John Morrison Hurt?

So it looks like John Morrison is either really hurt or is playing up the storyline in the Internet Universe.  John Morrison tweeted (ugh) that he was about to go under to have a neck injury fixed. Don’t believe me? Well check out his tweet.

You’ll notice though that he included an “at” mention to Ron Killings. So this does sort of throw authenticity in to the air?

If this is legit then this has to be the first WWE wrestler to go under the knife for neck surgery since they toned down the style right? Morrison’s gimmick is based off his high risk, high flying style so when he comes back, depending on if this is real or not, does he change? Does he have it in him to tell an actual story without all the pretty flips and constant over shooting of Starship Pain?

And if he is really out do they finally sandbag R-Truth or allow him to feud with, um, Chris Masters? Superstars is still on so that should be good enough. -J

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