Stunt Granny Poll: What should WWE name Kofi Kingston & R-Truth?

WWE is seeking votes via for a new name for the team of Kofi Kingston & R-Truth. Of course, WWE is offering pedestrian ideas such as Air Truth, Ka-Boom, R-Boom (which was my first guess before going to the Web site), Air Jimmy, and the bogus Truth in Paradise (we all know you only find Trouble there). So let us recommend five more choices. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Stunt Granny Poll: What’s the new Jim Ross-Jerry Lawler project?

According to, Jim Ross Tweeted about a project involving himself and long-time broadcast colleague Jerry “The King” Lawler. What could it be? Let us know what you think!

Stunt Granny Poll: Who is behind the WWE “Second Day of 2012” videos?

So WWE is attempting to go viral with something else and make us sift through literally ones of clues so that we might solve the mystery: Who is behind the “Second Day of 2012” videos? Vote on your favorite option above, or select “Other” and leave a comment below!

Stunt Granny Poll: Which pro wrestler is best known in mainstream America?

This is the start of a larger conversation the Stunt Granny crew is currently having via instant message. (Did I say “currently”? Because I meant “after business hours.”) This is also a small chunk of a larger list of wrestlers whose mainstream acceptance and recognition we intend to discuss soon. We just want to get your thoughts on a few of the outliers (or in Hall and Nash’s case, outsiders). The wrestler(s) who gets your vote is the one whose name Joe Q. Sixpack would most likely respond to with, “Oh yeah, that wrestler,” as opposed to, “Who in the hell are you talking about, hillbilly?” As always, leave a comment!

(Author’s note: It didn’t even click with me that this same discussion is happening in the Bruce Mitchell Zone of the VIP Forum, and that thread started because of a Bruce Mitchell Audio, to which I don’t listen anymore. That’s OK, multiple perspectives are welcome. And the Ultimate Warrior does belong in the discussion.)

Stunt Granny Poll: What was your favorite Macho Man moment at WrestleMania?

Macho Man Randy Savage frequently stole the show at the early WrestleManias and created plenty of memorable moments for us all. While this list is in no way a compendium of the greatness of Savage’s career, we thought it would be fun to remember Savage’s big moments on the grandest stage of them all. As always, please leave a comment below! (And stay tuned for this week’s Stunt Granny Big 11, a video look back at our personal favorite Randy Savage clips.)

SG Poll: Which WWE draft pick is the dumbest for Monday Night Raw?

As you know, we love to stay positive about things here at Stunt Granny, so in a vast departure from that overarching mantra, we want you to tell us which draft move was the dumbest “pick-up” for WWE Monday Night Raw. Any criteria is valid: They don’t look like they belong, they have no one natural with which to feud, they were in the middle of something on Smackdown, they were just on Raw last year floundering directionless, they were just fucking drafted to Smackdown two hours earlier… all ways are the way! Leave a comment and vote!

SG Poll: Which rumored WWE Hall of Famer would you have liked to see inducted?

As always, leave comments, but more importantly, don’t let this poll get in the way of some good audio; check below for the first three parts of Jeremy and Kevin’s WWE WrestleMania 27 previews, and stay tuned for the rest!

SG Poll: Which rumored WWE WrestleMania 27 match would you have wanted to see?

Some of these matches were proposed or speculated upon by the Kellers, Powells and Meltzers of the world… and I think a couple of them popped out of our Stunt Granny heads like mogwai after being splashed by water. Nonetheless, as good as the card for WrestleMania 27 has become, do you feel it would have been greater given any of the above matches? And don’t forget, leave a comment!

SG Poll: Which TNA personality is most likely to be busted next?

In light of Jeff Hardy’s next impending court date and Kurt Angle’s recent arrest for, um, sliding his car off a patch of ice and into a median and they didn’t smell no alcohol on my breath I’m an Olympic champion, we at Stunt Granny wonder what TNA personality is next in line for a legal beatdown, beeotch?! As always, leave comments!

Who would YOU like to see Undertaker wrestle at WrestleMania 27?

This, of course, assumes Undertaker is physically able to wrestle, or stand there, or whatever. As always, leave a comment below to explain your brilliant choice! Otherwise, how else are we going to discuss this?

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