumble 1992


Break out your pirated Royal Rumble 1992 video and follow along, because Dusty and Eric are joined by Dan for a very special Stunt Granny Audio! The three synchronize their copies of the Royal Rumble match from 1992 and spend about 70 minutes watching the match, sharing stories, recalling angles and reliving history, all during one of the greatest hours of professional wrestling of all time. Who did they think would win back then? What old angles were dredged up throughout the match? Why did Dan write a letter to Ted Turner in 1991? All of this and sooo much more, if you just click and listen!

Stunt Granny Audio Special 2010

Dusty’s Blog: The Rain, Michael Cole, And Other Things

I figure if I post their picture, you might be able to get the reference. Sledgehammer of reference.

The rain: Man, it sure was raining a lot this past weekend. If you get a chance, ask Jeremy Maes about it. Better still, ask him where he was while he was being rained upon. You know, for conversation sake.

Michael Cole: So it occurred to me watching Summer Slam last night that Michael Cole would make the perfect manager. I’m always complaining about the lack of managers in wrestling these days (the dancing, no penis buffoon Runjin Singh does not count, btw) and I think that Michael Cole transitioning into a managerial role would be the perfect WWE way to make managers digestable again to the viewing public.

Cole has been awesome lately in his ongoing saga anti-Bryan Danielson and pro-The Miz. I know that this isn’t exactly a new concept since I was championing Cole to be the mouthpiece of Nexus back when that angle first started, but I’m going to beat the horse until it’s dead, because it’s a legit good idea.

The problem is that who would replace Cole as commentator on Raw? Sure, you could beg Jim Ross to come back, but a more likely scenario would be for them to place Matt Striker in there full-time opposite Jerry Lawler, an idea which gives me severe gas because Striker is fucking terrible and doesn’t deserve to be bagging old lady’s groceries at Piggly Wiggly, let alone announcing the biggest wrestling show on television. Obviously, more thought would have to go into this.

Speaking of heartburn: The finish to the Team WWE vs. Team Nexus match gave me a triple bypass. What I would have done is, after Jericho and Edge get eliminated, have them lay out Cena on the floor. Cena gets rolled back in, gets the bejeezus kicked out of him by the three remaining Nexus members, and then have him get counted out. That way, he gets eliminated in a way where he keep every last shred of credibility he has, since that’s apparently so important to him, while he still gets eliminated, which was the best thing to do for business.

So that would leave Danielson against Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett. From there, you have Danielson eliminate Slater and Gabriel, before losing to Barrett because he’s tired and the odds were against him. That way, Cena stays strong since he has a reasonable excuse for getting eliminated, Danielson gets built up to the max and has a plausible excuse for getting eliminated, and Barrett looks super strong by getting a PPV main event win. So then, Cena can seek revenge on Jericho and Edge, and Danielson can go after Barrett.

Meanwhile, it’s about time to pare the Nexus group down to four or five members. Seven is too many for a group of wrestlers, and I’m sure you can think of at least two pieces of dead weight in that group anyway. Slim them down to five members and keep them strong going into the Survivor Series, which should be the absolute next time they all team up together in a match. WWE likes having seven on seven and six on six matches or whatever, but that needs to stop immediately. It is old and it is dead.

Other things: TNA has some of the ugliest fans in wrestling history. I know I’m no sunshine and lollipops over here, but I’m also not parking myself in the front row facing the hard camera every single week on national television, you know? Enough is enough here.

Shannon Moore is perhaps the worst wrestler in the history of professional wrestling.

Melina is certainly the worst babyface ever.

Bring back Sid already! – Dusty

Sid Got A Makeover

If this is his way of gearing up for a return to the ring where he can shank hapless fools with the powerbomb on a nightly basis, then I have no problem with how ridiculous he looks. – Dusty

Sid To TNA

Master and Ruler of the World.

That is according to English major Dave Meltzer. I’d say going from T-Murda to a broken down Sid is a pretty significant downgrade, but what do I know? Check this out, from Sid’s Myspace page:

Well… by now everybody has heard the news about Hulkamania going to TNA which is pretty big news and you know the Theory about “Where Hulk Hogan goes…Wrestling goes”
it happened twice it could happen again.
So now with all this happening, Business can become reborn in the year 2010
There could be a big 3 once again, WWE, TNA & UFC.
Hulk Hogan draws attention to the product causing all kinds of new doors to open for Wrestlers that a lot of people want to see back on TV.
Now….I’m Expecting that WWE will be smart about this.
This will put pressure on WWE to jump on things and go with the no brainers, The comeback storys and the Brand name talent that the fans want to see on Monday Nights where it counts.
WWE …Vince McMahon, Johnny Ace, I’m calling on you guys to do your job.
We are here to help you.
we can get you 2 guys that can add Atmosphere, concept and character to your show…Something that you don’t have right now.
one of the greatest Mic men of all time, The founding father of the nWo ..Scott Hall as Razor Ramon on Color Commentary, Not play by play I’m talking Color Commentary like Ventura and Heenan.
Scott is Good to go and he’s ready, he already made it publicly known on several radio shows.
and then theres the Big one…The Return of The Master and Ruler of the World…Psycho Sid Vicious Returns to WWE for the Biggest comeback story of all time.
Just the Comeback story alone is a no brainer but what WWE will be getting is a great storyline written by Sid that took 15 years to write.
This return is something the fans have been waiting 7 years for, The return of Psycho Sid Vicious is Voted as the top and most viewd Topic in the WWE Universe Creative Team thread.
That in itself is proof that the fans want to see this happen, Why would you deny the fans of something like this anyway?
WWE, The ball is in your court…The offer is there.
Are you going to do your job and give the fans what they want?
you don’t know what you got Till it’s gone…Use the Legends while you can and let the fans embrace every moment of it.

The offer is here.. you know where to find us!

Yum. – Dusty

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